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    Lol, I didn't check this thread before and I can't believe people voted this card as meta-defining. Lmao, what a joke...
    Yep. I said it's 100 dust and people laughed at me and spoke some theories how it's value. No one explained how they calculated it's value tho...
    Bad in literally any imaginable situation. Any 2 drop, literally even idk Bloodfen Raptor is better early-mid game game, and if you seek long term value then place some 7-10 mana card and GG more value than Dinomancy. It's just bad. 
    Yeah, that is true.
     While certainly not Meta defining the card is not as dust worthy as you think. This card is a long term value centric card and on it's own merits it gives you more value, reach through out the game and board control that can be played earlier than a high cost card. This card should be seen as a 4 drop spell not a 2 drop, it's a 4 mana 2/2 with charge and gives you 2 mana 2/2s with charge on future turns that might get you value on your current board. The design of the card alone is flavorful and amazing providing a control tool to hunters where they can weave mana in.

    The problem with this card being particularly viable for ladder lies in 2 main issues.
    1.) This is a slow value card, in a world where games end on turn 4 or 5 regularly to pirate warrior and rogue there's no room for heavy draw or value, you have to not die. Seeing as hunter isn't control mage with ice block you're only option is to go sanic speed fast making zerg hunter (or if you call ending the game on turn 5-6 mid range). This is also why Dred is a bad card right now as you'll never make it to turn 7 to be played. The only viable slow decks either run OTK combos with lots of stall like Open the way gates mage or Taunt warrior. Dinomancy is really really good vs taunt warrior but you'll see pirates about 75% more of the time. The pirate eating crab alone makes the pirate match up winable even with Dinomancy being slow but as long as the current iteration of quest rogue exists, you need steady shot more than dinomancy and a tempo play.
    2.) Cards to support this card. Mores and Stonetusk boar are great cards now because they got the support they needed. Spell Synergy beasts, better stated and more beasts with taunts, better AoE board clears and some kind of heal (heal as one form the lore, a beast neutral or class like a moonkin that can restore life, even if it's 3 hp like a farseer) would make the dinomancy deck a lot better. Since the card itself demands beast synergy, you're forced to run stega as your best taunt, iron fur grizzly isn't viable, unleash the hounds isn't a superb aoe, you have no way to self sustain healing and your card draw is severely limited to 5+ drops. The tools to make this card viable just don't exist more.
    If the rogue quest gets tuned down and we see a beast with a healing component, better taunt beasts (just print a hunter/neutral fierce monkey 3/4 3 mana taunt beast I don't care if it's "power creep" on the classic set) and a decent AoE (even if it's positional or situational, you could even be creative and make a direwolf alpha that adds 2 attack to adjacent beasts or +2 attack to charge minions but doesn't let them attack face that turn like the charged devisaur so unleash/stonetusk boar/Tundra rhino make viable removeal non SMOrc tools).
    Even if it's crappy stegadon was a step in the right direction, I would rather Nest Roc just require a single beast to get taunt (a much easier and more specific condition for hunter while also making it less oppressive in arena). There just needs to be more tools for this card to be great. Fencing master on a beast alone would make this card pretty good. Emerald Hive queen also worked great with this card as a follow up turn to your powerful 1 mana 2/3 but this is still not good enough. More spell based summon tools might in order (a violet teacher like beast for example).
    The card might be a 1 of tech in tournament mid range decks when you can ban rogue or to a lesser degree pirate warrior (you have the crabs for pirate warrior). Outside of those tech situations though you aren't wrong saying the card isn't good  due to its play-ability in the current meta/ with available tools but to call it 100 dust is an insult to the card. Perhaps at the end of the year when 2 expansions release enough new cards for spell based hunter decks with beasts to operate it might see play.
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    I've been using Tundra Rhino or Nesting Roc myself lately as after the first 10 hours or so aggro decks started to become to norm again. Knuckles is just a tad slow of a play but he's utterly amazing vs taunt warrior if you face them a ton.

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    Quote from sicknantos >>

    Anyone find out if Dred hits Jaraxxus? I haven't faced the situation yet, but I imagine it will be the same as Potion of Polymorph, with Jaraxxus' battlecry occurring before Dred's effect takes place, meaning Dred doesn't attack a played Jaraxxus.

    I'm hoping Dred does hit him, because that could clinch a lot of matches vs the new questlock.

     Happened to me yesterday, a warlock played Jaraxxus on my lethal board with Dred out. Dred's effect will animate and he'll attempt to attack Jaraxxus after he becomes a hero but deal no damage nor will the hit sound effect will occur. Perhaps it's currently bugged in either preforming the animation or that it should do damage (much like snipe does).
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    I've been working on theory crafting some Beast decks lately and I'm extra excited about Crackling Razormaw. I'm sure there are tons of under utilized beasts I've never contemplated using with new unogo synergizes.

    KnucklesCrackling Razormaw adapting wind fury potentially gives knuckles Mega-Windfury. Hard to set up but super PogChamp when it does.

    Stonetusk BoarCrackling Razormaw for poisonous 3 mana charge. RNG based (~30% like pyro in paladin) but a nice last chance to flip a game.

    Stonetusk Boar + Dinomancy gives you a 3 mana 3/3 charge. Considering the 1 drop deck it might be worth considering.

