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    Thanks for the feed back so far. Astral Spirit perhaps should either have overload or cost 6 I agree in hind sight in addition to breaking the game as a whole :/. Crackle is essentially the only combo that really benefits form Nobundo but perhaps its rather strong as a +3 spell damage essentially. I do like removing the random damage factor however. Additionally pardon my typos if that bothers you.

    I've also pondered the possibility of adding secrets to the shaman class since they would be the only class to price secrets at 0 casting mana with overload as a cost to make the secrets neither useless nor overpowered. I thought grounding totem would initially be good but spell bender is far too similar so the next best option was to use the iconic shaman shields which for some random reason were absent from hearthstone (along with purge since 4 secrets are at minimum needed.)

    -[Changed/Altered to 3 spell damage to attacker]

    Lightning shield: Great for protecting totems and trading, you pay a delayed 2 mana for essentially a defensive abusive sergeant / fire elemental ability without a body.

    Water shield: Effecting mana pools seam appropriate and with tesla coil being a thing, perhaps and alternate method to transfer overload would be ideal.  Easy to play around but at least causes your opponent to use a low mana spell before a large one (essentially blocks mind control or pyro blast).

    Earth Shield: Similar to the mage's ice barrier, the shield provided is at half strength and will often negate low attack creatures for a small damage negation on the other ability part. However the niche of potentially blocking a large minion attack makes the ability unique. May cause confusion with lightning shield.

    Purge: An earth shock you can't really control  but with the benefit of potentially hitting for 2 damage instead of 1 for the 2 mana. This can stop charge wombo combos but is essentially worthless against defender of argus or any throw away minion. The damage may be too strong, but if played early it causes the shaman to completely skip their following turn.


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    Shaman as one of my favorite classes suffers from a problem a few other classes such as paladin have where a large pool of cards are required in every deck regardless of play style (hex, 1 mana removal spells [bolt/rockbiter/earthshock], burst cards[alkir/doomhammer], drakes, ect). While GvG was a cool addition to many classes in terms of fun new toys, shaman only got a few cards that are either tribal or well stated minions. No really mechanical bending or cool effects have really been explored in the shaman class aside form ancestral call (to bad effect). While extremely common to do I've been contemplating some exciting and useful shaman card additions that would really open deck varieties. I'd like to know what you think of some of the card ideas and what else you would add to really make the shaman class mechanically exciting, please try to include cards with reasonable balance but enough of an effect to either allow an alternate deck type to be played or use uncommonly used cards.


    Card - Tauren Totem Master - (Possible changes 2/3 or 1/4 for the same mana cost)

    Tauren Totem Master is the shaman evolution of hero power influencing cards. While aucheni soul priest (and to a lesser extend shield bash) are the grand father's of hero power manipulation, the recent addition of Steamwheedle Sniper and Quatermaster (also Floating Watcher/Malganis to a lesser extent) directly effecting hero powers, it makes sense the most rng based class hero power could use some control. Tauren Totem Master is a total 3 mana 3/3 (2 mana and 1 over load) with an ability making it roughly on par with competators, but as a class card is allowed to be "innervated" out on turn 2. Used on turn 2 will over load turn 3 encouraging the use your hero power as synergy. The ability to pick the totem you need every time would be incredibly helpful and reduce rng, if anything the skill involved in selecting the right totem at the right moment would be curtail. Totemic Might is a sad excuse of hero power interaction.

    The ability In general is what makes the card flavorful and needs to be in the game, it only makes sense to use it on a creature that would be used at a time where your likely to use your hero power soon after. At 3 (and 3 attack) health this creature is easily removed by turn 1 and 2 removal spells such as darkbomb, lightning bolt, SWP, Fire war axe among a few to name. While removable the effect isn't game breaking and offers a heavy reward to the player without crippling the opponent. If too over powered changing the minion to a 2/3 would suffice however other changes such as making the creature a 1/4 seams more ideal as it would be similar to armor smith, likely to survive to use it's intended effect but without abusing board presence in addition to the ability.


    Card - Farseer Nobundo

    While legendaries are often over abundant, the rising amount of rolled damage in shaman is also rising. Lightning storm, crackle and boom bots are currently examples of large damage rolls and using this is similar to a spell power minion. While a niche card it would eventually be desired should more random roll cards be produced.


