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    I think it's really smartly designed. It takes a lot of the good aspects from other card games and combines them into a nice f2p friendly bundle. One thing that really struck me was the draft mode. Normally in card games draft decks are all very similar. Everyone's just trying to curve out. Everyone's playing the same thing, and that thing isn't very complicated, which makes matches kind of 1 dimensional. I know a lot of people like it, but it's just never appealed to me. But in LoR, the drafts act like Dungeon Run, where you're offered different synergistic buckets. I've drafted 2 decks and both times I got something interesting and unique to what my opponent was playing.

    As someone who refuses to spend money on these games and doesn't like typical draft modes, having this version, where I can play something that suits my tastes until I get a collection built up, is really nice.

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    The decks that really bother me are freeze mage, big priest, and control warrior.

    Freeze mage has been dead for awhile now, since Ice Block rotated, but it always sucked to play against. They just ignore the board until they can kill you over the top. You just throw everything you can at them and either you get there or you don't. It sucks. 

    Hard control warrior sucks to play against too. They just take forever to kill you, and there's something soul-crushing about playing stuff only for it to get instantly removed, while their life total just climbs higher and higher. Some variants are more tolerable because they run C'Thun or some other non-fatigue wincon, but either way I don't like it

    Big priest was the quintessential highroll deck. If they drew Barnes on 4 they just started pumping out unfair amounts of stats and there was nothing you could do from there. You tried, gg go next. Skull of the Man'ari and Luna's Pocket Galaxy when it costed 5 did something similar.

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    There's around 210 battlecries in standard. The odds of getting either zeph or alex is ~3%. You dont run a card so it can be good 3 in 100 games. Battlecry minions on average are very weak.

    Yes, Primordial Glyph was really good but it had a much better pool and a lot more synergies. The pool was also much smaller so the odds of getting what you needed was very high. There's just too many mediocre minions and tech cards in the pool for waxmancy to be good.

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    Quote from C_A_W >>

    Velen is actually used in combo and otk decks, King krush is indirectly used now by hunters. So yeah, jaraxxus is really the most horrible one (at least in my opinion, but everyone has its own!)

    - Ale2200

    What OTK deck ? play Velen on 7 and hope opponent doesn't kill it, so you can Holy Smite or Holy Fire next turn ? Velen is literally the least played classic class legendary in the game. 


    I'm surprised you've played this game long enough to know about cube hunter but don't know about Gallery Priest or Razakus. Allow me to fill you in.

    Gallery priest wasn't as much a straight up otk deck, but it had the capacity to do so if things lined up correctly. The deck ran Velen for that reason. If you played Zerek's Cloning Gallery and hit Prophet VelenMalygos, and 1 or 2 Radiant Elementals, then you could easily kill your opponent with Mind Blasts and Holy Smites. You could also get the otk with Greater Diamond Spellstone. Again, the deck wasn't completely reliant on the otk, but it ran all those cards (excluding the elementals) specifically for it, and whether you consider it a proper otk deck or not it's still a meta deck that ran Velen.

    Razakus (Raza + Kazakus) Priest abused the interaction between Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin's hero power. At the time Raza made your hero power cost 0 instead. The hero power deals 2 damage and refreshes whenever you play a card, so making it cost 0 makes it kind of broken. Velen affects your hero power, so when velen gets on the board each card does 4 extra damage. Throw in Radiant ElementalMind BlastHoly Smite, and the fact that you can get extras of those from Shadow Visions, and the damage piles up pretty quick.

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    posted a message on Stowaway Pirate Rogue

    You must really not like secrets

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 10.19 - Discussion Topic

    Zerug seems far too weak to me. Moroes saw no play, and I think 2/2 with rush much later is actually weaker than a 1/1 immediately. I think the card could say "whenever a minion dies" and it wouldn't be overpowered. 

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    It's a good card. Better stats than loot hoarder. Some niche synergies, but none that seem super relevant to me. Might sneak into highlander rogue, might not.

