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    posted a message on Mike Morhaime on Combating Racism in Hearthstone

    Perhaps there's a middle ground here to be made, disabling chat by default on the event and allowing people with a warning check box with a caution that chat can say anything. This way the general consensus is that people are removed from chat unless they specific want to join a warning chat and wouldn't have to default look onto the arguably atrocious chat. This is a place where people who want to troll and say what they want or act look hooligans can be grouped with like minded hooligans and share their merry ignorance together away from everyone else without being utterly ignored.

    Racism, sexism or other discrimination based behavior that is either baseless or inaccurate is just that, foolish and baseless and those who sincerely believe in it clearly have a false perception of the world. However, it feels inherently wrong to tell people they can't think or feel a certain way, while comments should be directed else where, completely silencing a group of people because they disagree  with the majority of people and viewing them as inferior or lesser people is imo on par with the ignorance of racism itself. I'm not suggesting we be tolerant of the act itself but suppression and witch hunting is a bit extreme, especially permanent IP bans or people suggesting you register your address to join the chat. Angering people or provoking them might even encourage them to spam more offensive things knowing they are getting attention and tricks like using a VPN to avoid IP bans and making new accounts circumvent the current system. There really is no flawless and/or perfect utopia of chat as long as people disagree about issues but perhaps something will improve.

    A way to clean up chat and let trolls have their own space away from everyone else seams lie a fair compromise. If we start being the thought police and weed out everyone who thinks differently were going to have an Orwellian experience and I'm sure it will drive the popularity of the site and events down. That being said I still sympathize with the people who have been offended and feel wronged. It isn't right to judge people on their out of control attributes but the nature of people being offended is complicated. What people find racist, funny or offensive is subjective in a lot of cases. There's also a big difference in actually being a racist who believes your words and being a hooligan who just says offensive things to get attention or try to be funny. Yelling the N word in chat is offensive and pretty insensitive of other's feelings (disregarding past tension also) but at least from my perspective it isn't racist.

    However as a business maneuver it's very good PR on Blizzard's behalf and will at least make the company look pretty good. It is common practice in the business world to self police and as long as Twitch and Blizzard agree on these terms for their event, they do have every right to do this. The question though is should they? Let's hope it's enough to appease everyone and strict but not brutally harsh.

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    Saying offensive words towards someone and actually having racial bias that effects your judgement towards someone are two different things. Granted this is a heated debate that's probably as old as people have pondered their innate differences. Regardless while trying to stay neutral no matter what dream hack tires to do to solve community issues will arise in problems. Sub chat or no chat much like Nintendo uses will spark flames over user freedom, input and an insulting feeling of personal persecution that they aren't trusted to talk in chat even though its just a sweeping generalization. Too much freedom and people will spout whatever they want. I don't think there really is a clear win-win solution here for both sides. Community issues generally have to leave someone out :/.

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    posted a message on Literally the worst play I have ever seen.

     Maybe he had Fist of Jaraxxus in his hand but was never lucky BabyRage

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    posted a message on I don't normally do this but...

    What class was he? Did he not have removal for your whirling zap

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    posted a message on Midrange 77% win ratio Rekt all c'thuns

    I hate Ram Wrangler since it's way to swingy, is Princess Huhuran a solid replacement for a 5 slot minion as it has more consistent stats and a usable death rattle. Btw, I love Tomb Spider

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    posted a message on I have Faced Two Pros in one Day
    Quote from Opexy >>
    Quote from DarkTycon >>

    What? Sylvanas!? Shadow Strike!? Coin!? This guys deck is ridiculous. He needed preciously those cards to win... UNREAL RNG going on right now... I played that perfectly.

     We're you watching his stream, or just doing your best Kripp impression ?
    30% Kripp on in the background, 40% role player, 30% KappaPride
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    posted a message on I have Faced Two Pros in one Day

    What? Sylvanas!? Shadow Strike!? Coin!? This guys deck is ridiculous. He needed preciously those cards to win... UNREAL RNG going on right now... I played that perfectly.

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    Cool deck, what would you sub out for a 1 of copy of Flare for the freeze mage match up?

