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[WotOG] Tera's Velen Priest

  • Last updated May 23, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 17 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 6940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/15/2016 (Old Gods)
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Hello everyone! Remember me? Last season I was able to reach top 200 with my Midrange Hunter list. While I failed at hitting top 100 with it, I had a great time playing a new deck! If you don't know who I am, I am a multiple time legend player. I reach Legend every season and try to do so with my own decks / deck list. So now we are halfway through the actual first season (S26) of WotOG and the meta has changed a ton. There are so many new decks flying around that it can be hard to keep your head wrapped around them all. So while the game is fun and new once again I would like to point out a deck that I think hasn't been getting enough attention. This season I have primarily been playing Tempo Warrior & Velen Priest to rank up. Velen Priest is a combo orientated deck that I think has gotten stronger with the addition of Embrace the Shadow. The deck is aimed to control the board like Control Priest does, but with a Prophet Velen burst combo at the end. I've been able to do over 40+ damage in a single turn with this deck. So without further ado, here is my Velen Priest list and I hope you all enjoy the insanity that ensues!!!

P.S. Don't forget to leave a comment ;)

Edit: 5/20/2016 - Cards changes -(1x Auchenai Soulpriest, 1x Holy Smite, 1x Shadow Word: Pain) +(1x Justicar Trueheart, 2x Doomsayer). Added Win-rates at 25 ranked wins. Added Deck showcases to spotlight section. Added Match-up & Mulligans Section. Updated Write-up Text. Deck Write-Up is now complete!!

www.twitch.tv/gamer_tera *STREAM OFFLINE*

www.youtube.com/TeraRicshon (Personal/LGBTQ/Vlogging Youtube) 

~Highest Rank Achieved~

*Due to the polarizing nature of this deck, I do not suggest it as a ladder deck. Only play it on ladder when the meta allows. Otherwise it works better in tournaments where you can ban out your unfavorable match-ups.

~The Deck~

Circle of Healing x2 - Circle of Healing combos with Embrace the Shadow or Auchenai Soulpriest for a 4-damage board clear. In-addition it can be used with Northshire Cleric on a board with damaged minions to draw deep into your deck. Card is simply amazing!

Flash Heal x2 - This card is primarily used in combination with Embrace the Shadow and Prophet Velen for end-game burst damage. If needed it can be used to remove a dangerous minion or heal yourself from lethal range. Very versatile card and cheap card.

Power Word: Shield x2 - Card is basically a cheap cycle that has the potential to allow for more draw power from Acolyte of Pain or Northshire Cleric if they are the targets. It can also be put onto Wild Pyromancer for a board clear effect. Card is a must to cycle through your deck and find Velen Burst faster.

Northshire Cleric x2 - Great turn 1 card used to draw more cards, nuff said.

Embrace the Shadow x2 - Having more ways to turn healing effects into damage is something Velen Priest and Priest in general definitely needed. It makes you less reliant on Auchenai Soulpriest for combos and it fits much better with Prophet Velen for burst combo.

Mind Blast x2 - 10 damage with Prophet Velen, nuff said.

Shadow Word: Pain x1 - Cheap removal option.

Wild Pyromancer x2 - With so many low cost spells it is easy to start activating this minion. They combo incredibly well with Acolyte of Pain and Northshire Cleric to generate draws. They also work well to clear boards especially against Zoolock.

Shadow Word: Death x2 - Cheap removal option.

Acolyte of Pain x2 - Since this deck is orientated around burst combo in the end, you need ways to cycle through your deck faster. This is probably the best card next to Northshire Cleric to do just that.

Auchenai Soulpriest x1 - Great card to turn healing effects into damage. It combos well on turn 4 for a Circle of Healing Combo. On the off chance that you can use it, it can be used with Prophet Velen for burst combo.

Emperor Thaurissan x1 - Reduces your combo pieces down for higher burst damage. One of the cards that makes this deck work in the first place.

Prophet Velen x1 - The whole reason this deck even exist. This card allows you to burst people in one turn. You can do upwards of 40+ damage in a single turn with it. You can reduce this card and cards like Flash Heal, Mind Blast, Embrace the Shadow and Holy Smite with Emperor Thaurissan to open up crazy burst turns.  The best thing is your opponent often times won't see it coming cause the deck plays very similarly to control priest!

