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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Twilight Acolyte Minion Priest324
Void Ripper Minion333
Zola the Gorgon Minion322
Bladed Gauntlet Weapon Warrior202
Cheat Death Ability Rogue200
Crushing Hand Ability Shaman200
Evasion Ability Rogue200
Lesser Pearl Spellstone Ability Paladin200
Lesser Ruby Spellstone Ability Mage200
Potion of Heroism Ability Paladin200
Sudden Betrayal Ability Rogue200
Wandering Monster Ability Hunter200
Cavern Shinyfinder Minion Rogue231
Drygulch Jailor Minion Paladin211
Drywhisker Armorer Minion Warrior222
Kobold Hermit Minion Shaman211
Murmuring Elemental Minion Shaman211
Plated Beetle Minion223
Raven Familiar Minion Mage222
Scorp-o-matic Minion212
Vulgar Homunculus Minion Warlock224
Candleshot Weapon Hunter113
Kingsbane Weapon Rogue113
Barkskin Ability Druid100
Dark Pact Ability Warlock100
Lesser Jasper Spellstone Ability Druid100
Psionic Probe Ability Priest100
Unstable Evolution Ability Shaman100
Arcane Artificer Minion Mage112
Dire Mole Minion113
Feral Gibberer Minion111
Gravelsnout Knight Minion123
Kobold Librarian Minion Warlock121
Wax Elemental Minion102
Shifting Scroll Ability Mage000