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    10 MANA 10/10 DUSKFALLEN AVIANA PogChamp

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    I haven't played this deck specifically, but paladin is my main class and I've been playing it since beta, so I kinda know what I'm talking about.  My advice is to spam your hero power as early and often as possible, since control style warriors have always struggled to remove the constant 1/1's, and eventually they start to run out of removal.  The 1/1's are also a good counter to the ragnaros hero power since it makes it harder for the warrior to hit high value targets.

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    Man do I love losing to a 1/5 rng ragnaros shot.  Nothing feels better than having guranteed lethal the next turn so long as that random 8 damage hits any one of your 4 minions, but hits your face instead. /s

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    I think the power of the card is fine, and it could see some interesting use in ramp decks, but I have two main problems with it.

    First, it just seems... dull for a legendary.  Where as most other class legendaries feeling exciting and/or unique, this guy is just a big minion with a relatively common effect.  Overall it doesn't feel very unique or, well, legendary.  The card art too (even though I think it's well done) feels plain in comparison to other legendaries.

    My other problem is this card gets overshadowed by the jade package for druid.  Why would you pay 10 mana for a 12/12 when you can play a 9/9, 10/10, and 11/11 in one turn for less mana?  Even if this guy is tough to remove, it's even harder to remove endless jades.  Poor Tyrantus just feels outclassed in almost every way by jades.

    Overall this legendary feels a bit disappointing to me.

    Edit: grammar

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    I was a reno priest playing against a reno mage, so I was taking my time to think through each of my turns carefully.

    On one turn the board was empty and I had a full hand while my opponent had a near full hand.  After thinking about my options, I decided to play Brann Bronzebeard, then Kazakus, followed by Kabal Talonpriest on brann.

    Of course the second I play brann is the second my computer decides to start badly lagging, roping me.  As a result I only got to choose one of Kazakus's spells, didn't get to play talonpriest, had my brann die, and milled Reno Jackson.  Granted I probably took too long deciding what to do, but I still would've gotten the play off without lag.  Fuck that

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    Super excited for the last wing, I think a lot of these cards have potential!

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    Yogg saron.... Go die and rot in hell you f****** piece of trash

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    I am so sick and tired of Bullsh*t rng in this game.  I know it all evens out over time but this has just been one of the unluckiest weeks I've ever had in hearthstone.  I only play about 2-3 games a day so each game is a huge deal to me and losing to ridiculous luck really pisses me off.  I've had quite a few "wtf kind of luck is this" moments this week, but 4 games in particular really got to me and I need to vent.

    One game I lost in fatigue with my opponent's Yogg played 4 bites and a shield block, giving him the health and damage he needed to beat me by 2 health in the fatigue game.  

    Another game I lost to an anyfin/n'zoth paladin who was also running Yogg-saron despite only having about 7-8 spells in his deck.  I had huge board that was difficult to wipe (I can't remember specifics, but there were 2 highmanes) and of course my opponent's 3 spell yogg (no joke) happened to cast twisting nether twice, and I lost.

    A mage I played had no board while I had an infested wolf, abusive sergeant, and misha on the board.  She was at 6 mana and played Servant of Yogg Saron who happened to play shadow madness on the infested wolf, letting her attack my misha, get the wolf's deathrattle, and then clear my board with a perfect arcane missiles.

    A different mage I played would've been dead to my board (I had two 6/6 menagerie warders, a stealthed 6/6 stranglethorn tiger, and another stealthed 8/8 stranglethorn tiger. I also had savage roar in my hand) while I was at a comfortable 26 health.  But then my opponent got 3 frost novas from a cabalist's tome, locking me out of options and letting her win the game.

    tl;dr RNGesus hates me with a passion this week

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    Am I the only one who feels beast druid is rather underwhelming?  Not just this specific list, but the archetype in general.  Like tier 3 at best.  To me it just seems to be out paced by other aggro decks, and out controlled by control decks.

    I dunno, it might just be me.  It's still early, maybe it just needs time to be refined

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    Tournament Attendee (2 attack, 1 mana)

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    Oh man, that game I just played was crazy.  My opponent was playing a Reno rogue, and they managed to thistle tea Reno Jackson.  When I saw that, I thought it would be near impossible to win.  

    Then I drew the Golden Monkey (I was playing a N'zoth pally with Elise Starseeker), and I decided to wait a turn to play it so I could play N'zoth first.  So I did.  My opponent then played Beneath the Grounds, generously giving me 3 more cards to turn into legendaries!  My next turn the Golden Monkey came out, and from there it was just an unstoppable barrage of legendary minions that my opponent couldn't answer efficiently.

    My opponent eventually died to a pyroblast I got off of Nexus Champion Sarrad.


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    I'm looking at trying out N'zoth palladin, but I'm missing 2 Forbidden Healing, 2 Doomsayer, Ragnaros, Lightlord, and Cairne Bloodhoof.  I was wondering what's neccessary and what's not?  I can't afford to craft everything, so I need to leave somethings out.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    The Rogue deck is more tempo oriented, and the Paladin is more control oriented.  The Rouge uses N'zoth to bring back many small to midrange minions, the Paladin uses N'zoth to bring back just a few high value, big impact minions.  Which is more fun is based on your play style preference.

    Which is better also depends.  Dust is still settling in the meta right now, so it's hard to say for sure which is the better deck going forward.  As someone who has played a lot of N'zoth rogue recently, I will say that the deck struggles to stabilize when it's behind due to it's lack of big board clears and little to no healing.  It's great when you're even or ahead on the board though.  I can't say much for the pally version, since I haven't really tried it yet.

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    I’ve been playing Deathrattle rogue a bit recently and personally I would go with N’zoth over Xaril. Xaril is a nice card and all, but I don’t think it’s necessary for the deck. He can easily be replaced by something else and the deck will still preform just fine.

    N’zoth on the other hand literally takes the deck up a tier in my experience. When I’m able to pull him off he usually wins me the game. Another plus for N’zoth is he’s neutral, so you can use him in other decks besides rogue.

    I wouldn’t consider Anubarak though, he’s too slow to include as an independent card, but he's fun to get off Journey Below.

    Edit: Darn, my advice was a little too late.  Oh well, Have fun with N'zoth!

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    Opened 84 packs, overall decent results with the result.  3 legendaries, which is a little below average, got Anomalus, Soggoth the Slitherer, and Xaril, Poisoned Mind.  So could've been better but could've been worse.

    Low point for my pack openings was seeing 3 plain Wisps of the Old Gods, 2 DOOM!, and 2 Darkspeaker composing the over half of the epics I pulled

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