Doomsayer x2 - A recent addition to the deck. Doomsayer is incredibly effective against aggressive decks in this meta. It also allows you to stall if needed and can provide a pseudo-board clear effect. I've added Doomsayer to the deck to push the control aspect of it a bit further.

*Flex Spots*

Holy Smite x1 - Holy Smite is used for an additional bit of damage on your burst combo if needed. It can also be used to remove pesky minions such as Flame Imp, Knife Juggler, King's Elekk or Huge Toad early on in the game if vsing a Midrange Hunter or Zoolock.

Excavated Evil x2 - In the current meta so many early game minions have 3 health making Holy Nova so much worst. With Alexstraza in this deck you really don't need any form of chip damage. Excavated Evil is probably the best non-combo board clear priest has at this time.

Entomb x1 - I chose to only include one of these because the card is counter productive to this decks game-plan. In this meta cards like Cairne Bloodhoof are popular. You have no way to efficiently remove it so you need Entomb for that reason. It is a card based off of necessity over the decks actual game-plan. Can be replaced by Holy Fire if you hate it.

Alexstrasza x1 - This card is super versatile, it can heal you out of lethal range or put your opponent in lethal range. Since the deck has absolutely no form of chip damage. This card is incredibly important to open up lethal.

Justicar Trueheart x1 - One of the newer additions to the deck. Justicar Trueheart is not in this deck to combo hero-power with Prophet Velen, but instead for the amazing survivability that it brings. Since you are playing like a control priest, Justicar Trueheart fits perfectly in this deck.


*I decided to do something a bit different on ladder this time. I continued playing this deck even when the meta directly countered it. This showed me how polarizing the deck really is. One day I was winning every single game, but the next day I lost every game (I HATE DRUIDS and HUNTERS). This is because dependent on a given days meta this deck can crush others or get destroyed by them. Pick this deck when the meta allows. All games played in Rank 5-1.

Here are the percentages:

Here are the games played:

~Deck Tips~

- Whenever you need to use a healing effect to deal damage always try to use your Auchenai Soulpriest before Embrace the ShadowEmbrace the Shadow should be saved for burst combo with Prophet Velen.

- Try to hold onto Wild Pyromancer for when you have reasons to play it over just being a body. You want to use it to clear enemy boards or draw cards with Acolyte of Pain and Northshire Cleric.

- Use Shadow Word: Pain or Shadow Word: Death over Entomb for removal. Only use Entomb if you absolutely have too. You want to use Entomb on priority cards like Cairne Bloodhoof.

- Remember that Northshire Cleric draws cards for any minions healed. This means using your hero power to heal an enemy minion or using Circle of Healing to heal everyone minions can benefit you through drawing cards.

- Don't be afraid to use combo pieces if you have too.

~Notable Omissions~

Bloodmage Thalnos - A great card for cycling while also giving you spell damage +1. It can be used to increase the damage of your Holy Smite or Excavated Evil. However, I chose to keep this card from the list due to the fact that there isn't many spells it works well with and I don't believe the deck needs more cycle.

Holy Nova - This card directly competes with Excavated Evil. While Excavated Evil is amazing it can have some anti-synergy with your game-plan. If it wasn't for the sheer amount of early game minions with 3 health, this card would definitely make the list. 

Holy Fire - This card competes with Entomb. If there wasn't hard to remove minions such as Savannah Highmane or Cairne Bloodhoof in the game this card would be the obvious pick over Entomb in this kind of deck.

~Match-ups & Mulligans~

General Mulligans

You want Acolyte of Pain in every match-up.


Druid - 30/70

Keep Northshire Cleric, Power Word: Shield, Entomb and Doomsayer in this match-up.


Yogg Druid - Yogg Druid is a unfavorable 20/80 match-up. Most variants of this deck are starting to run Feral Rage and Raven Idol in their decks. They normally will have little reason to use Feral Rage to deal damage and therefore will use it for armor. Raven Idol can also give them additional Feral Rage. Their hero-power passively gives them armor bringing their health way to high to burst down. Often times toward the later parts of the game it becomes impossible to clear the board with their massive amount of token generation. Just instant concede...


