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    posted a message on Is wild (big) deathrattle hunter still viable?
    Quote from mmmatei >>

    I've seen some pretty nice decks out there, the only problem is that i've also seen people talking about it as not being as good as it was before. I just wanted to ask if I should still craft it, as I'm diamond 5 right now, and want to push forward. Also, weird question, but how do you think it would do vs a standard deck (diamond 10 and below)?

    Here is an example of the deck i am talking about : 


    Do you think the second one is better?


    Last 2 questions don't matter as much as the first.

     what does "viable" mean, you mean if you can make it to legend with it ? 

    decks you will face in your path :

    secret mage - auto lose

    quest mage - auto lose in most cases 

    reno priest - auto lose

    cube lock - auto lose 

    mech pally - auto lose 

    even shaman - devolve fucks it up else you might beat it 

    jade druid - you might have a some chance 

    odd demon hunter -  really hard to keep up with amount of face damage they deal, but dunno about this matchup


    here you go


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    posted a message on 17.0.2 Balance Patch - All the Nerfs and Buffs - Including BGs

    bloodbloom nerf delays 2 turns to pull off darkest hour combo, which is nice 

    but 2 more spells for mage quest? wtf man, why do they think casting 2 more spells for quest mage is a hard thing to do, it will hardly even delay 1 turn given how many spells they can cast in one turn using apprentice 

    now I won't even be able to use darkest hour warlock to counter quest mages, sounds great 

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    posted a message on Rough Outline of Coming Balance Changes - Including Sac Pact, Albatross & Kael'thas

    nerfing quest mage will probably bring raza priest to the throne

    fuck it, it's worth 

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    posted a message on Darkest Hour Warlock | Diamond 5 to Legend

    jade druid - keep poison seeds

    secret mage 

    priest is pretty good if darkest hour doesn't summon nerubian at turn 4-5, which is pretty likely, since there are so many minions in this deck, you can always shuffle albatross too...




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    posted a message on Will Blizz change Sacrifical Pact?

    well I am playing only warlock and I have to agree

    0 mana counter specific class is a really bad card design, hope they fix it soon enough

    jaraxxus still won't see a play tho, set your health to 15 and skip your turn is almost never a good idea 

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    posted a message on DH's winrate is a trap!
    Quote from Natsu0Nii >>

    this is mathematically nonsense isnt it? i mean look u have 100 games between dh's resulting in 100 wins and 100 loses in total?! am i missing something?

     nah, you are not missing anything

    some retard opened up a topic with wrong assumption now he is acting like he was trolling in the first place 

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    posted a message on Is mage oppressive in Wild?

    Increasing requirement to 7 spells won't change anything since mage is getting 1 mana legendary spell next expansion imo

    I think best way to fix it, without breaking too many things, is to change the spelling and effect of the Time Warp card from

    "Take an extra turn" ---> "Your opponent skips the next turn" 

    so it's effect doesn't stack up by playing multiple times using Archmage for example


    Darkest hour warlock aka coinflip warlock has to be dealt with too I think even tho it's a tier 2 deck

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    posted a message on License to Mill

    deck is basically built around Coldlight Oracle

    so that's what you wanna shuffle

    this is way too heavy for a mill rogue btw

    i suggest something similar to this deck https://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/decks/mill-rogue-58/

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Revealed - Evocation

    gg wild 

    nothing gonna stop quest mage now :(

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    posted a message on Teron Gorefiend

    turn 1 -> coin egg 

    turn 2 -> egg 

    turn 3 -> this card

    gg wp

    no I'm kidding

    turn 4 -> devolve 


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