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    Then you would never get Doomsayer in your starting hand.

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    Quote from Zariweya >>

    Sooooo, do you guys recommend me DE ALL the nerfed cards in order to make some dust and, just in case they stay in the future meta, recraft them later?

    I read that somewhere and it seems to be a good idea to me.

    What do you think? 

    Hugs and kisses.

     There is literally no reason not to. If you dust them and want them back, you don't lose any dust.
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    I'd recommend adding in a couple of Fireguard Destroyers, for a solid 4-drop with battlecry synergy.

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    Quote from langarn101 >>

    For example:
    *More deck slots (its retarted how long that has taken) (Like laughably)
    *An active balancing of cards. You need a lot of testing before releasing cards if they should be balanced. A lot. Blizzard doesn't have the capability of this. Latest is when Ben said that they didn't see how strong Dr 6 would be.
    *More formats.
    *Don't push out expansions with 150 cards when only 15 is playable.
    *Better AI. (again laughably bad)

    •  They should be here Soon(tm).
    • Kneejerk balancing would have killed Mechwarper and Wyrmrest Agent right after they were released. And I can imagine balancing would be difficult, since they also have to patch through the iOS app store.
    • We just got Tavern Brawl in June. A new mode every six months would be overkill.
    • Having every card playable would make it even worse for new players, imagine if every deck with Dr. Boom instead used a different legendary.
    • Some cards (the entire last wing of BRM) are trash until the right deck comes along.
    • Having every (or even >50%) card be playable would be impossible.
    • I couldn't really care about adventure AI, and more difficult ai would just get between myself and the cards I want.
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    Quote from Boldelar>>
    Think on another deck and find only one that have no RNG involved in some of their cards or effects.
    Freeze mage only runs Mad Scientist, which will only be able to get 1 secret a majority of the time.
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    Quote from eliasfajardo >>

    Don't be lazy, and use google. It's not that hard.


    Less than 30 seconds to find....

     I understand that he could've googled the answer, but do you have to be so condescending about it?
    You didn't even give him an answer (yes, it'll be able to run HS easily)
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    Quote from notsoclutch >>

    This guy is interesting, but I honestly couldn't tell ya what battlecry minions I'd want to play with this card.  BGH + boombot snipe is cool I guess or maybe some tempo with a healbot. 

    Midrange Shaman tends to use Azure Drake, Tuskarr Totemic, Fire Elemental, Dr. Boom, and Defender of Argus (along with tech cards like Big Game Hunter). While it's still questionable if it's strong when you trigger the effect, shaman should have little issue triggering it consistently.
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    Quote from floodhorse >>

    seems completely balanced (3 mana - 3 mana value) but thats the problem, other deathrattle cards that see play have 1 extra mana value attached to them like eg spiders and shredder. eg golem is phased out for "only" offering 3 mana value on a 3 mana body.

     If there's one thing I've learned from Hungry Dragon, it's that there are a lot of great 1-drops.
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    Quote from DaajRazgul >>

    so conditional zombie chow, not that great, but good for you thinking it will change shamans .

     It doesn't need the extra damage to kill Leper Gnomes and the like. And it's also a lot better against control, so I could easily see it being a 2-of in shaman. This card alone won't make shaman viable, but it certainly isn't awful.
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    Quote from jtikey >>

    Search mechanics is very powerful :[ They need to use it very carefully.

     This isn't a "true" search mechanic, because you can't draw cards from your deck through this. In other words, it's just more RNG.
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