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    posted a message on WoGs Johnny Award submissions & nominations

    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End Hunter. Might need a better ratio of healing and spells but there should be enough summon creature spells to utilize to real hero of the deck, Explorer's Hat. Theoretically hat can be played several times over and over to bump the spell count for Yogg to absurd levels. Lock and Load feels ok as a 1 of for extra draw and King's Elekk should be pretty likely to draw Nefarian or Yogg-Saron, Hope's End.

    Yogg-Saron Hunter
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    Minion (7) Ability (23)
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    Any deck building ideas i'd love, flame trap seams to easy to play around and minions are needed for the Explorer's Hat. Was debating including Jeweled Scarab or Bloodmage Thalnos but they might interupt King's Elekk. Sir Finley Mrrgglton feels necessary to get some extra control via hero power.


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    posted a message on Best "Johnny" Card in Whispers of the Old Gods? (psychographic profile)

    No particular order but here's a list I consider great Johny cards that have some potential to build decks around

    Fandral Staghelm

    Embrace the Shadow

    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End


    Spreading Madness

    Faceless Shambler


    Corrupted Seer

    Blackwater Pirate

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    posted a message on Best WOG combos

    Onyxia + Evolve

    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End + Thing from Below Likely to clear the board and draw cards. If you hero power at all during the game be rewarded with a 5/5 taunt after you clear the board for free.

    Fandral Staghelm + Raven Idol or Living Roots

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    posted a message on Whispers of the Old Gods Community Ratings - All Card Scores

    Many of the safe cards I agree with here. I do however diagree with Call of the Wild being so low, it's a card so over stated, has great synergy and good by itself it will be the sole card that defines if slow hunter decks even exist. 67 is an insult rating as it belongs in the 80s categories easily imo.

    Doomcaller has a place vs mill and in some control mirrors, but he seams useless if C'Thun is transformed or entombed. Maybe if he had taunt he'd be insane but he's just situational and perhaps rated highly solely for his C'Thun mirror match advantage. I'd prefer to see him more in the lower 70s which is still very good.

    Another card i find being hyped way to much for my taste is Fandral Staghelm. He doesn't do anythign on his own being worse than a yeti, is very easy to remove from the board, he requires specfic druid cards to combo (many not particularly good) and cannot combo without 3+ card assistance with nerfed Ancient of Lore nor Ancient of War (and if anyone ran it, Wisps of the Old Gods). I see some value plays with Raven Idol, Druid of the Flame 5/5 for 3 and Druid of the Saber as a 3 attack charge but his very late game interaction with merge cards such as a 4/6 charge Druid of the Claw or clunky Starfall as both an aoe and single target for 5 on 9 requiring specific conditions to be met feels underwhelming. I imagine Fandral will be thrown aside or teched in C'Thun druid as it'll probably be the popular archtype deck for druids.

    Bog Creeper should be among the top neutral non-C'Thun commons higher in the playable bracket. at 51 he deserves to be tied with or above the Psych-O-Tron at 60.

    For the old gods, my opinion is that aside from the obvious power house that is C'Thun who rightfully deserves his spot at number 1, the rest aren't really taken into careful consideration.N'Zoth, the Corruptor as far as constructed goes is gravely over estimated as his best synergy cards rotate out with Naxx and GvG. Sylvanas Windrunner, Tirion Fordring and Savannah Highmane are really the only value cards worth returning on turn 10. Not having a taunt effect doesn't count as board impact. He's not awful but the cards to support the card aren't really up to snuff against C'Thun so I'd prefer to see him drop about 10 points out of lack of synergy to just solid card you can build a deck around. I'm hard pressed to think he's meta defining.

    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End is also under valued; while I wouldn't put him in the particularly good category he is actually quite amazing statistically but requiring a deck to be built around him makes him quite average and playable but not great. 47 is low for Yogg, maybe 55 to 60 would be a comfortable spot for him but he'll require testing to prove as he's so complicated and varing he's hard to throughly understand without extensive play testing.

