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    10 MANA 10/10 DUSKFALLEN AVIANA PogChamp

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    Cool idea for a card, but remember that the card says "if your deck has...".  So, in other words if you draw this card after you draw your taunt/divineshield/lifesteal/windfury minion, then it's just a 4 mana 3/3.

    I still like the card, but man I can't help but think people are overrating it when I see "51% meta-defining".

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    I haven't played this deck specifically, but paladin is my main class and I've been playing it since beta, so I kinda know what I'm talking about.  My advice is to spam your hero power as early and often as possible, since control style warriors have always struggled to remove the constant 1/1's, and eventually they start to run out of removal.  The 1/1's are also a good counter to the ragnaros hero power since it makes it harder for the warrior to hit high value targets.

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    I think the power of the card is fine, and it could see some interesting use in ramp decks, but I have two main problems with it.

    First, it just seems... dull for a legendary.  Where as most other class legendaries feeling exciting and/or unique, this guy is just a big minion with a relatively common effect.  Overall it doesn't feel very unique or, well, legendary.  The card art too (even though I think it's well done) feels plain in comparison to other legendaries.

    My other problem is this card gets overshadowed by the jade package for druid.  Why would you pay 10 mana for a 12/12 when you can play a 9/9, 10/10, and 11/11 in one turn for less mana?  Even if this guy is tough to remove, it's even harder to remove endless jades.  Poor Tyrantus just feels outclassed in almost every way by jades.

    Overall this legendary feels a bit disappointing to me.

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    I think this guy is fine in terms of power.  A big untargetable minion like that isn't easy to deal with.  My problem is that for a legendary, especially a class legendary, this guy just seems... dull.  He doesn't feel exciting or unique like most class legendaries, he's just a fat minion with a relatively minor effect.  Even the card art feels a bit plain compared to other legendaries, and feels like it should be on a common or rare.

    My other problem with this card is why would you play this over the jade package?  Seriously, even if it can't be targeted by spells/hero powers, why would you play a 10 mana 12/12 when instead you can play a 9/9, 10/10, and 11/11 all in the same turn for fewer mana?  The card just feels almost completely eclipsed by jade.

    Overall I feel kind of disappointed the card wasn't something a bit different.

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    Super excited for the last wing, I think a lot of these cards have potential!

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    Yogg saron.... Go die and rot in hell you f****** piece of trash

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    Am I the only one who feels beast druid is rather underwhelming?  Not just this specific list, but the archetype in general.  Like tier 3 at best.  To me it just seems to be out paced by other aggro decks, and out controlled by control decks.

    I dunno, it might just be me.  It's still early, maybe it just needs time to be refined

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    Oh man, that game I just played was crazy.  My opponent was playing a Reno rogue, and they managed to thistle tea Reno Jackson.  When I saw that, I thought it would be near impossible to win.  

    Then I drew the Golden Monkey (I was playing a N'zoth pally with Elise Starseeker), and I decided to wait a turn to play it so I could play N'zoth first.  So I did.  My opponent then played Beneath the Grounds, generously giving me 3 more cards to turn into legendaries!  My next turn the Golden Monkey came out, and from there it was just an unstoppable barrage of legendary minions that my opponent couldn't answer efficiently.

    My opponent eventually died to a pyroblast I got off of Nexus Champion Sarrad.


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    I'd have to agree to be honest.  I haven't played on it yet, but from what I've seen it looks quite distracting to me.  A little too bright and in your face.

    That said, I do like the idea of corrupted classic boards (although I do agree having just stormwind and not also orgrimar seems strange).

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