Awesome Community Theorycraft Boomsday Project Decks - New Expansion, New Ideas!

Awesome Community Theorycraft Boomsday Project Decks - New Expansion, New Ideas!

Our community here on HearthPwn has been busy throughout the reveal season creating new ideas with the Boomsday Project cards. Check out some of our favourites below and be sure to share your ideas in the comments. Do remember that theorycraft decks may not be effective! Crafting cards to make these decks should be done carefully if you don't have a ton of dust.

Be sure to share your own decks using our deckbuilder tool. Don't forget to add a guide once you figure out how to perfect your creation.

Trump's Boomsday Theorycraft Decks

Trump returns to the theorycrafting table with a few decks for the new expansion. Hope you brought your wallet!

Deck Author Cost
 Topsy Turvy Trump 4520
 Malygos Trump 15060
 Handbuff Zoo Trump 5220
 Dr. Boom Control Trump 10740
 Token Treant Trump 8040

StanCifka's Boomsday Theorycraft Miracle Rogue

StanCifka brings us a full guide to what he thinks we'll see out of Miracle Rogue during The Boomsday Project.

StanCifka's Boomsday Rogue
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Minion (15) Ability (14) Playable Hero (1)
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Kiwiinbacon's Boomsday Theorycraft Decks

Kiwiinbacon has a couple of theorycraft decks to share with us.

DisguisedToast's Boomsday Theorycraft Decks

We've got a loaf of decks from Toast that he's been busy toasting. I hope they didn't burn!

Deck Author Cost
 Boomsday Malygos Shaman DisguisedToast 9900
 Boomsday Shuffle Rogue DisguisedToast 8620
 Boomsday Clone Priest DisguisedToast 10680
 Boomsday Malygos Rogue DisguisedToast 9820
 Boomsday Even Warlock w/ Mecha'thun DisguisedToast 9040
 Boomsday Hand Mage DisguisedToast 13960
 Boomsday Tempo Mage DisguisedToast 7320

Community Boomsday Theorycraft Goodness

But wait, there's more! We've got some awesome decks and guides written by community members we also need to shine some light on.

Deck Author Cost
 Magnetic Bomber WillPwn 6880
 Kangor's Buff Army WillPwn 10740
 Galvanized Mecha'thun WillPwn 7540
 Dire Brood - Quest Hunter WillPwn 7700
 Aggro Goblin Bomb Token Druid Legend504 2800
 Good ol' Control Warrior Wakalakapromsaka 14360
 Exodia Mage Zananananan 7320
 Tempo Mech Hunter poulmaniac13 8840
 Treant Druid Tars 12860
 Mecha'thun Miracle Otk il_defa 9780
 Luna Elemental Mage Wiggy_HS 16320

Learn More About The Boomsday Project

Looking to learn more about Hearthstone's ninth expansion? Visit our expansion guide for The Boomsday Project!

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