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    Play: "We fight in the shadows."

    Attack: " Target acquired."

    Death: "Sleep with one eye open."

    Spymaster Shaw uses a unique Teach mechanic introduced by Swampqueen Hagatha. An example of how the card is intended to work:

    Shaw draws Vilespine Slayer. Vilespine Slayer, in addition to its original text, also has: 'Rush. Combo: Draw a Combo minion. Give it Rush and teach it this Combo.' Vilespine Slayer draws Edwin VanCleef. Edwin now has Rush and the aforementioned Combo. And so on.

    What results is an infinite value engine that hinges on running a significant number of Combo minions, possibly including minions that currently see no play, like Defias Ringleader and Kidnapper.

    EDIT: Clarifying text

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    Wanted to make a card that interacts with Eggs, since it's a minion pseudo-type that doesn't have any existing interactions. A natural choice was of course Razorgore, given the theme of his Warcraft encounter.

    Originally read 'Destroy them,' but I didn't want to leave Dragon Egg out of the interaction and 'Attack them' felt more flavorful.

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    Play: Double-pump Azerano, extra star-whip, Highmountain ice, room for mana spice comin' right up!

    Waiting for someone play like 7 of these at once just to hear this line stacked 7 times.


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    This card singlehandedly turns Arcane Explosion into a 3-Mana Flamestrike. This will be fun to play even if it's not Constructed worthy.

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    Taunt + Spell Damage is such a painful thing to look at.

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    Wow, Secret Pally gets a Totem Golem and a Fiery War Axe. Should be a fun expansion.

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    Quote from Xel562 >>

    That's not what he's saying. He says that you get Kalecgos with Dragon's Roar and then play it and with it Dimensional Ripper for free. Something which I'm sure will happen at one point or another. Highlights are fun.

     Sounds more like a Kalecgos highlight than a Dimensional Ripper highlight. Dimensional Ripper could be any other 10-Cost card and OP's combo would still be fair game.

    Just goes to show how insane a card Kalecgos is.

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    You talking about summoning Kalecgos using Ripper or playing Ripper with the Kalecgos discount? If it's the former, the minion has to be in the deck to work to be pulled by Ripper.

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    I really hope Blizzard has plans to make 'Teach' a possible keyword in the future. Lots of fun potential with giving minions customizable Battlecries.

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    Both cards 'counterfeit' Corpse Raiser's statline and name.

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