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IceTea's Odd Druid with Fungalmancer!

  • Last updated May 27, 2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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  • 26 Minions
  • 4 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Odd Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 5800
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/19/2018 (Witchwood)
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Hello there guys, I am IceTea and i play on EU Server. Here is the list of my newest aggro Druid deck.

Here is Kiwiinbacon's deck spotlight video:

 Cheers to him and hope you guys enjoy the deck and video. Have fun!


Mulligans Guide


vs. Druid

You need your 1 cost minions and maybe freeze is useful in this match-up. Fish for 1 drops and Glacial Shard

vs. Hunter

In this match-up you need taunt minions and freeze effect. Fish for Crypt LordTar Creeper and Glacial Shard

vs. Mage

Mage has one of the greatest card against this deck Mana Wyrm. Search for Ironbeak Owl for this reason. Also Argent Squire is a good option.

vs. Paladin

Reporting for duty Elementals! Fish for Fire Fly and Tar Creeper and also Argent Squire again is a good option.

vs. Priest

You need the silence power against the Northshire Cleric + Shadow Ascendant threat. Search Ironbeak Owl. Also Vicious Fledgling is a good card for creating some pressure. And Druid of the Claw is great against them too.

vs. Rogue

Keep the silence in your hand against Hench-Clan Thug and your taunt minions for the big dagger damages. Let's find Tar Creeper and Glacial Shard also the secure the win against Valeera.

vs. Shaman

Tbh i didn't play against them often. But early pressure is the key of the win against Shammies. Search for the 1 drops especially Argent Squire

vs. Warlock

Pressure the board, win the game! Vicious Fledgling, premium 1 drops and Acherus Veteran will make you hurt them. But it is also the worst match-up for this deck.

vs. Warrior

 Early pressure is important. Freeze them and punish their weapons like a boss. Glacial Shard will be the lord and saviour against them. Also Tar Creeper, Druid of the Claw and Druid of the Scythe are another good options.


 vs. Aggro 

Don't afraid to use your upgraded hero power. Fight for the board and win the match. Crypt Lord and Tar Creeper would help you for keep the board pressure. Glacial Shard is a key card for winning the board also.

vs. Control

Pump your minions with Fungalmancer. Use your sources wisely. Bait the enemies board clear spells like Defile, Hellfire, Consecration. Vicious Fledgling is the key option for the match vs. Control decks. I hope you guys can find the Windfury or Stealth this turn asap.

Psychic Scream is the banger of this deck if your Living Mana is on the board. Bait the Psychic Scream first if you want to win against Priest.


100 up = mulligans guide

150 up = strategies