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    It's not that bad. It's 1 mana discover a card, which we've seen a lot, and this is pulling from a much better pool than most. It might be the 30th card in a highlander deck, or something.

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    Quote from PurebredAryan >>

    So you can't craft this card? You actually have to pay for the chapter? When did this game become pay-to-win?

     Adventures are actually more budget friendly than expansions. You get every card of the adventure for ~2800 gold, which is pretty easy to save up, while with expansions you can spend upwards of 5000 and still be far from getting everything. Plus for that 2800 gold you get the content of the adventure itself, though I understand if you don't care about that part.

    I remember when Blizz shifted from 2 adventures + 2 expansions per year to 3 expansions a lot of people saw it as greedy move because it would make them spend more money. That means, in a lot of people's eyes, 2 adventures put together are less expensive than one expansion.

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    Actually really good card for murloc pally. It's Gentle Megasaur but it always hits one of the better rolls. Giving multiple things divine shield is really strong. Good for a Tip the Scales deck, or any other paladin deck with murlocs.

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    Quote from Garlicnerd >>

    its like a 4 mana Darnassus Aspirant but unfortunately that probably means its bad. since Darnassus wouldn't have gotten played at 4 mana,

     Darnassus could get removed before you could use the mana. This is guaranteed to net you at least one turn of extra mana.

    I seem to recall Half-Time Scavenger seeing some play, but only as like a 30th card inclusion. This card has a better effect, but the game has power creeped quite a bit since then. This might see play but I wouldn't bet on it.

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    posted a message on Heroic Scarvash - Standard cards only...is it impossible?
    Quote from Its9I >>

     Try odd warrior. I did it just now with it. here is the code (still not optimal deck. I'm too lazy, took the first things that came across)


     Nice job reading the post.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Legendary Card - The Fist of Ra-den

    I think it's really good. Normally board clears like Hagatha's Scheme reset the board and don't leave you any mana to develop. They buy you time, but your opponent can keep curving out as normal. This card makes it so that you get a body to go with the scheme, so you actually get ahead on board instead of resetting. Now your opponent has to spend mana dealing with that which makes his/her next play weaker, which means you get even further ahead when you play, for example, a Rain of Toads the next turn.

    The swingy nature of this is very powerful. Reminds me of Arcane Tyrant. If any kind of control shaman is good this card is the nuts.

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    posted a message on EVEN MORE LEAKED CARDS :D :D

    Let me just put a list of important battlecries here

    All variations of Galakrond, all lackeys. Devoted ManiacShield of GalakrondBloodsworn MercenaryKronx DragonhoofVeiled WorshipperFaceless CorruptorScion of RuinCorrupt ElementalistDragonblight CultistReno the RelicologistEVIL QuartermasterEVIL GeniusHeistbaron TogwaggleZephrys the GreatDragonqueen Alexstrasza, Crazed Netherwing, Dragoncaster, Tortollan Pilgrim, Twilight DrakeTown CrierVeranusDinotamer BrannZul'jin, and Psychopomp. I could keep going but I think it would be redundant.

    Battlecry Loatheb often turns what would've been a good tempo turn into hero power + pass, or maybe hero power + Eternium Rover. Loatheb had some "bad" match-ups where it didn't hit anything and was still in every deck. This new card hits every single current meta deck except rez priest. It even hits itself, so the best way to stop this from wrecking you is to play it first. This might be the best card we've seen so far.

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    posted a message on EVEN MORE LEAKED CARDS :D :D
    Quote from LemmiwinksHUN >>
    Quote from s1ayer85 >>

    Shaman weapon should really enable control shaman in the meta, at least as decent tier2-3. The problem is that "Hirek the bat" still exists with a large chance to be summoned after earthquake ))

    That badboy is 8 mana, and Earthquake is 7, so we're safe :)

     Yup. Your main worry is Blackhowl Gunspire.

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