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[WotOG] Tera's Beast Hunter

  • Last updated May 20, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 3360
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/25/2016 (Classic Nerfs)
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Hello! Tera is back! This time with a thoroughly theory-crafted deck for WotOG Standard Mode. I have gotten to legend multiple times in the past and plan to play this deck come the expansion. This deck spawns from my love of midrange hunter, which was the first deck I have ever made it to legend with all the way back in Season 3. I have analyzed every card in this list and have been switching it around a ton for the past week. I feel this version of midrange hunter will be the best. Hopefully with this deck, you'll have something to play come the expansion! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my write-up!

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Edit: 4/29/2016 - Added Flex Spots for the deck and deck spotlight section.

Edit: 4/30/2016 - Reached 25 ranked wins with the deck and added win-rate section.

Edit: 5/3/2016 - Added Match-ups & Mulligans Section. The Deck Write-up is now complete!!

www.twitch.tv/gamer_tera *STREAM OFFLINE*

www.youtube.com/TeraRicshon (Personal/LGBTQ/Vlogging Youtube) 

~Highest Rank Achieved~

~The Deck~

Fiery Bat x2 - Fiery Bat is the only viable one drop for Beast Hunter in my eyes. It helps trade early on as a one drop, but the most important part of this card is its ability to activate beast synergy. Webspinner was ran in Pre-Standard list for that exact same reason. Having a cheap activator for Kill Command, Houndmaster and Ram Wrangler is important. Since by nature cards needing beast on board are inconsistent, we need ways to up consistency.

Hunter's Mark x2 - The single best removal that hunter has even with the nerf. Expecting the meta to become more midrange / control heavy this card is simply a must in Midrange Hunter.

Tracking x2 - This one may seem strange, but let me assure you, Tracking is one of the best cards in the entire game. Having the ability to "discover" a card from your own deck for only 1 mana is simply insane. It allows you to get the card you need when you need it and makes your deck WAY more consistent. This card is a huge must when you have cards like Houndmaster, Ram Wrangler and Princess Huhuran in your deck.

King's Elekk x2 - Playing minions on curve is important. Even without a lot of higher mana curve minions in the deck. King's Elekk is still a solid stat 2 drop beast which becomes insane when a draw does happen.

Huge Toad x2 - This is the card I chose over Flame Juggler and killed Knife Juggler from my list for. Huge Toad is a beast and it can trade up. It's stats are comparable to Flame Juggler and Flame Juggler would of made the list if it happened to be a Beast. When comparing Huge Toad to Knife Juggler, I believe Huge Toad wins out after the nerfs. Huge Toad has 1 attack over Knife Juggler, can be played on curve, is a beast, and throws out a "knife" when it dies. Knife Juggler just doesn't cut it for me, when it can't be played on curve.

Animal Companion x2 - Amazing card, nuff said.

Carrion Grub x2 - There was a time when Midrange Hunter ran Oasis Snapjaw in their list. While Oasis in and of itself wasn't that scary, when buffed up by Houndmaster it becomes insane. Carrion Grub is a well stat 2/5 (7 stat points) 3 drop beast which acts like an earlier Oasis Snapjaw

Kill Command x2 - Great removal and game ending card, nuff said.

Unleash the Hounds x2 - This deck doesn't have much anti-aggro built into it, Unleash the Hounds is for that. For 3 mana summoning 3 or more 1/1 beast with charge is pretty dang good. It also has synergy with Hunter's Mark.

Houndmaster x2 - Great card with a lot of synergy with this deck. While it can be inconsistent having activators such as Fiery Bat and consistency tools such as Tracking make this card much better. You also have a higher chance of being able to play it on curve due to Carrion Grub.

Infested Wolf x2 - 5/5 worth of stats (over-stat) in total with a sticky body which plays well into Princess Huhuran or Ram Wrangler. The 1/1 beast spiders are what make this card great.

Princess Huhuran x1 - This card is 6/5 stat which is incredible in line with a 5 mana drop card. Your hope is to play this into Infested Wolf on turn 5 or Savannah Highmane on turn 7. If anything though, it is still a solid 5 without any synergy.

Savannah Highmane x2 - Do I even need to say anything?

Call of the Wild x2 - Due to Tracking having the potential to discard these you want to have two of them to make sure you have this on turn 8. Call of the Wild is on par with the value that Ragnaros the Firelord gives, but with Beast.

*Flex Spots*

Deadly Shot x1 - This card makes the list cause Big Game Hunter got nerfed and hunter really can't afford to spend 5 mana on removal. With Dr. Boom being gone and the meta shifting to midrange / control orientated, I think Deadly Shot becomes a lot better. Against something like C'Thun Druid or Control Warrior, you can expect to hit the target you need too most of the time.

