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    Play: "We fight in the shadows."

    Attack: " Target acquired."

    Death: "Sleep with one eye open."

    Spymaster Shaw uses a unique Teach mechanic introduced by Swampqueen Hagatha. An example of how the card is intended to work:

    Shaw draws Vilespine Slayer. Vilespine Slayer, in addition to its original text, also has: 'Rush. Combo: Draw a Combo minion. Give it Rush and teach it this Combo.' Vilespine Slayer draws Edwin VanCleef. Edwin now has Rush and the aforementioned Combo. And so on.

    What results is an infinite value engine that hinges on running a significant number of Combo minions, possibly including minions that currently see no play, like Defias Ringleader and Kidnapper.

    EDIT: Clarifying text

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    Play: Double-pump Azerano, extra star-whip, Highmountain ice, room for mana spice comin' right up!

    Waiting for someone play like 7 of these at once just to hear this line stacked 7 times.


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    Wanted to make a card that interacts with Eggs, since it's a minion pseudo-type that doesn't have any existing interactions. A natural choice was of course Razorgore, given the theme of his Warcraft encounter.

    Originally read 'Destroy them,' but I didn't want to leave Dragon Egg out of the interaction and 'Attack them' felt more flavorful.

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    Wow, Secret Pally gets a Totem Golem and a Fiery War Axe. Should be a fun expansion.

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    Both cards 'counterfeit' Corpse Raiser's statline and name.

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    Decided to do something less mechanic-oriented to promote some more creative deckbuilding. A word game, as the name implies.

    -The Tavern Brawl is Wild friendly.

    -Mulligan happens normally: alphabetical drawing starts after mulligan is complete.

    -If you have duplicates, say 2x Acherus Veteran and 2 Arcane Intellect, you draw the 2 Acherus Veterans first.

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    Wondering if this might be too complicated. Also, has anyone had success making an extra line without the /r/n? Just curious is all.

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    Warsong Commander. It used to give any minion Charge.

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    posted a message on (New Zubatlock Added ! ) Zubatlock and Handbuffy Discolock !!
    Quote from GiraffeDeity >>
    Quote from Kla_guy >>
    Quote from Almaniarra >>

    Here is Zubatlock 

     Ehr... "bat" and "lock" I get, no problems, but "Zu"? Afraid I might be missing some obvious reference there.

    I would have gone for smthg like Gurubatlock ;)

    Sorry but atm half-drunk and quite sleepy :P

     He is referencing Pokemon. There's a bat Pokemon that's named Zubat. And he is also taking the opportunity to make a pun. Nice one OP 

     Fun Fact: Hi'reek's flavor text references Pokemon too. ^_^

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    Had the opportunity to face Reynad in Legend once. He ran Unite the Murlocs, Ice Fishing, and Ice Breaker.

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    Haven't attended a tavern event but watched Kripp's footage of the card. 

    Minions do not die while Mass Hysteria is resolving. All minions get to attack first, then any minions that reach 0 Health or were damaged by Poisonous die after Mass Hysteria's effect resolves. If you have two Shirvallahs and a Spirit of the Dead and all of them die during Mass Hysteria, you don't get any copies of Shirvallah.

    To answer your questions: Malganis's aura stays until the effect fully resolves. Deathrattles do not trigger until after the effect resolves.

    As a general rule, minions do not die during an effect. As I like to think of it, spells that destroy minions or deal fatal damage simply "mark" minions for death. Death only occurs once the effect resolves, along with any effects that trigger due to said minions dying (Deathrattles, Cult Master, Spirit of the Dead, etc.).

    Hope that clarifies things.





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    Lots of Aggro decks ran prenerf Owl just to break Taunts. This card is insane.


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    For those wondering, Treant Druid is a bottom-of-the-barrel archetype. It's not even Tier 4 on Metabomb. Treespeaker is not likely to singlehandedly carry Treant Druid.

    What seems more likely is that Treespeaker, if it sees play, will appear in more high-performing Druid decks like Token Druid, in tandem with activators like Soul of the Forest and Landscaping. It doesn't even need to do much work. Hit just one Treant and it's a 5 Mana 4/4 that gives +3/+3. (More like summons a 3/3, really, since the minion can't attack the same turn, but a better Silver Hand Knight is still very good.)

    Just be aware that it will be tougher than initially seems to use this in an Aggro list, since the Ancients can't attack the turn they're summoned, which sets this apart from flood damage cards like Savage Roar, Level Up!, and Bloodlust. If burst damage is the goal, Savage Roar will be the more efficient (and less situational) alternative.

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    This interpretation is consistent with known interactions. Warsong Commander does not buff minions after Charge was cast on them, for instance.

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    Not sure why this guy's being downvoted. He's saying he feels it would be better design, not better in power level. 

    There's a difference between making a counterargument and misrepresenting someone's comment for the sake of convenient ridicule.


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