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    Great deck! It currently struggles against the aggro paly that abuses call to arms and Divine favour. Any tips for dealing with it?

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    I think that these are very fair criticisms. It feels a lot like a budget build (with Xaril beeing a boon draw from a WoG pack). I would definitely swap out cold blood for coin, or cut the giants and go Leeroy and a "haHAA". I feel that the coins are a much stronger card for the reason you point out above. I'd definitely cut only one Sap for Edwin. Perhaps a Hallucination for Sherazin. Those feel like the more flexible card slots. Sap did indeed lose its potency because the metagame is focused on flooding the board instead of playing big dudes. Maybe you could ditch the second sap for Thalnos. 2 damage fans are preeeeety good. Despite the clunkiness in the deck choices, I give my congrats to the pilot for taking the deck all the way. That requires some patience and knowing your risks and your outs. I think people experimenting with lists like this is a good exercise.

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    Trump just said on his stream that "blade flurry does the damage, not the weapon", as confirmed by some dev on Reddit. Too bad. It really sucks that a multi-card combo that costs up to 9 mana still  can't clear the board. 

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    Got my 3 packs on EU (Thank you, DocPwn!) but not NA yet. Hmm. Seems like they didn't roll out NA first for once.

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    Quote from Infirc >>
    Quote from sampe >>

    I agree they went overboard but lets be honest here, rogue would be insanely broken with the old version in standard meta. If they made it 2 mana it would probly be 2 off in every single rogue deck currently. Which leads to my next point.

    Im pretty happy about the nerf because blade flurry didn't take 2 slots  but atleast 4. You would always play 2 deadly poisons on top of BFs. And why I am happy? I don't want to be stuck for all eternity to always autoinclude those card. We already have strong classic set and a lot of autoinclude cards.

    Maybe nerfing it to to 4 mana with the old effect would've been ok so malygos rogue cant abuse it too easily.

    Blade Flurry was never a 2 of in decks that only needed it for AoE and not damage, historically Blade Flurry was a 1 of in every rogue deck until Tinker's Sharpsword Oil came around, then   Emperor Thaurissan  got released and enabled some Malygos [/card]shenanigans with it, so [card]Blade flurry became   2 of in that deck as well, if Blizzard didn't want the card to burst then fine it would've been enough with removing the damage it did to face without touching the mana cost, what they did to Blade Flurry was overkill, unrequested and unneeded
     I definitely agree with this comment. It was so strange to see this and Molten nerfed. Definitely not a card that people were getting their pitchforks and torches out for. And true, just one was necessary for a good swing turn. But people knew about it. If rogue got out of hand like Shaman spirit claws are now, people would have started running ooze or Harrison. Oftentimes, you had to set up over a couple of turns. Fitting as little as two mana to make another weapon in a combo turn usually proved difficult.
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    In this case, Acidic Swamp Ooze isn't a terrible substitution, especially in the mirror. Though you can't capitalize on the draw, you gain board presence and your opponent loses the potential command on his turn.

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     The fIrst page was full of accolades, and everything forward has been a pile of salt. Look, fam, I'll say to you whiners what you say to the rest of us who complain about seeing "at the crossroads" for the 5th time this year: "not all the brawls are for everyone". This one isn't terrible at all. I've played numerous games with different outcomes each time. It's only one-sided if you slam down all your pieces in order and don't bother to swap and control the board. Many of us have been asking for a skill brawl for a while, and we've got it. For the rest of you, go play Farmville until next week. Thank you, team 5, for trying something new in Tavern Brawl this week. :)

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    Quote from Maukiepaukie >>

    Argh, tough call. This nerf is obviously because of worgen OTK. Anyway, people are whining like worgen OTK is some braindead draw and answer until you draw combo deck, while it's one of the hardest decks in the game and NOT BROKEN imo. The funny part is that according to statistics some of the people who say this play decks like midrange hunter and aggro shaman.

    Anyway, while I do aggree it wasn't fun and interactive, RIP another deck that actually takes skill. You go visit old patron in heaven.

     I'm sick of this "it's the only skilled deck that exists" bullshit. That's what people say about Freeze mage, old patron (new patron!) and FoN + SR decks. If you want to play a "skill" game, go play priest. You can toot your own horn when you beat zoo with the perfect hand of clears. At least you can say then that you arose to the challenge and came out the übermensch that you claim to be.
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    Quote from Smitty11 >>

    TIL miracle rogue takes skill

     Everyone's favourite noninteractive combo deck seems to take "skill", so I'm told.
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    Uh, I think the point of FInley is that he goes in any class. If you're playing Auchenai ResidentSleeper control priest, sure. Finley sucks. Menagerie Priest is possible with emphasis on dragons, though. Tech beasts like Kodo and Dire Wolf Alpha help with tempo.

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