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    Not an awful card but very overvalued atm. Compared to Master of Evolution you pay 3 extra mana for a 4/5 body with the effect on a single target. To combo this for value you need a mass token summon and to transform at least 3 minions to get value over a master. Requires a board to be a head for value trade and if played in tandem with minions from hand they must have charge or battlecry to gain value from the upgrade. Master just feels way more consistent as it's a good card by itself even when you have no board or are behind assuming you like the same effect. Perhaps evolve is a great 1 of in a swarm deck and for battlecry combos.

    Works well with Jeweled Scarab, Abusive Sergeant and Argent Horserider perhaps comboing a massive 3+ minion chain of battle cries. Unfortunately Shaman tends to have poor card draw and wasting an entire card just to buff board advantage cards into an inconsistent upgrade seams like an optimistic strategy at best. This card will be tested with varying results imo but it's far too inconsistent and requires so much set up from a draw lacking class I can't see it overrunning another aggro deck (much like current Face Shaman) or keeping up with greedy C'Thun decks.

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    Stormcrack is worse than Lightning Bolt in most situations. 3 Mana for 4 damage and to minions only is paying 1 extra mana overall, 1 extra mana upfront for 1 more damage and reduced target selection. Very disappointing, even for control but decent tool for arena. It works with Flamecannon since 4 damage for 2 mana without the overload is great for tempo and it synergizes with mage for spells.

    Pros over Lightning Bolt

    -Deals 4 damage instead of 3

    -Cons over Lightning Bolt

    -Costs 3 Mana overall

    -1 Extra initial cost

    -Targets minions only


    A side note, I imagine this was for any target at first but Blizzard scrambled to change it since people feared face shaman.

    *Edit* When on low health and an empty board, against face decks or perhaps control burst, you cannot play Hallazeal the Ascended and Stormcrack face for the heal, you'd have to hit your own minion as a situational downside.

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    posted a message on What gives? No pally nerfs? Divine Favor?

    Knife Juggler and Ironbeak Owl were paladin staples that were nerfed. Besides Standard is the paladin nerf, without GvG expect Paladins to sink in ease of use and tempo decks. Perhaps Divine Favor could use a nerf but it's a tough judgement call.

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Big Game Hunter / BGH

    5 Mana BGH - Good Nerf

    Dr. Boom not longer in standard - Even more of a reason to not bring this card

    Molten Giant Only around for niche Lock decks - RIP

    Atm, C'Thun (and to a lesser extent Ragnaros, Lightlord) seam to be the only compelling reasons to consider BGH in standard, but in the case of C'Thun you are probably dead to the battle cry.

    New control deck bombs like Call of the Wild or the warrior C'thun card dodge BGH, shaman is likely to be spell heavy and druid lost a lot of it's decent cards.

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    posted a message on Keeping Hearthstone Fresh - Card Nerfs!

    Another batch suffers the same fate.

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Blade Flurry

    This will be fine if they print Rogue an actually useable AoE clear since they both need one now and if they really want a control Rogue it would be invaluable to them. If not Rogue might be the new shaman in standard, especially with neutral aggro cards and all OTK cards being nerfed.

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Leper Gnome

    "Great work Blizzard but why is Pit Snake still a thing. I'm trying to get played here! More one drop nerfs Kappa". - Hungry Dragon 

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Ironbeak Owl

    Aside from Shaman picking between Earth Shock and Ironbeak Owl now being an obvious Earthshock, this doesn't change much. Granted it is nice the silencing player has to use just a little bit more of their resources to play owl, Silence is just a devastating effect. I don't mind it on expensive cards as it's an expensive removal effect, but 3 mana is a huge enough draw back to stop this from being a face hunter deck stuffer. Granted I'm much happier with this subtle nerf than keeping it the way it was. We'll have to see if it was enough but perhaps in certain situations it'll make a huge difference.