    Card - Tesla Coil

    The kind of mech card shaman wish they got. Overload decks only synergize with unbound elemental at the 3 mana slot currently and need more ways to utilize overload as a benefit. With Tesla Coil you are paying 5 mana for a 4 mana creature in return to effect your opponents tempo, as long as tesla coil is alive your opponent must suffer the effects of over load. Playable on turn 4 after an unbound is available the synergy would be quite great should you have tempo yourself. While rather sturdy at 5 hp, when this minion dies, the opponent may used the locked Mana Crystals as though they weren't overloaded so they have the opportunity to regain their mana back, but must divide their mana that turn, the first chuck to destroy tesla coil, then the rest to make plays. This card while over loads your opponent for 1 on their turn as it comes with over load 1, must be played in combination with heavy overload cards such as earth elemental turn 5 follow up or feral spirit/lightning storm to heavily benefit. Technically this is a symmetrical effect as you are overloaded in addition to your opponent, however you gain the benefit of great mana cost spells and minions.


    Card - Astral Spirit

    More of a fun card than competitive, this card is for face damage shaman to bypass taunts or kill protected creatures, while it can bypass taunt easily, it cannot trade with taunts ever and can be blocked by regular minions. More of a tech card depending on your opponents deck.

    Card - Chain Lightning (if spell power adds +1 to all bolts, then overload 3-4, if just another 1-3 bolt then fine) (Perhaps making the overload cost =  +spell damage would be unique and cool, but confusing to word.)

    Costing 6 mana to deal 6 damage (not particularly amazing) Spell Power makes this card utterly amazing in addition to being playable the same turn as a mage could play fire ball. Potentially usable as an aoe, the targets are completely random resulting in either an epic clear or utter flop. Essentially avenging wrath for a shaman adding spell power could either up the damage on each bolt (potentially broken as spell power would triple the effect) or add an extra bolt of 1-3 damage. On a clear board you get full face damage.

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    Undetaker will probably be changed since naxx cards are due for balance changes. Playing mostly shaman I don't mind mech warper but a friend of mine who plays paladin essentially automaticly loses the game on turn 1 undertaker with a death rattle or turn 1 mech warper, seal of light doesn't remove anything well enough. Even as a shaman or other class it  comes down to if you don't happen to draw a 1 or 2 mana removal right away you've already lost the game at the mulligan. Even top deck red rush decks aren't that harsh :/, it feels like vintage magic when you lose to an opening hand.

    Other cards I would consider or like them to tweak but I doubt will be changed. Cabal Shadow priest just gives so much tempo and combos with shrink meister too well, idk what they could do to change it without crippling priest but watching the kinguin tournament among ladder made priest shadow maddness and cabal combos just crazy.

    Unstable portal is similar to undertaker, if you draw very well the game ends on turn 2. If you draw poorly which is less likely the mage just stabilizes

    Handlock, freezing trap and zoo wouldnt be such a problem if sideboards and 2/3 were a thing but the utterly random nature of who your opponent will be makes ladder insanely unpredictable, sideboard counter cards like kezan, BGH and Hemet Nesingwary are too often dead cards to use reliably. Even when you say hey i fought 5 hunters in a row i should run Hemet Nesingwary the sample size is far to low where swapping him in might have you randomly run into mages now.

    Other cards I'd like to see changed are the horribly bad ones but buffed in very slight or cool ways. War Golem should be a mech type. Magma Rager the statistically proven worst card should have a battle cry damage effect like iron forge rifle man (he is a mini rifle man). Nothing game breaking but if you'd see these cards in 1 out of every 20 decks that might be niche it would be better than only seeing them on rare occasions of casual. I have't seen a magma rager played (outside of a special summon) in a game since 2013 and I play arena quite a bit.

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    I rather like the deck and run a very similar one but I feel not having fire elementals is a big mistake. Idk if i'd cut the mech warpers for it since they are really early snowball cards that become dead later on. Also with a reincarnate in the deck I feel running Sylvanasis critical as you can use it on 3 targets for instant value, KT, Sneed's or Sylvanas. I'd debate cutting a sky golem for sylv and replacing the mech warpers for fire elementals. Early game should be manageable with 2 weapons and removal. The vitality totem is amazing btw!

    *Edit* Neptulon is surprisingly a good addition to decks lacking draw, perhaps you'd need a drake in this deck also

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    Neptulon Crusher Varient
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    I've been running this variant of Crusher Shaman on ladder so far with moderate success. I really like Neptulon  for the power plays he offers, he forces aoe and 4 cards, even if poor to mediocre quality are still 4 CARDS! It really makes up for the lack of draw especially from losing a drake (bomb lobber made running 2 drakes less favorable). Also 4 attack is no longer safe from priest , light bomb for anti hand lock also kills drake. 