    Tundra Rhino + Stubborn Gastropod is a 2 mana Assassinate on 7 that is effected by taunts. Decent

    Alleycat + Nesting Roc for a 6 drop taunt with 2 1/1s. Meh but potentially for defensive purposes

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    Quote from hillandder >>

    People have to see this little one make his turns to finally give the deserved respect: Tortollan Primalist.

     Can't agree more, when people get hit by call of the wild in a slow meta they'll rage at a 5/4 + COTW for 8 mana. Nesting Roc is also crazy for a common neutral, a 4/7 5 drop that's a beast and has taunt potential is an amazing 5 drop.
    And the Crusher of the set every one will hate is Rockpool Hunter. 2 mana 3/4 with partial charge... holy shit it doesn't even have overload itself and it also has the murloc tag itself. This card is legit insane and might make the murloc shaman deck a thing by himself. buff a war leader later in the game for stickiness or a small drop for trades.
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    Fel Reaver is great because you don't care about cards in your library when it comes to SMOrc and ephemeral board control. If anything it thins your deck out. Bittertide hydra's down side however is your health, unless you're hyper aggro or have very heavy healing youre using 6-15 health as a resource for a 5 drop. If you're spending resources for an early large drop your opponent has 2 choices, kill you right away faster or remove your threat. When you play this card in the aggro mirror you make all their 1 attack minions deal 3 face and you'll likely lose the race, playing i against control or mid range is better to pressure them but expect it to be removed. The power level of the game is being increased so much this expansion that an 8/8 with a trivial down side being strong in the past wouldn't be as powerful when it has a worse down side and for comparison a 4 mana 7/7 was too slow for some decks. For it's time, the mech tag was arguably better than the beast tag is now if that means anything since you could get it out on turn 4 with mech warper. If you'd argue the meta will slow down it's even worse since people will be playing greedier decks with more hard removal and the sea of taunts you have to attack before getting face value.

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    Better than Captured Jormungar in arena granted that card is rotating out. Less up front health but more resistant to removal.

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    Cross between Faceless Shambler and Faceless Manipulator costing 4 and friendly target only but a 100% copy. Too bad it costs 4 so you can't combo it with tony but has potential.

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    Quote from SnowWhiteOo >>


    So blizzard wants to tell me that +4/+4 stats, no damage on your hero, no restriction on minions, is worth 2 mana. Oh wait, you need to play an elemental the turn before to activate it. Well, thats probably a big deal and hard to pull off in a deck dedicated to elementals.

    Same mistakes every expansion. They really never learn.

     You took the words out of my mouth. I wonder how much time people will need refining and theory crafting certain decks like Elementals when auto includes like these are staring them in the face. Firelands portal is another good comparison which i'd argue this elemental is better than. FLP a great card for mid range mage if that ache type existed and this card is more consistent with a static 6/6. I guess some cards are purposely over stated above the balance curve to be chosen to be competitive by the devs.
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    Rogue tier 1 Arena Ungoro, Assassinate is a good card and 3/4s are solid stats even though its a 5 drop so this card is both! Kidnapper is even a good card in Arena for tempo making this card utterly amazing.

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    Potentially combos in an unorthodox Deathwing control combo (you'd likely run death wing as your only discard card save maybe Soulfire). You can curator to tutor for death wing and on turn 10, dump your hand to clear the board and fill it with imps with a follow up 5 mana card, making even the removal of deathwing not too harmful. Tap to regain your resources back after wards.

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    Combos with freezing trap but really is a stat stick for 7 mana. Assuming hunter's can consistantly make it to turn 7+ this card will go into control hunter (maybe it'll rise from a tier 5 deck?) if that ever becomes a thing with good early tools just for the sake hunter has nothing else to play on turn 7, even then it would barely make the cut. Hunter will need better board clears, taunts and some kind of neutral heal to make a home for this card.

    As it's just playable status for control hunter, as expansions get released through out the year it's more likely this will be one of the first cards to cut form the control hunter deck unless those expansions release only early game control tools. All of this assumes there's a counter or a way to stop Jade which without that controls decks are simply out classed and it has no hope.

    I'd like to see how this minion interacts with Dirty Rat and if it will kill it turn 9 like twisting nether, but it's highly likely it wouldn't since it says plays a minion. If this is the case it wouldn't work against spell summons like jade either which make the card much worse. I'm glad the effect exists to counter minion combos like leeroy and the dinosize charge combo but putting it on such a high cost minon makes the tech purpose of this card much worse.

    At least this card will be great for arena as it controls the board extreme well and you get drakanoid crusher stats for 7 mana guaranteed with a psudo secret effect.

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    Have you considered adding Sergeant Sally for N'zoth synergy, early game Aoe clear and it's combo with both PO for an easly clear or as a poorman's spell damage with your hit all minions AoE.

    Maybe Dirty Rat for countering Freeze mage or aggro too as you can usually kill the spawn pretty easily or hold it against control decks when you decide to AoE. You could play it with twisting nether to block hand combos.

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    This is a rare, holy shit arena locks might play control instead of just zoo with the new Abyssal Enforcer being a common. Maybe for once it's clear the board yes SMOrc No.

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