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[EU LEGEND] Synapticon's Control Warrior - BRM ...

  • Last updated Jun 22, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 13260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/26/2015 (GvG Launch)
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Hi everyone i'm Synapticon. I reached Legend Rank with my version of Control Warrior.

This is the proof:

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From 5 to legend i never lost against Druid and Priest.  Handlock and Control-Combo Mage are good match up and vs aggro decks the most important thing is manage your resource and use your spell in the most efficient way you can.

The Choices

1x Whirlwind Is very helpful against Hunter and in many other situation. is great board cleaner used before cast [card]Baron Geddon [/card] for a 3 damage all effect or to enrage [card]Grommash Hellscream[/card] if we don't have a ready [card]Death's Bite[/card] or 10 mana to use [card]Cruel Taskmaster[/card] on it.

1x [card]Armorsmith[/card] In slow match we manage it value playing it behind [card]Sludge Belcher[/card] or in a heavy trade turn, else before a AOE effect if we need tu survive against aggro or even against aggro isn't bad to playing it on 1-2 turn to gain some armor and trade the first threats. 1x is sufficient.

1x [card]Shieldmaiden[/card] is an awesome new entry in the Grommash family. 5-5 body and 5 armor for 6 mana deserves a nerf! in late game she + [card]Shield Slam[/card] guarantees in addition to a great minion a truly lethal removal and 5 armor (armor> health gain;). I love 1x slots because are the focus of versatility, I think this card is one of those strategic ones. 2x IMHO should be only to weigh down the deck. And then already played the big sister Sylvanas, there seems enough?

We all know why the remaining list is made in this way.. I think... I hope ;)

Mulligan and MU

Always keep [card]Fiery War Axe[/card], [card]Cruel Taskmaster[/card], [card]Acolyte of Pain[/card]

Mirror (50-50)

Keep [card]Death's Bite[/card] to, for a fast 2-3 drops removal. Manage your resource especially Crush, [card]Shield Slam[/card], Execute. Try to force your opponent to cast removal on [card]Sludge Belcher[/card],  [card]Baron Geddon[/card] and  Dr. Boom. Play [card]Sylvanas Windrunner[/card] better you can, e.g. after your opponent cast [card]Ragnaros the Firelord [/card]. Don't over extend your board, the one who casts the best Brawl 8 times out of 10 win the match. 

Priest (65-35)

Regular mulligan. Don't waste your spell. Wait the perfect time to cast Brawl. When you have a good board play [card]Alexstrasza[/card] and bla bla bla. Play big minion after 10th turn only if you have a removal in case he casts [card]Mind Control[/card]. So we know that he plays it. Let's play our game. 

Druid (60-40)

Keep [card]Death's Bite[/card]. For the rest, read Priest section.  Keep your eyes open, Kel'Thuzad now playing;) 

Midrange Paladin (40-60)

Perhaps Paladin among all MU appears to be the worst. Equality, [card]Aldor Peacekeeper[/card] and [card]Ironbeak Owl [/card] are the perfect answer to virtually all our bombs, if he play it correctly. [card]Antique Healbot[/card] and [card]Lay on Hands[/card] ruin our closing game projects by Alexstrasza.Against this class I prefer to use her as a life-saving rather than aggressively. To make matters worse the combo [card]Muster for Battle[/card]+[card]Quartermaster[/card], if we do not have an immediate answer, closes the game without any commitment.  BrawlWhirlwind and [card]Baron Geddon[/card] will do the game if in hand at the right time. For the rest, know how to wait is the key to winning against the Paladin, let's finish the resources in hand and healing effect cards, armor up, and when we have the advantage cards in hand, down all the closures and if we are lucky enough he not have an answer to everything. 

Shaman (generally good)

The only two Shamans that I've met have not been a problem. I believe, however, that have not been competitive archetypes, for this I can only say that we have enough answers for play it at par. Also a little advice as against the Paladin, know how to wait and play defensive, waiting for the right time to clean the board and do cards advantage in doubt, is always a good strategy.

Work in progress :D


[card]Sylvanas Windrunner[/card] + Brawl = take control of the remaining minion.
Dr. BoomWhirlwind effect = 1 dmg AOE + Boom Bots damage
[card]Sylvanas Windrunner[/card] + Whirlwind effect against Dr. Boom = try to steal Daddy!

Update 1

+[card]Emperor Thaurissan[/card]

Update 2

-[card]Harrison Jones[/card]
+[card]Captain Greenskin[/card]

Update 3


Control Warrior = Hand full of cows -> Hand full of cows + [card]Emperor Thaurissan[/card] = epic value, right? ;)

Don't forget to upvote the Deck if you liked and don't hesitate to ask any question in the comment section below ;)

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