    I absolutely love using arcane nulifier over taz dingo. Other than select 3 hp minions he offers a much more reliable taunt option from spell removal especially in control match ups that use spells. Acolyte of pain and cabal shadow priest do make this pick suffer but being immune to shadow madness has it's own merits. I think this is a preference call, but nulifiers are hard to remove. Belcher at 5 mana seams a bit to expensive to compare and are vulnerable to cabal shrink and shadow madness, let alone all the death rattle hate.

    Vitality totem is amazing, you lose out on the 3 attack from the far seer but you gain 1 hp right away and it costs only 2 mana, not 3 which is huge when your playing with overload. If you hide it behind taunts you can shut out face agro. This totem also helped me win a fatigue battle against a priest. Playing crusher pre GvG I would often stabilize vs hunter or face mage with only a few hp left and would die to direct damage even with board control. Having that extra heal at a low mana cost is just really helpful, and at 5 mana for a similar amount of health on the heal bot 3/3 body just seams to expensive for the deck's mana curve.

    How do you guys feel about neptulon in general, i was skeptical at first but I love him!. However while this deck gets an edge vs control warrior and with healing power an edge vs agro decks, control priest or priest in general is nigh impossible to beat and every match i expect to lose playing them out in rare scenarios you can pull through. You can only beat priests by either getting an opening blade master + ancestral healing combo before he sets up northshire with a board or extremely long fatigue battles (neptulon does wonders here). If they steal mana tide you leave it alive and they are stuck with it. But my win rate is still low vs priest, I'd lvoe to hear some crusher tech that might help.

    *Edit* Kel'Thuzad has been pulling his weight especially when murlocs flood the board but rag seams rather inconsistent as of late. I've contemplated adding troggzor for control match ups and perhaps a Lil'exorcist to assist vs undertaker agro. While neptulon is BGH bait at least he draws 4 cards and helps out Earth Elementals. I'll keep him for now but I could use some thoughts on rag

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    Among the many interesting mechanics and new meta game that comes with GvG comes another attribute blizzard is known for achieving quite well, art design and ascetics. However in this game not all cards are equal in terms of usefulness and stats as well as artistic flavor, while subjective there's no denying that some cards either just have flare, flavor or just an extra element to them. I'll cast my vote and wish to see what everyone else thought.  I'll divide each into two sections with a few honorable mentions. The over all best/worst non-legendary card artwork, and best/worst legendary design. Keep in mind while you may mention the golden art work this is based on the basic card design.

    While a majority of the cards look great and the taste of the observer is to be accounted for, some look exceptionally fine and others just seam difficult or disappointing to look at. So please agree, disagree or tell me what you thought looks great and/or not so great.


    --Best non-legendary card art--

    Winner.) Lost Tallstrider  What can I say about this card that just isn't stellar!! This card alone is by far my favorite card in terms of artwork. The most appealing part of this card is the charm, its a giant bird (those ones you hated killing in the barrens) that struts around with a gun, ammo belt, goggles and a derpy face tongue hand too boot. In terms of design the card looks great and the back ground clouds and mountains really bestow that barrens nostalgia feel. I picked this card in arena a few times just because it looks so amazing (and its a reverse yeti).

    Honorable Mentions

    Piloted Sky Golem While the golden version of this card is absolutely stunning with this pivoting animation, the basic version of this card is not only majestic in it's unusual choice of color gradients through out the back ground of the card. The golem it self has attitude, a skull face that really screams out goblin tech and just a fearsome stature. This is definitely my second choice.

    --Best legendary card art--

    Winner.) Iron Juggernaut Wow! the amount of detail captured in this card is just captivating! The flaming sparks, illuminated portions and dreadful mechanical scorpion like look feel like a fantasy steam punks wet dream, something out of a sci fi movie. The golden card blade sparks also look sweet but on it's own, the card is just a pleasure to look at. Bonus points for the burrowing mine to look like a star craft unit.

    Honorable Mentions

    Flame Leviathan It's a shame this card sucks so much because the card looks amazing, sort of like a still from death race. The fire effects look great and the depiction of motion and urgency really brings this lame loot pinata of a first Ulduar Boss to epic proportions. It's a shame this card will hardly see play.

