HearthPwn Card Design Competition Season 4 - Easy as AoE

HearthPwn Card Design Competition Season 4 - Easy as AoE

This week's card design competition submission phase is live and the theme is Easy as AoE.

This weeks theme comes from alexbroxman, whose "Flesh Imp" was the winner of our "Once Upon A Time" competition.  As the title suggests, you'll be making AoEs!

Competition-Specific Restrictions:

  • Your card must deal damage to or destroy more than one minion on the battlefield at once.
    (We recognize that there are a few ways to effectively deal damage to or destroy a minion, like setting its Health to 1 or returning it to its owner's hand or shuffling it into a deck, but lets avoid those and focus specifically on actual damage and actual destruction.)
  • To clarify...
    • Your card doesn't need to always affect more than one minion, like Cleave, but it should do so as part of its normal function. I think we've all sometimes had to play a Flamestrike when there's only one enemy minion or a Brawl when there are only two minions on the board, and that's fine.
    • Cards like Arcane Missiles are also fine, as although their effects are random, being distributed across multiple targets is part of their normally expected potential.
    • What wouldn't be fine would be, for example, Flame Juggler just because you can combine it with Brann Bronzebeard, or Circle of Healing just because Auchenai Soulpriest exists.
    • That's not, however, to say that your card must do its thing entirely independently; Wild Pyromancer and Void Crusher would be considered valid entries, despite needing to be triggered by other game elements, because their effects are always valid when they are triggered.
  • There are tons of examples of this in the game, so we're not going to list them all. Some of our favorites, though, include Explosive Trap, Swipe, Blade Flurry, Foe Reaper 4000, Flame Leviathan, Doomsayer, Corrupted Seer, Poison Seeds, Betrayal, and of course, DOOM!

Submit Your Card Design Today!

Head on over to the submission thread to read the rules and submit your entry. Also be sure to check out this week's discussion thread.


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