Ramp Druid - Ramp Druid is a unfavorable 35/65 match-up. Ramp Druid is a huge problem cause so many of their minions have huge health pools and 4 attack. You want to stall for as long as possible against this deck. Use Doomsayer on key turns such as turn their turn 5 when they can drop Druid of the Claw / Azure Drake. Entomb is often times best used against Druid of the Claw. Try to use Shadow Word: Death against cards likeRagnaros the Firelord or Ancient of War.


C'Thun Druid - C'Thun Druid is a 25/75 match-up. So many of their minions have 4 attack and gigantic health pools. It is almost impossible to clear their board efficiently. I'll majority of the time try to use Entomb on their Klaxxi Amber-Weaver. Other than that try to draw as much as possible to get to your Prophet Velen Combo.


Beast Druid - This is a slightly favorable 60/40 match-up. Beast Druid boards are fairly easy to clear. Make sure to get rid of Druid of the Flame with Shadow Word: Pain before they apply Mark of Y'Shaarj to it. Other than that, just control the board until you get to your combo.


Hunter - 25/75

Keep Holy Smite, Shadow Word: Pain, Doomsayer, Wild Pyromancer and Entomb.


Midrange Hunter - Midrange Hunter is a very unfavorable 25/75 match-up. They just gain tempo way to quickly to combat them. In-addition cards like Infested Wolf, Tundra Rhino, Stampeding Kodo and Savannah Highmane can be problematic. You want to try and keep the board as clean as possible to avoid them be able to activate beast synergy cards. Using Holy Smite on turn 2 against King's Elekk or Huge Toad is a reasonable play. Doomsayer should never be dropped coming into their turn 5. They will just Stampeding Kodo is away. The same thing can be said of Northshire Cleric and Acolyte of Pain, do not drop them going into their turn 5. Use Entomb on Savannah Highmane. Try to save Circle of Healing & Embrace the Shadow combo for turn 8 after they use Call of the Wild.


Mage - 50/50

Keep Holy Smite, Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Word: Death, Doomsayer, Circle of Healing and Excavated Evil.


Tempo Mage - 70/30. Fairly easy match-up. Use Doomsayer, Holy Smite and Shadow Word: Pain to remove early game minions. Try to save Shadow Word: Pain for us on Water Elemental or Flamewaker. Shadow Word: Death onto a Faceless Summoner trades evenly with it. Use Circle of Healing & Embrace the Shadow combo to clear boards.


Freeze Mage - 15/85. Impossible match-up. They have the burst. Their burst can kill us and ours can't kill them.


Paladin 75/25

Keep Northshire Cleric, Power Word: Shield and Wild Pyromancer.


N'Zoth Paladin - 80/20. Super easy match-up. Just try your best to draw into your Prophet Velen [/card]combo. Since N'Zoth Paladin can't get over 30 health and is relatively slow, the sooner you draw into [card]Prophet Velen combo the sooner they will die. 


Aggro Paladin - 70/30. Pretty easy match-up. Divine shield doesn't really stop you from clearing boards when you have a cards like Wild Pyromancer and Doomsayer. Do not be super aggressive with clearing their boards. Clear them when you can get the most value out of your board clears.


Priest - 60/40

Keep Northshire Cleric, Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Excavated Evil and Entomb.


N'Zoth Priest - 80/20. In a lot of ways N'Zoth Priest vsing anything but N'Zoth Paladin is just a weaker N'Zoth Paladin. They are fairly easy for us to deal with. Entomb their large deathrattles minions that they get off of Museum Curator. Use the fact that they are a priest against them through Northshire Cleric. Excavated Evil can clear Shifting Shade fairly easily. Since they can't exceed 30 health and they are fairly slow, a Prophet Velen combo will promptly end the game.


Dragon Priest - 50/50. Most of the time we are able to clear a Dragon Priest board. There will be unique moments though where they just gain to much tempo to quickly to combat them. Most Dragon Priest list run 2x Shadow Word: Pain so try to time your Northshire Cleric drops when you can heal another minion to draw.


