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[F2P] Controlock

  • Last updated Dec 17, 2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 1760
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/11/2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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Well met!

I am Kasai and this is my newest contribution to F2P community. Even though I've posted Control-ish type of Warlock not a long time ago, I have decided to make another one as we got some really spicy cards for this archetype with recent expansion.

Deck Intro

The whole deck idea is just to exhaust our foe. Heals, taunts and AoE we have available should be enough to break any aggresion against our face.

Basic Mulligan

Whatever deck our opponent plays, we should keep Kobold Librarian, Vulgar Homunculus in our hand as those can help us with early trades and one Amethyst Spellstone. Defile and Mistress of Mixtures are also handy against aggresive decks, while Kabal Courier and Stonehill Defender could help us with keycards discovers early on in slower matches, so we can adjust our plays around it.


Now this is one of many great things that KaC brought for F2P Warlock players. You can discover both Voidlord (which is in my opinion best Warlock card from this expansion) and Rin, the First Disciple. Class discovers from neutral minions happens more often so you will have chance to pick them pretty much on regular basis. If you don't you can still go for some extra protect from overstated Warlock taunts or go for some interesting cross-class discovers with Kabal Courier.

Basic strategy and wincondition

Your basic strategy should be at first trying to discover possible wincondition through one of your 4 discover minions. If it fails 4 times, really unlikely but it happens, you still have your massive mid-range to late-game minions like Abyssal Enforcer and my F2P love Bonemare. Play them when you susspect your foe went out of steam. When you face Highlander Priest just pop them out as soon as he played Shadowreaper Anduin and against Quest Mage just drop them asap. Obviously you have to survive untill mid-late game. We have Dark Pact, Amethyst Spellstone and good old Mistress of Mixtures which in correct moments could give us Reno-like heals. 

Deck gameplay video by CookiemanHS

Great job and thank you! Guys make sure to give this man a cookie, I mean give this Cookieman a folow on Twitter which is https://twitter.com/CookieManHS


Q: I got Bloodreaver Gul'dan from previous expansion, can I place him here?
A: Definitely! This decks runs a bunch of demons, so why shouldn't we get them twice? Replace it for one Kabal Courier as it brings us a strong possible wincondition by itself.

Q: I got Skull of the Man'ari in this expansion, can I place it here?
A: My answer for now is no. Reason for that is that you waste 5 mana for do nothing this turn, Abyssal Enforcer and Vulgar Homunculus have kind of usefull battlecries (yeah even taking damage to our face is usefull with spellstones). Maybe I would change my mind with more demons in deck, but now it is wasted deck slot for me.

Q: What about Voidlord?
A: As I said in deck description, Voidlord is in my opinion the best Warlock card in this expansion and one of the best overall. Go for it, if you've got two just smack them in and throw out the Bonemares. It is 6/18 in stats, it is just mental.

Q: Should I put Skulking Geist in this deck?
A: Not sure how meta will look like when KaC hype comes down, but at the moment Skulking Geist is a waisted deck slot because it has little to no value.

Q: You think Gnomeferatu would be good for helping with burning through your opponent’s deck?
A: Definitely, you can replace her for Mortal Coil. If you have two, you can put in second instead of one Kabal Courier.

Q: Any room for Doomsayer
A: I know it is a very viable tool for Control decks but I don't think Doomsayer is any necessary for this deck. Aggro usualy couldn't break through your taunts and healing amount and Control either doesn't mind it or easily gets rid of it.

Q: What is your opinion on putting Lord Jaraxxus in this deck?
A: I wouldn't play it myself as you are in defensive stance most of the game and it wouldn't be wise to play Lord Jaraxxus if opponent controls the board. Your main target is to exhaust your opponent and if you made it, then you don't need Lord Jaraxxus anymore eitherway.

Q: Does Corridor Creeper make any sense in here?
A: Sadly Corridor Creeper makes a sense in literally every deck, because of Patches the Pirate. If your opponent just plays this little cancer or any aggro deck in general and you have Corridor Creeper in hand you are in big advantage. It is basically a 5/5 penguin. Also if you run Twisting Nether or you managed to discover it, it is a free 5/5 drop. I would replace one Corridor Creeper for one Abyssal Enforcer.

Q: Does Rin, the First Disciple fit in here?
A: Yes, Rin, the First Disciple doing great with this deck and you can also consider her as wincondition so switch her for one Kabal Courier. Courier is super fun, but so is Rin.

If you have any questions related to this deck just ask in comments below and I will place them into this paragraph. If you have any general questions or anything, post me through PM or just add me in game, my BNet ID is in my profile.


I've had a tons of fun trying and tweaking this deck, so I hope you will also enjoy playing it. I managed to finish Seals and destroyed my opponent's deck two times in like 10 games, or just sustained deep fatigue with transgendering my devil orc into Jaina and spamming board with elementals afterwards, so yeah, discovers are fun and really ridiculous sometimes.

That's all from me for now. Follow me here on hearthpwn or add me in game for future F2P decks, if you are interested.