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    Holy Wrath Shit just got real. Also it always won Healing Wave so not a big deal. Kind of a hard hit for handlock,

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Force of Nature

    Honestly very surprised. I imagined the Warsong Commander treatment where this card would never see the light of day again. A 5 mana 6/6 over 3 bodies... is actually reasonable. No longer a broken combo piece but something you might actually consider when standard power level is reduced in a spell deck or in very niche decks. Arguably better for arena now.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Cards based on MTG cards

    Some flavorful cards that might be great additions to Hearthstone.

    A "wall" card for hearthstone. A draw tool for control decks that also adds a buffer against aggro


    The closest thing to "Flashback" hearthstone can offer. Play an average/slightly under stated stated minion/card with the value bonus of adding a more expensive version of the same card.

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    Utterly Bonkers for arena, a small board clear on a 2/2 body for 3 that's a class common is likely going to RIP the over abundance of paladins. Might make priest raise in arena after the board classes are decimated by the rise of arena control mage.

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    posted a message on Shifting Shade

    Anyone who plays Thoughtsteal knows this always happens.

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    posted a message on High Stakes Arena and Classic Arena

    With WoG coming out, Blizzard is finally reaching a point in the game where the possible card selection offered is rivaling MTG drafts and there are overall just more cards to collect. While standard helps newer players stay competitive in the constructed ranked scene and is the "meat and potatoes" of the base game, arena has not seen any vast improvements itself. If you're new to hearthstone, Arena is likely one of the most frustrating experiences ever and many choose to forgo it all together as it is both expensive and incredibly competitive which is really frustrating for people who like to casually draft. You have to be reasonably good and often draft unfun competitive classes before expansions to even have a chance to run infinite arenas, many players have to wait 2 days to get the 150 gold from quests just to get even less playing experience from the good players who play a lot and fall even further behind regardless of all the resources, websites and draft helping you may get, you really can't practice well yourself.

    While I'm not a pioneer or the first person to ponder the idea, how open would the hearth stone community be to much like constructed having a casual wild mode for fun and standard as the competitive high stakes atmosphere; there is a drafting mode cheaper and more open to newer players and those looking for just a fun experience drafting while also offering a competitive higher skill cap arena system. Here are some fundamental ways to split classic Arena with the high stakes arena.

    Casual Arena or just arena will do the following and keep the rest the same.

    • Gold price to enter the Classic arena will be reduced to 50 gold but will no longer reward a pack
    • Gold rewards are reduced to compensate with the reduced price.
    • Possibly increase the lose thresh hold to 4 losses to allow more playing with the same deck as it's less rewarding.

    High Stakes or Legendary Arena will be the competitive environment for players looking to win big. [Debatable weather to disallow older non classic sets or allow all cards in general for consistency].

    • Gold Price will remain at 150 gold or perhaps even be raised to 200 gold
    • With more player input and decision making, 4 cards will be offered to select from instead of 3. This also improves consistency.
    • To further improve consistency and make auto retire decks less common, you will draft 35 instead of 30. You then choose to discard 5 of the 35 at the end of the draft.
    • The maximum wins before auto retiring a deck is raised to 13-15 for a higher prestige and better rewards, 13-15 will be as if you got a legendary season award, often including a golden epic and a pack token (possibly 2).
    • You get a pack token instead of a strait up pack, you may claim any pack you want with the token. The token will automatically give you a random pack upon reviving another token to prevent saving tokens up for expansions. You're best option is to pick the pack you want right away unless you don't care about the packs.
    • After a certain win counter of top ranking (13-15) you get a counter on your name to display and a Silver/non-gold color hero portrait instead of a gold portrait. (even if animated the same way to save production costs/time).
    • More of an extra, but much like Blizzards constructed scene and leader boards in other Blizzard games. Having a leader board for arena be public in the competitive high stakes arena with win%, most played class and # of 13-15 wins be visible.


    You now have a fun draft mode for casual play and those who simply want to play arena just for fun and perhaps earn a little more gold and a competitive scene for hardcore arena players who still earn the same if not more prestige.  I'd love to hear any critique or feedback as well on your thoughts for this kind of arena split / new mode function.

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    posted a message on Shadowcaster

    Happy Feet, That ain't Falco! WOMBO COMBO


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