    Bolvar Fordragon Like Flame Leviathan this card looks utterly epic in terms of color contract, scene depiction and just utter epicness. It's a sad feeling I voted to reveal this card before Mal'Ganis as he turned out to be so ass. Another questionable thing about while the mechanic is rather new and interest, you deny your opponent form admiring the card art for a majority of the game since it's designed to sit in your hand all game. Much like the paladin vs shaman/priest match up for Tirion, he'll sit in the paladins hand until the very last moment of the game avoiding hex/mind control. 



    --Worst non-legendary card art--

    Winner/Loser.) King of Beasts I'm sure this isn't a surprise to anyone, it's hard to point out what makes this card so unsettling to look at but it's just... ugly. Perhaps the point of view or angle of the picture hurts this card but it's so ugly I imagine people will DE it if they don't plan on running it ever. At least its an awful card so we shouldn't see it often, unless it's certain arena drafts. I must also add, both Kripp and Trump in their separate card reviews noted on the poor quality of this card.

    Honorable Mentions

    Puddlestomper While I love shaman and plan to run murlocs, one thing i'm not excited about is actually looking at this card in my hand. The art work has a similar design to King of Beasts, while Leeroy and kill command look charming and funny in their cartoony design from Penny arcade's Gabe, this card hits the uncanny valley of just unsettling to look at. At least you are encouraged to sacrifice it removing it from sight.

    Stonesplinter Trogg Similar to the same reasons as above, I just really dislike how this card looks. It's cool in it's own right for being a hideous beast by design but while the burly rockjaw trogg looks fearsome and cool, this card is just rather bleh.

    --Worst legendary card art--

    Winner/Loser.) Troggzor the Earthinator Troggzor suffers the same odd art style as his miniature trogg brothers. It's a real shame because the effect of this card is very good and I'm also excited to play this card solely for it's stats. The ability is cool enough to make up for its poor design but it's just a shame a card that will probably see a lot of play for countering spell heavy decks looks o odd.

    Honorable Mentions

    Mal'Ganis While a neat card mechanically and thematic to the warcraft lore, warlocks specifically, I can't help but really wonder why this card looks so plain or generic. Perhaps my visions of Warcraft 3 dread lords gave me expectations of demonic eyes and stout stature but he seams rather plain. Not insultingly bad, just generic.

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    In shaman mech this will be great with Whril-O-matic or arcane nullifier. A 5/4 winfury if it lives (unlikely) but a 4/7 taunt with shroud is some spectral knight trickery right there. Given that gaslowe thrives in shaman and totems block kodo the only thing you have to worry about is pesky shrink Meister ruining your 4 attack buffed fun to change his mind :/. Works great with mechnical yeti too

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    Quote from FerreiraDaSilva »

    Actually, it may even see more play than Grih'zzla. I'd rank the new Legendaris as:

    1st: Warlock/Druid

    I'd say more like this

    1.)Priest Hands down - a must have in all priest decks, board effect when hits board, huge body and removal all in one. 5 mana is playable almost every game. This card is one every one wish were neutral. The only problem with it are GvG priest cards are so good atm finding space for cards is a challenge. (talking about you shrink meister)

    2.) Druid / warlock - both fit in a variety of decks, one effects the board right away in buffing creatures and prevents death, it must die before you can take damage and the other is unremovable without silence and works great in long games. Both have many deck synergies with them. poison seeds with the druid legendary at the end of the game ensures a victory, goes great with milling also. The warlock legendary works well in demon decks, hand lock and potentially some other demon agro?

    4th.) Warrior/Rogue - Warrior card fits in control and has an effect on board hit, 10 damage burst is great in control when grom is ready to pounce.. Rogue card is an amazing 5/8 body for 6 and effects your opponents ability to use spells while on the board.

    6th.)Hunter - doesn't fit in agro but helps control and maybe mid range, rather slow for hunter, no effect upon hitting the board. Requires set up to use effect, and while similar to the druid card, it's much easier to remove.

    7th.) Shaman - While medicore at best, it fits into murloc decks and niche mid range decks. Gives some free card advantage (if you get value out of the murlocs?) but has no effect when played on the board, essentially 10 mana for war golem and a few murloc web spinners, granted free cards are always nice. Bad but usable. Dr. Boom is nearly better in most ways costing 3 less for about the same value, but with a murloc themed deck, unbound elementals or good rng you may possibly get more value out of this card even if unlikely.

    8th.) Bolvar - Only good in your opening hand and specific sacrificing decks. Does nothing to board when played and easy to silence or remove, at least a 5 drop with some kind of niche potential but still a bad card. When silenced it's a Mogu'shan Warden without taunt. (possible synergy with hobgoblin?)

