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    The Paladin quest rubs me the wrong way in every aspect. Its bad flavor and its never going to improve throughout the sets if so if it will either become meta for 1 expansion or never become meta. (Reborn keyword could come back maybe during the 4th expansion of the story, but it's never been done before so who can be sure). The HP is strong but given we've seen half the paladin cards so far and none of them are Reborn, it's gonna take a lot of convincing to make the quest viable.

    I really don't know why this quest isn't Priest when both Reborn/Resurrect and copying minions have been prevalent in Priest and not at all in Paladin.

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    Hard to believe they're changing the cards not because of any regulations, they just WANT to. The community doesn't want change, and would rather it be reverted, but the designers want to work more just cause. (Especially if Hearthstone is somehow also built on crunch like other parts of Blizzard,) I find it hard they want to divert from working on the future sets because they want to change existing cards art. If they keep changing cards, it'll also prove they don't want to abide by the communities criticism, more so proving there is more to this than "we want to"?

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    You may have forgotten, Dr. Boom was a well statted 7 mana 7/7. Ontop of that, the minions he summoned could deal enough damage to kill a minion, and he summoned two of them. This is 3 mana for 4/3, Dr. Boom was a 7 mana 9/9 that dealt 1-4 damage TWICE randomly. You cannot compare these two cards together.

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    Sure, 20 damage... on turn 8. Your opponent is either out of steam, has much more than 20 health or has planted a ton of taunts. In addition, you need the magical control of not having Skull equipped/doomguard in hand up until turn 8, and when your turn 7 is just tap + skull you leave a big window for your opponent to Ooze without punish. Also, 6 card combo for 20 damage, I think I'll run an actual OTK deck.

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    This was a joke, I said this cause Shudderwock can literally kill themselves with this in theory. 

    But if you wan't to play it a different way, this can always make more health missing without puncturing the total HP, so you can gain more value out of Lifedrinker or Healing Rain. It's not good in the Shudder pool, just good as a one time use, which makes it not viable in Shudder. 

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    This is actually pretty bad. Only token can actually use this efficiently. At that, can token actually get anything out of this?

    Picture this; You're at 7 mana with 5 Scarab Beetles, all at 3 hp, and vs two damaged Flame Imps and two 3/3 Happy Ghouls. You can play this spell, and have up to 11 mana in one turn. So what can you actually do with that 11 mana? You can Wispering Woods into Branching Paths and maybe some Soul of the Forest if you had an extra scarab. Now that, that's an insane turn. You just need 3 specific cards in your hand (not including this card), Spreading Plague the previous turn, and your enemy had to play into Spreading Plague on curve.

    The stars have to align perfectly and your opponent had to play terribly. There is no way you're getting this lucky every time, and honestly this card becomes dead at 10 mana. You can't use this to make lethal, only two turn lethal. You can't make any OTK out of this unless you're still insane and happen to have every OTK piece, play Plague last turn with a full board and then Malygos into Prince Taldaram into Moonfire while being able to kill every Scarab on your turn and not having your opponent kill ANY first but damaging them enough that they'll die to any trades on board. Again, this is ridiculous. You can replace "Plague" with Wispering Woods and "Scarabs" with "Wisps", it won't change the odds of this actually happening.

    Of all the impossible combos these Legendaries have introduced, this might be the worst of the bunch. I'm relieved to see that Druid cards are all very flashy and insane looking but in practice might be horrible, at least most of the cards.

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    Egg hunter likes this card, don't skip on it. Throw it on an egg and it can kill another minion, then pop itself at the end of the turn.

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    Lyra has the biggest grin on her face. You'll love getting this card out of Lyra because its just more spells, and you might even run it yourself because, FREE. I highly doubt you'll encounter a board where casting this is bad on any target. Good luck to you jokers, Lyra grants miracles.

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    It's terrible. Not the fear of it being silenced, it's just the fact that it's 2 health! It has a bottom text, so why wouldn't I kill it before it does something?

    Why wouldn't I kill Mana Tide Totem before it draws my opponent an answer to my board?

    Why wouldn't I kill an egg the turn before cube can be played?

    All of these trades are free as my minions won't take any damage, even as an aggro deck I would prefer to throw 2 dmg to a trade than to the face this once, it doesn't cost me anything.

    Even if someone does cast the whole combo on this, they know the risks of silence and would be a fool to do so. It's a double edged sword, do you want it to be silenced when it has all your cards, or killed while it can't contest the board? In the reveal they even said "You can totally cast your whole divine spirit combo on this and it'll TOTALLY die, returning it all back to your hand." Spoiler: A 12/12 minion does not get killed when it can simply be silenced, sapped, stalled, all the S's, okay?

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    Control Priest might use this, but Elixir is often better too.

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