Ram Wrangler x2 - SAY WHAT? RAM WRANGLER, THAT CARD SUCKS!!! Here is the truth, it just got a lot better. In standard mode there are 43 Beast, only 8 of those Beast are bad to get from Ram Wrangler. All the rest of them are okay or insane!! With 18 of them being insane!!! This means that you have an 80% chance to get a beast that is okay or insane and a 40% chance to get a beast that is insane. Getting an insane beast from Ram Wrangler is a huge tempo swing which can win you the game very quickly. Getting a bad Beast like Angry Chicken won't even lose you the game. A ton of 5 drops only have 4/4 in stats. So getting 4/4 in stats from Ram Wrangler isn't that bad. The upside is amazing and the downside is barely even punishing. An with Infested Wolf this card just became a whole lot more consistent.


*Please only pay attention to Hunter win-rates, all games played in legend. Druid is from me climbing to legend.

Here are the percentages: 

Here are the games played:

~Deck Tips~

- Your kill turn with this deck is between turns 8-10.

- Always put Ram Wrangler to the left of minions due to the potential to get Dire Wolf Alpha off of it.

- Tracking is a very diverse card, generally use it to find answers over using it just cause you have an extra mana crystal.

- Play Houndmaster or Princess Huhuran without synergy if there are no better plays. Holding them to wait for better opportunities can lose you games. 

~Notable Omissions~

N'Zoth, the Corruptor - You intend to kill your opponent by turn 10, so this card will most of the time be completely useless in this deck. You simply will never play it. I would only consider adding this card to the deck if control is going rampant and you need something so big to just take over the game and win.

Desert Camel and Injured Kvaldir Combo - I chose to take these two out in place of Fiery Bat and Carrion Grub. However, I think both of these cards are solid and can be added to the deck in place of Fiery Bat and Carrion Grub. The only problem is Fiery Bat works as a Beast Activator and is a much better turn 1 over Injured Kvaldir which you don't want on turn 1 at all.

Stampeding Kodo - Stampeding Kodo can take the place of Ram Wrangler. Most decks in the game run some kind of 2 attack minion such as Imp Gang Boss. Stampeding Kodo can swing tempo in your direction with less of an RNG factor than Ram Wrangler has.

Stranglethorn Tiger - A solid 5 drop with no RNG elements at all that can take the place of Ram Wrangler. Just a solid card.

Knife Juggler - A card that was recently nerfed. It can not trade as effectively anymore as a 2 drop meaning it will almost always be played in this type of deck for its synergy with Unleash the Hounds. I decided to just omit this card from the list all together, I do not think Knife Juggler and Unleash the Hounds combo is needed and having a 2 drop on turn 2 with beast synergy is more important.

~Match-ups & Mulligans~

General Mulligans

You want Fiery Bat, Huge Toad and King's Elekk in every match-up.

Keep Animal Companion, Carrion Grub, Infested Wolf or Houndmaster if you have a good curve.


Druid - 65/35

Druid is a favorable match-up. The three variants of druid at this time all play very similarly. C'Thun Druid, Ramp Druid and Midrange Druid are the current variants. Against all of these you will want to keep Hunter's Mark in your starting hand. Also consider keeping Deadly Shot if you already have your early game minions in the mulligan. The general formula for this match-up is to apply pressure early on with your minions. Against C'Thun Druid, make favorable trade with your better minions. When the druid gets to their later game use Hunter's Mark and Deadly Shot to make optimal trades. Taking out a 4/6, 5/7 or 5/10 with these low cost removal spells will continually swing tempo in your direction. Remember you will not get much value off of Unleash the Hounds in this match-up. Even if there is only one minion on your opponents board, don't be afraid to use Unleash the Hounds and Hunter's Mark to kill it. You won't get value out of Unleash the Hounds any other way.


Hunter  - 50/50

The mirror! It is all about curving out. Whomever gets the better curve wins the game. In addition, whoever has coin in my experience has a dramatically less chance of winning. It is somewhere around 30/70 if you have the coin. My suggestion is to hold onto to the coin until you can make a move that can swing the game in your favor. Otherwise you will lose.


Mage - 65/35

Tempo Mage is a favored match-up. This match-up is around a 60/40. You have the ability to curve out incredibly well in this match-up. Make sure to kill any minions that they drop. Their minions can spiral very quickly. Juggling Fiery Bat on Mana Wyrm is worth it and can decide games. Eventually your minions should win-out and they will need to burn there spells to remove them instead of maintaining board presence. One thing to be careful of is not playing to much into the board. Remember on turn 7 they have Flamestrike. Play around it. Call of the Wild after a Flamestrike can often times be unanswerable by the Tempo Mage.


Freeze mage is a very favored match-up. This match-up is around a 70/30. Freeze Mage needs to have a near perfect draw to beat you. Your minions will put on to much pressure that they'll be unable to just continually control the board. Minions like Infested Wolf and Savannah Highmane will be hard for them to remove. If they do clear the board, you get minions back from them. On turn 8 and 9 you just need to double Call of the Wild to win. Even if they use Alexstraza to heal them-self. They won't be able to freeze your board afterwards. Try to keep tracking for the late game to find your Call of the Wild for lethal.