    9th.) Mage - In addition to going against flavor and flare this card is useless and applies to no mage decks. Unreliable and potentially either a flat out war golem if mulliganed into or a 28hp vs 28hp game if draw in the first turns on an empty board, its an unreliable abomination death rattle that may hurt your board, kill you if you use ice block and reveal your hand to the enemy. the chance to get a free aoe is also very slim assuming you don't get it in your opening hand as is. Dr. Boom essentially is better in every way




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    Does Bolvar get the bonus since he technically has 1 attack and gets buffed up in your hand? Perhaps maybe he'd be playable since your using your other sacrifice able 1 attack minions before you draw Hobgoblin.

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    I know that Neptulon is far from a good card but you mentioned Dr. Boom replacing rag for the earth ele overload. While i fell Dr. Boom is far superior being a 9/9 for 7 no over load with a death rattle, how do you feel about the extra murloc cards possibly using up enemy removal. My gut feeling is that the card is bad for crusher as your turn 8 will essentially be a turn 5 but with murlocs in your hand, however they are still cards for free. How do you feel about using it in general. Maybe sneeds old shredder is better in general, or Troggdor. I feel BGH is going to be very popular for poor removal classes with so many high attack minions coming out that require immediate removal such as Mal'Ganis or Ghaz'rilla. I imagine both minions in general as well as Earth elemental will suffer.

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    This card is going to make control rogue vs priest tug of wars very dull and might even make an odd stale mate. That is until one player draws some swing cards with the 1 mana coin they get. I think rogue will have more options they can play during the trade but if it goes on long enough priest wins from fatigue

    Turn 10: Rogue plays Trade prince

    Turn 11: Priest plays Mind control

    Turn 12: Rogue plays Mind control

    Turn 13: Priest plays Mind control

    Turn 14: Rogue plays Mind control

    Turn 15: Priest plays Mind control...

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    Man as a Shaman player I thought we had it bad, poor mage got arguably a less useful card. Same stats and mana cost as Neptulon (minus the overload, not much of a draw back on turn 7+) but at least drawing 4 random cards (even if they are murlocs) offers way more utility than an uncontrolable aoe (that even harms you in any event your ahead).

    Still as bad as mage and shaman have it Bolvar is by far worse, you need it in your opening hand which you can't play right away and its very easy to silence or remove. Although really compared to the other better class legendaries Mal'Ganis makes this card look like a joke.

    *Edit* I forgot to mention this card also REVEALS itself to your opponent. I can only imagine the amount of times you mulligan this card away only to have it come back as your first draw on your opening turn essentially making the game a 28 hp vs 28hp match and they know you have a 7 drop, vs a priest or any class running healing you only put yourself behind. Drawing this card late can kill you even behind your own ice block but that's been stated here numerous times.

    The only use i can see this card having is countering mill rogue using coldlight oracle bounce (by chance that is) and by praying to draw it early game vs murloc shaman or hunter, even then the odds are heavily against you then (less than 1/20 by the time you want it, not counting the odds you mulligan into it or draw it too early also)

    In arena its way to risky to take since it might nuke your own board when your ahead but it might work if your behind? A HUGE rng toss up here. Better than lore walker or nat pagle but only because it might come in handy due to its stats or rng aoe, its war golem with an uncontrollable effect :/

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    Quote from FullasGames »

    Holy moly the combo's you can do with this!

    OMG it's Fullas from You Tube

    Anyways, this card looks far superior to reincarnate as previously stated in the thread, it even offers the advantage of Ancestral Spirit's charge into death and proc death rattle while attacking, however with feign death you get both an AOE trigger to death rattles for 2 mana and the potential to get both death rattles  of the minion on the same turn. You also aren't placing a buffed minion to be silenced.

    Using reincarnate as a heal is paying 2 mana to do a partial, weak effect of the card ancestral healing, that card costs 0 for a full heal AND taunt (Black knight synnergy or a minion wall) and its considered weak as is. The lousy poor value alternatives of reincarnate don't offer enough benefit in flexibility (reincarnating a watcher or buffed van cleef are really the only offensive uses value worthy, buffs in general are weak and infrequent where using an owl would almost always be better and provide you a 2/1 body). If reincarnate were 1 mana or attached to a 1/2 or a 2/1 creature it might be worth the difference.

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    I really wish they decided to name this card "Finkle's Lava Dredger" since it not only looks like that hammer but it was a 2 handed mace designed for paladins, shaman and druids.

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