Velen Priest - 50/50. Just draw faster than they can. Whomever gets Prophet Velen Burst Combo first wins.


Control Priest - 70/30. Control Priest is in a lot of ways just a weaker version of us. While they may be able to go all the way into the fatigue game with Elise Starseeker. We can just end them with our combo before that happens.


C'Thun Priest - 65/35. C'Thun Priest is very similar to Control Priest. There is however the fact that they have much more minions than they do. This actually makes them slightly better against us cause they can pressure us earlier unlike Control Priest can. In the end though most of their minions are easily removed with our removal options.


Rogue - 70/30

Keep Circle of Healing, Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Word: Death and Excavated Evil.


Miracle Rogue - 80/20. Their boards are just way to easy for us to remove. Even if they do Conceal we have options to clear any Concealed minions. Just keep control of the board until you draw into your Prophet Velen Combo.


Malygos Rogue - 40/60. Not a hard match-up, just an unfavorable one. The issue with Malygos Rogue is that they have a very similar end-game plan to us. They can draw way faster then we can into their Malygos combo though. This match-up just depends on who gets there first. Majority of the time, they will. It is a good thing they are played less then Miracle Rogue


Shaman - 55/45

Keep Circle of Healing, Holy Smite, Embrace the Shadow, Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Word: Death, Auchenai Soulpriest, Excavated Evil, Doomsayer, Wild Pyromancer.


Aggro Shaman - 50/50. With the addition of Doomsayer, aggro shaman becomes a much easier match-up for us. You should try to aggressively clear the board at key moments to win this match-up. This match-up often comes down to the choices you make, so is a very skill intensive match-up. You have the tools to deal with them, just using them in the best way is something you'll have to learn through experience.


Midrange Shaman - 60/40. Weaker to us then Aggro Shaman is. Do not be as aggressive with clearing the board as you are with Aggro Shaman. Try to save your Shadow Word: Pain for use on Thunder Bluff Valiant. Just like with aggro shaman, you have the tools to deal with them, just using them in the best way is something you'll learn through experience.


Warlock 70/30

Keep Circle of Healing, Holy Smite, Northshire Cleric, Embrace the Shadow, Shadow Word: Pain, Auchenai Soulpriest, Excavated Evil, Doomsayer and Wild Pyromancer. If Wild Pyromancer and Power Word: Shield are in starting mulligan, keep Power Word: Shield.


Zoolock - 70/30. Wild Pyromancer and Doomsayer is MVP in this game. Use them early game to clear the board initially and it will be almost impossible for the Zoolock to recover. Late game use Excavated Evil and Circle of Healing combo to clear the board. Most of the time you don't even need velen in this match-up cause they will lower their own hp enough trying to build their board back up.


Renolock - 75/25. This match-up largely depends on the Renolocks luck. If they are able to get a early game Twilight Drake off it can be hard to come back. However, majority of the time they will not be able to build up any meaningful board to pressure you with. This makes this match-up incredibly in favor of you. Just manage their board the best you can until you have Prophet Velen combo to lethal with. If they use Lord Jaraxxus, they will instant-lose to you.


Warrior - 20/80

Keep Northshire Cleric, Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Entomb & Doomsayer.


Control Warrior - 15/85. Instant Concede. To be serious... yeah instant concede...


C'Thun Warrior - 15/85. ^read above


Tempo Warrior - 30/70. This match-up takes a good bit of decision making to over-come. It is definitely winnable. Shadow Word: Pain is great to counter Bloodhoof Brave. Doomsayer should be dropped when they have 1 minion in play to clear their board and stall them. Try to clear Armorsmith as quick as possible. That thing is their main way of generating armor, since they aren't to kin to just hero-power every turn like control warrior. Alexstrasza later game will bring them into Prophet Velen combo range.


Pirate Warrior - 30/70. They just are way to aggressive for us to deal with. Before we can even start to clear their board we are dead. Good thing this isn't a popular ladder choice. You will win if you are able to get through the first few turns and they run out of steam.


~Deck Spotlight~

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