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Reliquary of Souls Shaman (UPDATED)

  • Last updated Mar 31, 2020 (Kael'thas Patch)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 17 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 8920
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/28/2020 (Kael'thas Patch)
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This was the original guide, some of it no longer applies so check out the updated section! (Also I didn't know how to link cards, pro deckbuilder right here)

Yes that's right this is a Shaman control deck that aims to make multiple Reliquary of Souls, the new priest legendary. Fist of Ra'den makes a legendary unit of the same cost when a spell it played, this deck has four one cost spells, and the only one cost legendary unit in the game is Reliquary of Souls since Chameleos is rotating out! The one cost spells can also combo with Kael'thas in order to drop a turn 8 Eye of the Storm for free on top of everything else you're playing. The value this deck can output is absolutely absurd, and with many board clears and Witch's Brew for healing, it might be a decent contender. Once you start drawing multiple Reliquary Primes the game should be over for your opponent. Also Hoard Pillager can ensure you get your Fist of Ra'den online for the combos even if they remove it or you use all the charges on big spells. 

Mulligan for Serpentshrine Portal, Lady Vagina and Fist. Keep Marshspawn if you have the coin and another 3 cost so you can go turn 2 coin three cost and then turn 3 Marshpawn for good value and tempo. 

Don't Maiev if you plan on using a big board wipe the next turn, unless it's the only way you stay alive ofc

Update! (Below is list of all the changes to the deck since its creation, so that you guys can understand my thought process and gain a deeper insight into the list. The two sections in between yellow lines were a part of the second wave of changes.)

Holy cow guys I did not expect my deck to get this popular, thank you all so incredibly much for your upvotes, comments, jokes, and suggestions! After reviewing them all, I realized that this meme deck could get a lot more viable with a bit of an overhaul. 

At first, I figured that the Reliquary of Souls package would work best in a very heavy control shell. However, as some of you pointed out, it was a bit too slow, and the consistency of drawing Fist before it was too late was also lacking. Therefore I realized that the best solution was to add a bunch more draw in favor of generic control tools to really bring the synergy of this archetype together. 

-1 Witch's Brew It's a good card that can save you a pinch, but it requires you to dump a lot of mana into it for it be good value, and with the lifesteal of Reliquary Prime hopefully health won't be an issue.

-1 Lady Vagina Ah yes, our dearly beloved mistress of cooch just doesn't fit in this deck at all unfortunately... I really wanted to try her out but with this new version there's just no synergy and her power level is lacking in comparison to other primes. First of all, there are very few spells that she can pull with her discount that get good value other than the one copy of Lightning StormHagatha's Scheme would only do one damage, and Earthquake would still cost to much to combo the same turn at 10 mana. Not to mention that she shuffles a card into the deck, which can delay your Fist and eventual Reliquary Prime. Sorry boys, she just doesn't make the cut...

-2 Hex Unless a lot of "Big" archetypes become popular this card often just trades one for one and isn't super necessary.

-2 Eye of the Storm / -1 Kael'thas Sunstrider At first I thought the Kael'thas combo with the new 10 cost Shaman spell would be insane, but there's a good bit of anti-synergy with Fist, since if a spell costs zero to play, Fist wont summon anything. Additionally, if you don't draw the one copy of Kael'thas, or already used your one cost spells, than both Eye of the Storm become dead cards for a long time, which is disastrous for this version since I already removed some of the control tools. And then, even when you would be able to use them, they will compete with the newly added Reliquary Prime + Ancestral Spirit. Overall, these cards belong in a different archetype, probably one with zero cost spells instead of one cost.

[-1 Vivid Spores *** I added this during the second version but a comment by Monsu made me realize that this card will most likely just sit dead in your hand for way too long. Not to mention if there's ever a point where you have two Reliquary Prime on board, you probably already won.

-2 Marshspawn As much as I love trying to fit as many new cards into my theorycrafts, I prefer them to be viable above all else and after playing out in my head how this deck might function, I realized that Marshspawn just doesn't work. Sure, it has premium stats with a good effect, but we will basically never be able to trigger it on curve, since we want to save our one cost spells for Fist and can't/wouldn't use Ancestral Spirit on nothing. Later in the game we're gonna be using all of our mana to draw like crazy or drop big board clears, so it's just not worth it unfortunately.

-2 Shattered Rumbler Similar to Marshspawn this card just doesn't fit. You'd obviously want to play this on curve to clear early boards, but the deck now has zero four cost spells, and turn four is when you REALLY want to play Fist anyway. Later in the game the two damage AoE isn't strong enough to do anything by itself, and the card just isn't good enough to run over the other more consistent board clears- Hagatha's Scheme and Earthquake.]

+2 Ancestral Spirit Kudos to Breakfast1 for this fantastic idea. Dropping one of these on a Reliquary Prime spells absolute doom for any opponent not running silence that comes from a minion, and with Spellbreaker now out of standard (for God knows why) this combo becomes even more consistent and powerful. For only nine mana you make an extremely overpowered minion.

+2 Novice Engineer One of the only decent draw options since you can still play Reliquary Prime with the remaining mana if you draw into it.

+2 Mana Tide Totem I honestly don't like this card very much but it's like the only decent draw card in Shaman, and sometimes against slow decks it can be insane. Worst case it's a draw one heal three, which is pretty bad but not the worst for what this deck is trying to do.

+2 Cobalt Spellkin Kudos to Black369Ace for this brilliant suggestion. These guys will increase the consistency of having multiple one cost spells to play with Fist, will help fight for the board a lot, and since all of the Shaman one cost spells are removal with the exception of Storm's Wrath, it can sometimes save you! 

[+2 Walking Fountain *** Although the very first of the draft only had one, and then the second version had none, a comment by Majora made me realize how important this card can be. I had flashbacks to all of the times this card single-handedly kept me alive and essentially won the game. So I decided to put in the full set of two after removing the new AoO spell synergy cards that just don't work with our curve.

+1 Harrison Jones With the introduction of Demon Hunters I think weapon removal is going to be pretty essential. UmberwingAldrachi Warblades, and Flamereaper can create pretty disgusting tempo swings, and a way to stop that bleeding a little bit is by putting them in a museum. Also, more possibilities for card draw is very welcome.

+1 Earthquake Honestly this card is insane and deserves to be a full set. It can turn around games that were otherwise lost and comes down at a crucial turn, usually right around the time aggro or midrange would otherwise go in for the kill. It also curves into Walking Fountain to truly crush any of those kinds of decks.]

For the mulligan of the new version, I'd say you honestly just super hard mulligan for Fist since without it, the deck might feel like a Fist waiting room (that's what she said). Other than that, consider keeping Serpentshrine Portal, and sometimes even Hagatha's Scheme against anything you know will be aggressive, since they both can really help stabilize the early/mid game and buy you time, which is all this deck needs.

Well, that's it! Thank you all for the support and best of luck if you give this list a try! Also, if you like my work check out my deck called Combo Beast Hunter, I recently added in Octosari and think the list came together really well.