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    Quote from Fishtard >>

    I'll just strike you down with my longbow, you vile swamp monster! Gladiator's Longbow

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    Then you would never get Doomsayer in your starting hand.

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    Quote from Zariweya >>

    Sooooo, do you guys recommend me DE ALL the nerfed cards in order to make some dust and, just in case they stay in the future meta, recraft them later?

    I read that somewhere and it seems to be a good idea to me.

    What do you think? 

    Hugs and kisses.

     There is literally no reason not to. If you dust them and want them back, you don't lose any dust.
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    4 damage.
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    I'd recommend adding in a couple of Fireguard Destroyers, for a solid 4-drop with battlecry synergy.

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    Quote from langarn101 >>

    For example:
    *More deck slots (its retarted how long that has taken) (Like laughably)
    *An active balancing of cards. You need a lot of testing before releasing cards if they should be balanced. A lot. Blizzard doesn't have the capability of this. Latest is when Ben said that they didn't see how strong Dr 6 would be.
    *More formats.
    *Don't push out expansions with 150 cards when only 15 is playable.
    *Better AI. (again laughably bad)

    •  They should be here Soon(tm).
    • Kneejerk balancing would have killed Mechwarper and Wyrmrest Agent right after they were released. And I can imagine balancing would be difficult, since they also have to patch through the iOS app store.
    • We just got Tavern Brawl in June. A new mode every six months would be overkill.
    • Having every card playable would make it even worse for new players, imagine if every deck with Dr. Boom instead used a different legendary.
    • Some cards (the entire last wing of BRM) are trash until the right deck comes along.
    • Having every (or even >50%) card be playable would be impossible.
    • I couldn't really care about adventure AI, and more difficult ai would just get between myself and the cards I want.
    • Elite Tauren Chieftain
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    Honestly, I would replace Ragnaros with Ysera in that list of required cards. Rag is much worse thanks to all the tokens, while the meta has slowed down enough for Ysera to be viable.

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    Why would you use Arch-Thief Rafaam instead of Neptulon or Nefarian? They serve the same purpose, but Arch-Thief Rafaam looks like he'll be less flexible, due to his artifact using your entire turn.

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    Mistress: Too strong. Play her on curve, and you destroy their 2-drop while playing a decent 3-drop. Late game, she can be more powerful than BGH, albeit a bit less consistent.

    Gunslinger: Weak. With the lack of pirate synergy cards, his body's worthless. The guns are difficult to activate, and won't do too much late game. Any deck with the ability to trade in the guns wouldn't be able to handle the tempo loss of dropping him T5.

    Cursed Deckhand: Too strong. You never play hero power on curve anyways, so he'd be a Totem Golem without overload on turn 2. Late game, just sack him into something before tapping. If there's nothing to sack him into, you're probably winning anyways. He'd be fine as a 3/3

    Lady of the Moon: Interesting. It looks like this would go well in a slower, value-oriented mage deck. Would it be able to give you Dalaran Aspirant? Flavor-wise, would fit in better with Druid.

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    Quote from Nebra010 >>
    Quote from emiller1337 >>

    North Sea Kraken

     Shadow Word: Death (try not to say Counterspell )
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    Quote from Thedeityofice >>

    I'm Confused

     Confuse reverses your Confuse.
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    Quote from pomonkeypo >>

    I think it actually gets the most value from Injured Kvaldir, its like 2 2/4s for 3.

     But then you'd have to risk drawing an Injured Kvaldir. It's only one health more than Zombie Chow, so it probably wouldn't be worth it.
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    Quote from Cardstone >>

    No shit Fire Elemental is a good battlecry minion is the first thing that comes to mind same for Tuskarr Totemic.That's 2 Oh wow that's why the card is shaking the meta so much right?.
    Of course a 3/6 with that effect would be good but is not, so I dont really see the reason for your post.
    But thanks for the comment on a 5 days old post.
    I guess.

    Three class cards along with three neutrals. I never said that the card was good, just that shaman could trigger its effect reliably.
    The comment before mine was 10 hours ago, which is the only reason I saw this post.
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    Quote from Cardstone >>

    Rogue hasn't been the worst class since GVG launch...

    I just can't get (outside of the obvious, they have no idea what they are doing) why would they put  Rumbling Elemental in shaman.The class is probably the one with less usable class minions with battlecry, not to mention the stat distribution is horrible, how much time do they need to figure that a 2/6 for 4 is not playable.

     Tuskarr Totemic and Neptulon aren't awful, and Fire Elemental is one of the best (if not the best) battlecry minions in the game. Shamans also run Defender of Argus and Azure Drake on a regular basis.
    I honestly can't think of any better class to put it in, and if it were a 3/6 it would be an auto-include.
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    Quote from MvonTzeskagrad >>

     It's good to replace Neptulon with Ragnaros or Chromaggus, is'nt it?

     Ragnaros the Firelord has been getting worse and worse with more people playing tokens. Now that Paladin's everywhere, he's almost useless.
    Chromaggus is better in dragon decks, or if you have lots immediate card draw (Ancestral Knowledge or Mana Tide Totem). If you don't have either of those, Neptulon is the better choice.
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