The Boomsday Project Launches Today! Hearthstone Expansion Survival Guide

The Boomsday Project Launches Today! Hearthstone Expansion Survival Guide

Hearthstone's newest expansion launches today (Tuesday) and we've got everything you need to know in one easy to find place.

Good luck with your packs :D

  • 135 New Cards have been added to the game.
  • Free: 3 Boomsday Packs for logging in!
  • Free: 1 Random Legendary Class Minion
  • The new PVE content, Puzzle Lab, will be available in two weeks - August 21.
  • Free Aug 21: 3 Boomsday Packs when the Puzzle Lab launches!



Launch Day Goals

  1. Login to get your free packs and random Legendary.
  2. Craft any golden Legendaries you really want. This is important due to the no duplicate legendaries rule.
  3. Open up your packs! You get a guaranteed Legendary within your first 10 packs.
  4. Share your awesome decks with everyone on HearthPwn via or DeckbuilderDon't forget to write a guide!

New Keyword: Magnetic

Magnetic is an ability exclusive to certain Mech minions which allows multiple minions to be merged together. Playing a Magnetic minion to the left of an existing Mech will automatically cause the two minions' stats and card text to be combined into a single minion.

There are currently 11 Magnetic minions in the game. You can see Magnetic minions in our database or see a sampling down below.


Wild Set Rotations

There are no set rotations happening with the release of this expansion. They only happen at the start of a new year.
You can learn more about set rotations in our dedicated guide.

A New Playable Hero Arrives - Dr. Boom, Mad Genius!

Like Shamans in Witchwood, Warriors are getting a new playable hero card that is much like the Death Knights of Knights of the Frozen Throne.

  • Dr. Boom, Mad Genius's Hero Power is randomized every turn. It randomizes on your opponent's turn so they can react to it.
  • You will never see the same Hero Power in a row.
  • Dr. Boom is not available in the Arena, like other playable hero cards.

Here is Dr. Boom alongside his five different hero powers.



It should be noted that Blizzard has stated they do not intend to always have a new playable hero card in expansions, only when it makes sense.

Theorycraft Boomsday Decks

Pros and community members have been hard at work theorycrafting new decks for the expansion. We've got a dedicated post sharing some of our favourites!

Share Your Own New Decks

Have you created a deck using cards from the new expansion that you're finding success with? Head on over to our deckbuilder and share it with us! Click the banner below to go to the deckbuilder. Don't forget to write a short description to let people know how it works!

Share Your Pack Openings

We'd love to see what you crack open whether that is out of those pre-order packs or from all that gold you've been saving up for months. Check out our two dedicated threads for sharing your openings, one that is for opening videos and the other for screenshots. 

Learn More About The Boomsday Project

Looking to learn more about Hearthstone's ninth expansion? Visit our expansion guide for The Boomsday Project!

Opening Boomsday Card Packs

Opening 245 card packs, how unlucky can one person be?

Get Cheaper Packs!

This section contains affiliate links. They help the site!

If you want to save money when buying Hearthstone packs, you should check out Amazon Coins! It's an easy way to save up to 25% off Hearthstone packs so you can get into the new expansion without worrying about your wallet too much. We've got a detailed guide on how to Get Started with Amazon Coins, but if you've already dealt with them in the past, you can buy some more by clicking right here.

The best part though? You don't even need an Android device because we've got a guide to show you how to setup an emulator if you're on PC!



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