    Finally Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound ... There isn't much to say, he isn't stellar but after the community hype for Varian Wrynn eroding to disappointment I feel this card much like Hogger, Doom of Elwynn is under valued because of his similar feeling to the disappointment to Troggzor the Earthinator they are both evaluated in a negative light. Varian was a 7/7 who didn't guarantee minion presence, was put in a class that likes to fatigue and over commit the board to AoE. Varian was unanimously predicted to be the best Legend of TGT. Y'Shaarj is neutral meaning any suitable class can run it to pull big minions out, he's a 10/10 instead of a 7/7 which is great, always pulls a minion unlike Varian who might just draw you 3 cards, only puts 2 bodies on the board to set up pressure but resist AoE and is a recurring threat. He's not amazing similar to how slow we discovered Varian was, but with some large taunt minions, Y'Shaarj is a force to be reckoned with, perhaps working as a nightmare in druid decks. Both Hogger and Y'Shaarj have more player control involved and offer better conditions to be meet for their advantage to their weaker previous counter parts. A slight increase to both of their values to the average level of around 50 would be more realistic.

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    posted a message on Building around Yogg-Saron: Support cards

    Atm I'm very excited to make the most viable deck as possible for Yogg-Saron, Hope's End as though he can be random, with enough spells the higher than average chance for beneficial effects to occur than negative effects will cause him to be overall good. I plan to make him work in shaman but I'm sure mage, rogue, priest and perhaps even hunter will have some success with as well. Particularly spell heavy classes with both removal and utility spells.


    Neutral Support Cards Theorized to play in the deck:

    -Direct Support (Add Spells)-

    Nefarian: Creates spells for your deck, even if they both suck, you get 2 spells added to Yogg-Saron and extra potential value. Unlike most cards that add cards to your hand, Nefarian guarantees you will receive spells. Ideally you must have a weapon in your deck and to a lesser degree spell damage to be able to use any spell stole. Deadly Poison requires a weapon to even be cast and cards like Shield Slam essentially become a 1 mana ping with spell damage even if you cannot obtain armor. Generally a dead card against aggro sadly, Nefarian doesn't synergize well with most other dragon decks. Incredibly helpful vs Lord Jaraxxus with the ever looming threat of Sacrificial Pact.

    Nexus-Champion Saraad: Much like Nefarian, Saraad is guaranteed to create spells which synergize with Yogg. While likely to die after the first activation you generally get some kind of value out of the spell you create and the removal you force your opponent to use. Absurdly good in top deck wars and not utterly unplayable as a tempo 5 drop vs heavy aggro (especially if it nets you a heal or removal).

    Ysera: 3/5 Dream cards are spells. Arguably better or worse stat line than Nefarian. Will often only get 1 card before removed, Nef pulls 2 spells always while Ysera may never net you a single one.

    Arch-Thief Rafaam: Not a great body but nets you a spell, even though it costs 10 it's still a spell.

    Jeweled Scarab: Depending on your class, this card has huge potential to pull a spell (especially with class probability bonus) but due to it's situational nature will often force you to pick a minion or utility card instead of a spell, all neutrals are duds for Yogg.

    -Indirect Support (interact or Synergize with spells)-

    Mana Addict: Indirect support card, synergizes with spell heavy decks similar to those Yogg would play. Mostly for rogue combos but you'll generally win the game using an Addict Combo.

    Violet Teacher: Curve 4 drop that grants a board when used in tandem with utility spells.

    Summoning Stone: Rather weak on it's own, a full spell deck running Yogg might consider running a copy even if doubtful.

    Wild Pyromancer: Great for AoE Clear early on, works great with spell themed decks.

    Class Support Cards:


    Utility and Removal Spells: The king of spell count, many are utility spells and Removal such as Fireball

    Ethereal Conjurer: Creates a spell to cycle itself on top of the 6/3 body with some flexibility

    Cabalist's Tome: if you can play all of the spells you get 4 spells for 1 card! Crazy Yogg value especially in a fatigue game. Always getting spells makes this card a no-brainer addition to a Yogg deck.

    Rhonin: Makes 3 spells on a decent body, probably better than Nefarian for mage but arcane missiles don't offer much additional value.