Paladin - 45/55

Divine Shield Aggro Paladin is an unfavored match-up. It is around a 40/60. Keep Unleash the Hounds. This match-up will largely depend on if they are able to get off a reasonable amount of divine shield minions off of their Steward of Darkshire. Unleash the Hounds is critical in this match-up. Use it to clear the board when they have it built up. Most of their minions have only 1 health and if they are without divine shields from Steward of Darkshire it can swing tempo in your favor.


N'Zoth Paladin is a even match-up. It is around a 50/50. This match-up depends on if your opponent can stabilize. Having your minions attacks reduced to 1 doesn't matter much, since they still have board presence. Infested Wolf and Savannah Highmane are sticky and hard for them to remove. The deciding factor of this match-up is if after you Call of the Wild they can board clear and Forbidden Healing. If they're unable to do this, you can normally win this match-up. 


Priest - 65/35

C'Thun Priest and Control Priest are favorable match-ups. Stick to the general mulligans in this one. You want to curve out in these match-ups. What will normally happen is that they will simply run out of answers for the minions you are putting into play. Playing Savannah Highmane after Savannah Highmane will mean that they will have to have 2x Entomb to deal with them. They essentially must have the perfect answers to everything you play to win this match-up which is very hard for them to do. Call of the Wild will often times be unanswerable by Priest.


Rogue - 30/70

Rogue is just the ultimate counter for us. Whether it is N'Zoth, Miracle or Malygos Rogue there is absolutely nothing you can do to make this match-up favorable. Back-stab and SI:7 Agent kills your Huge Toad and King's Elekk. Carrion Grub will be slaughtered by Shadow Strike. Infested Wolf will be traded into and Fan of Knives will clear the 1/1 spiders. Savannah Highmane will just be Sap away allowing them complete board control. You will lose this match-up in most situations and on the off-chance they don't have any of their plethora of removal options you can steal a win.


Shaman - 40/60

Aggro Shaman is 30/70. Aggro Shaman just puts out way to much for us to deal with. There is absolutely no way to curve out better than they do. We have no form of efficient board clear to wipe their board. They have the better curve and board clear if they choose to run Lightning Storm. There just isn't anyway to beat them unless they get unlucky with their curve. The main tip I can give in this match-up is to clear every minion they put onto the board even the totems. They can spiral very quickly if a Flametongue Totem is dropped. If you can make it to turn 8 you have a chance of winning, but without healing that is rare.


Midrange Shaman is 50/50. You both have very similar curves and generally the match will be decided in the first 4 turns. Always go for the juggle with Fiery Bat on their Tunnel Trogg. That one play can mean the difference between winning or losing the game. Just focus on curving out better than they do and you have a chance.


Warlock - 50/50

Zoolock is an unfavorable 40/60 match-up. Make sure to keep Unleash the Hounds in the mulligan. Their flood the board tactics make it really hard to combat them. Unleash the Hounds can be potent at re-taking the board since a lot of their minions have only one health. If they do drop Darkshire Councilman, Kill Command can take him out. Just try to have an early game curve with Unleash the Hounds in hand to win this match-up.


Renolock is a favorable 60/40 match-up. Focus on curving out to win this one. Normally they will need literally every board clear that they have in-order to win. This is unlikely for them to have every single one. Reno Jackson is generally dropped after you use your first Call of the Wild. This will leave you with minions on board to pressure with and them without any means to deal with your board after using Reno Jackson. Follow-up with a second Call of the Wild and a good sized board and you win the game by a OTK.


Warrior - 50/50

C'Thun and Control Warrior are favorable 60/40 match-ups. Savannah Highmane is a huge threat to them. It is one of the hardest things for them to remove. Try not to lower their health below 12 unless you have too. You want to wait until you're ready to lethal them. There has been more than one occasion where a good Revenge and armor turn has lost me the game. In the end just double Call of the Wild for the win.


Patron Warrior is a unfavorable 40/60 match-up. Their Grim Patron turn can happen before your Call of the Wild. This gives them board presence that you can not combat. They also have a ton of board clear effects that benefit them and hinder you. Just try to curve out and hope that their Grim Patron will be arriving late. Also, trade into Armorsmith and Frothing Berserker if they appear, they are critical to remove.


Tempo Warrior is a even match-up. You just need to curve out better than they do to win. Often times their lethal turn is around turn 10. While yours is around turn 8-10. This allows you more opportunity to close the game before their lethal turn. If they can make it to their lethal turn, the game is often theirs though.


Aggro & Pirate Warrior 30/70 is a very unfavorable match-up. They just are so hard to beat. They don't really curve out better than you in any form or way. The issue is that they have weapons while we do not. They will be able to build their board while trading their face into your minions. Without anyway to clear their board you will inevitable succumb to the pressure and lose. It is a good thing this deck is inconsistent and isn't widely played for us.


~Deck Spotlight~

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