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[S12 Legend] Shadow/Fatigue Priest

  • Last updated Jun 25, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/26/2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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Update 2 (BlackRockMountain):  -Not the best meta for this deck. Have not gone past Rank 2 this season with Shadowpriest. With this exact version I have an exact 50% win rate over 24 games at Rank 4! So, if you dont mind that winrate above rank 5 and still wanne play for fun, give it a try!
- See the old (not updated) writeup from season 12 for further info on how the deck works!

Old S12 Writeup. Not updated for matchups like Grim Patron or Demon Zoo, TempoWaker Mage...

Update 1: - Added Mulligen.
- Swapped Velen's Chosen for Recombobulator at the moment. Prime targets are Antique Healbot, Cabal Shadow Priest and silenced Doomsayer

So I just got Legend (SEASON 12!) with this version of Fatigue/Shadowform Priest and therefore decided to make the list public.

The goal of this deck is, to play as defensive and conservative as possible, and simply outlast your opponent and in the end outvalue or even fatigue him, when you literally dealt with every single of his cards. Of course there are also games, where you overpower your opponent earlier with creatures and you are able to go on the offensive, but the genreal gameplan in every matchup remains a defensive, value oriented one! Shadowform is one of those cards thtas holds just insane and nearly endless value, when you are able to set it up correctly. In the past it was very tricky to make it happen, because you often lose alot of tempo setting it up, especially when your opponent manages to play on curve all the time himself. And not only that, you also lose your ability to heal, making you more vulnerable to all-in, race, or burst taktiks from your opponent. But GvG brought two important tools/cards, that can make up for the tempo and healthloss and bring you back into the game, where you can now begin to collect this insane Shadowform value every turn. Those cards are Antique Healbot and Lightbomb, as strong burstheals and boardwipes. In combination with all the other Priest removal and a big wall of Taunts, Shadowform/Fatigue Priest has now actually become viable on ladder!

The deck however is not easy to play. To be good with it you need alot of practice and experience, aswell as good understanding of the very precise gameplan you have in alot of matchups. Since Priest, and even more so this deck, is very responsive by nature, you need to make sure to have/use the correct answers for as many of your opponents threats and boardstates as possible. If you either can´t find them, or missplay by using the wrong removal/trade option, it will only get harder... But for me, this is also part of the beauty of playing it: From the start of you basically plan with your whole deck, aswell as your oppents whole deck and have to make sure your answers match his questions better/more efficient, than the other way around.

Writing a complete Matchups guide for all of the common matchups on ladder, is a bit too time comsuming for me, so unless  this will get more attention, I will leave you for now with the decklist only, to experiment yourself with xD But I will answer questions below. (And by the way: there are some other Fatigue/Shadowform decks here on the forums that allready explain alot of the important stuff well, so you one can always compare with those ;) But having played alot of Shadowform Decks since GvG (and even long time before GvG), from my own experience this is the most consistent one I have played so far (also taking into account the meta I was/am facing)


Possible Techs: IMO most of the slots here are not interchangeable. If there is any room for tech, then I think Shadow Madness and Velen's Chosen are the first ones to look at. Sure, I tested alot of stuff, but most notably I had Kezan Mystic over Shadow Madness, when I was facing alot of Mages. Velen's Chosen at one point was substituted with Mind Control Tech, Wild Pyromancer or Shrinkmeister

Mulligen: (note: Mulligen is one of my weak spots in Hearthstone, so despite having experience with this deck, some choises might still be wrong. Down below I have listed the 6 cards I look the most for in order of general priority)

Face Hunter: Doomsayer, Holy Smite, Deathlord, SW:Pain, Healbot, Senjin

Midrange Hunter: Doomsayer, Holy Smite, Sw:Pain, Deathlord, Senjin, Belcher

Mech Mage: Doomsayer, SW:Pain, Deathlord, Holy Smite, Senjin, Belcher

Priest: Doomsayer, Deathlord, Senjin, Shadowform, Belcher, Thoughsteal

Combo Druid: Lightbomb, Doomsayer, Deathlord, Senjin, Belcher, SW:D

Control Warrior: SW:D, BGH, Thoughsteal, SW:P, Shadowform, Shadow Madness

Handlock: BGH, SW:D, Senjin, Lightbomb, Belcher, Thoughsteal

Zoolock: Doomsayer, Holy Smite, Deathlord, SW:Pain, Holy Nova, Senjin

Midrange/Control Pala: Doomsayer, SW:Pain, Deathlord, Senjin, Holy Nova, Belcher

Oil Rogue: Sw: Pain, Lightbomb, Senjin, Belcher, Deathlord, Holy Fire

Midrange/Control Shaman (not too sure, because was facing too few): Deathlord, Shadowform, Sw:Pain, Senjin, Holy Nova, Cabal Shadowpriest

Last but not least: As with alot all decks, you profit the most from it when you can find a sweetspot in the meta. So just throwing it out there: If all you face is Combodruid and (good) Handlocks you might wanne change Decks... In my case, when I started playing this early this season, I somehow wasn´t able to break through rank 4 on ladder and eventually started experimenting with other stuff. But just 2 days ago I picked it up again at Rank 5, and then powered through to Legend.