    Archmage Antonidas: Can make infinite fire balls, but requires an initial spell and turn set up to preform. If you get enough spell rotations for Yogg value you probably already win the game


    Thistle Tea: Creates more copies of spells while being a spell itself. It allows for draw without milling yourself from Yogg.

    Headcrack: Repeatable spell throughout the game. Sadly a poor quality spell itself.

    The Coin based Cards: Tomb Pillager and Cutpurse add the coin which is counted as a spell.

    Plethora of removal and utility cards: Shadow Strike is premium removal and the class has tons of it in general, too many to list in entirety. Journey Below, Preparation and weapon buffs are some of the many great utility spells for rogue.

    Burgle/Undercity Huckster: Almost all spells are class cards, depending on the class you're likely to steal spells but not guaranteed to get spells.

    Xaril, Poisoned Mind: A cheaper Toshley with better spell cards and a weaker body. Great for 2 free spells.


    Raven Idol: 2 spells in one with both a cheap cost and flexibility.

    Wild Growth: Ramps up to 10 mana counting as a spell or acts as 2 spells and a situational draw at 10 mana making it the very ideal conditional draw for Yogg-Saron


    Thoughtsteal/Mind Vision/Shifting Shade: mostly spells on their own they have the chance to steal more spells to set up for Yogg. While like rogue class theft you have a chance to steal spells, this effect often takes higher quality cards put into decks on purpose but includes neutral cards which are always minions vs rogues who steal only class cards that aren't included making spells more likely to get.

    Utility spells, Removal and buffs: Priest has countless high quality utility/removal spells such as Embrace the Shadow, Shadow Word: Death and Power Word: Shield

    Board summoning spells: Spells like Forbidden Shaping, Resurrect and Mindgames fit this category. Many are decent


    Far Sight: Played in a Yogg deck you'll often ramp another card getting a delayed innervate. When this card replaces itself with a 3 mana card you get a free spell and play with a 28 card deck.

    Feral Spirit: High impact board effecting spell.

    Hallazeal the Ascended: Confirmed to work with Yogg, while unlikely to survive on the board it's not unfathomable in a top deck war or very late game. Synergizes with the deck in general and can net you a full health swing.

    Utility/Removal Spells: Shaman is equiped with an arsenal of Spells, removal spells such as Hex or Lightning Bolt and utility spells like Evolve, Ancestral Spirit or Lava Shock that serve utility purpose and count as a spell. The class is full of them


    Explorer's Hat: Cheap repeatable buff card that has board impact. Combine with ways to duplicate itself this could lead to an utterly HUGE 20+ spell Yogg easily with a decent card on it's own.

    Lock and Load: A deck theme to play a large collection of spells as a bundle to refill your hand. Doesn't guarantee hunter spells in return and hurt greatly by the nerf on Hunter's Mark but can potentially combo a chain of spells for end game Yogg



    Card draw is not ideal with a mass spell deck, the less the better imo. Yogg will often draw you quite a few cards though some means, be it Arcane Intellect, Ancestral Knowledge, Holy Wrath or plenty of other effects. When fatigue is a factor at hand, just enough card draw for a deck to operate seams ideal.

    Lorewalker Cho: Recks Yogg Decks that rely on spells for everything.

    Gadgetzan Auctioneer: RIP deck.

    Warrior: Doesn't have enough spells and too many weapons instead to really get value out of Yogg.

    Warlock: While having a decent variety of spells, most of the spells are low impact compared to other classes and mechanics like Discard and drawing to fatigue via hero power make this class rather a weak contender for Yogg.

    Paladin: No particular weakness when compared with warrior, paladins still tend to hold many minions and weapons as their class cards with many spells with weak impact diluted by 1 mana secrets. Mysterious Challenger lost avenge, early game and doesn't count as playing spells when played. Losing Muster for Battle also makes the spell count for paladin rather limited. Spells like Divine Favor or blessings favor aggro decks that ignore Yogg mechanics.

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    posted a message on Your First Crafted WoG Card

    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End

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    posted a message on WoG Mill Rogue - still dead?

    Use Earthen Ring Farseer and Refreshment Vendor as your cheap healing anti aggro cards.

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