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    Quote from ManThighs >>

    Bruh you misplayed so hard and got lucky. If you had played Tinkmaster Overspark instead of Shield Slam you would have won instantly.

     Yeah, I didn't know the deck. The whole time I was playing, I was expecting Alex + 3 Mind Blast. When Velen popped up, I just hit Slam out of habit. I have seen the deck before, but not recently. 

    Sometimes it does pay to be lucky. :-) 
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    Gotta be about the most damage you could take in a single turn from hand ... and to survive and win is even more nuts. 

    I'm sure its not a record of any type, but it's the most I have seen outside of Quest Mage. 

    (Turn 18 if you want to skip ahead) 

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    posted a message on Should I craft aggro mage?

    Aggro mage with no Aluneth will be a disappointment. You will find yourself burning your opponent down to 10 health, and then running out of gas. Without the weapon, it just becomes dependent on card draw, where with it, you pretty much know if you draw your weapon (and it sticks 2 turns), you probably won the match. 

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    posted a message on What's wrong with Hearthstone?

    Whats wrong with Hearthstone?

    1. Powercreep. Quite simply, decks are entirely to powerful now. Warlocks dropping Giants on turns 3 and 4, mages snowballing mana wyrms, Spiteful turns putting a 4/4 and 12/12 on board on Turn 5 or sooner, Walls of taunts that can be re-summoned over and over, multiple OTK decks in several classes .... its just gone beyond where it ever should have been.  

    2. Balance. This kinda goes hand in hand with the Powercreep. Specific decks have an extreme power advantage over most all other decks. This pushes the meta into 3 or 4 decks, from 2 or 3 classes ... if you want to win, of course. It also ruins any creativity in deckbuildiing. Witchwood actually gave us a lot of new and interesting cards, very of which see any real play because the main power classes are just simply unbeatable with anything off tier. 

    3. Community. In game, you deal with the constant BM ... roping, emoting, God help you if you accept a "friend" request. Blizz Official forums, reddit, ... here ... very little point in even trying to have a reasonable discussion. At least half or more of the responses will be derogatory in some form or the other, and moderation does little to stop it, or discourage it. 

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    posted a message on 69.7% WR [update] KafkeKretz's Keysmith Mage [legend]


    Thought you might like this one. 

    Who says taunt druid is a bad matchup? :-) 

    As mentioned ... USE YOUR MINIONS!!!! I have won several "unwinnable" matchups, not with the spells, but with the minions. 

    Great deck. I have been experimenting with Antonidas in the deck. So far, he has maybe made the difference in one match. If nothing else, he gives you an extra Fireball, and becomes a "must-remove" body on board. If you can stick him for one turn, he is almost a guaranteed win.   

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    posted a message on The Winning Strategy [Zoolock to Legend]

    Not in this meta ... not for me anyway. 

    Just cant fight for a board against the damn Paladins. One turn you think you are gaining ground, and 2 turns later, all your minions are gone, and they have a board full of 5/5 taunts. When they can do that ... standard rules don't apply. Weapon into a Sea Giant ... sure, why not? As long as someone "Reports for duty!" 

    But, I do think its a good zoo deck. I just can't make zoo work this time around. Everything is a wall of taunt, or a wall of super dudes. 

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    posted a message on Is there a way to beat hadronox druid?

    I have good luck against them with Big Spell Mage. The 2 sheep from polymorph messes up their Witching Hour, and I keep a silence just in case, so they can't cube Hadronox, if they do get him back. 

    The big removals are good for chewing through the 2 sets of taunts that you cant avoid (original drops, and the first Hadronox  / Naturalize reset). 

    Eventually, you can run them out of resources, and take them out with either Alanna, or just grinding them out with water elementals. 

    I am not sure what the "standard" Big Spell Mage list runs, but I run 2 Rotten Applebaum in mine, which gives me some decent big bodies to deal with their big guys, as well as 2 Stonehill Defenders. I always try to save these for removal, and don't worry about early damage, the win comes when they run out of resources. 

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    posted a message on Netherstorm Possibly The Second Expansion for YOTR

    Clickbait title :CONFIRMED

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    posted a message on Why is tirion not seeing play?

    Most decks are running a lot of silence, transform, and weapon destruction right now ... all of which wreck Tirion. 


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    posted a message on Sleeper Tech

    So while messing around today with my Big Spell Mage, I decided to toss The Darkness in the list. Originally, the idea was to have something big up my sleeve at the end, since so many games were going to fatigue, or near it. 

    But what happened was a nice surprise. It completely wrecks Spiteful decks, especially Spiteful Druid. The candles take away their guaranteed monster minion, and Archivist will pull them out of the deck for you. 

    Needless to say, I have gone 4-0 against Spiteful Druid with the card, including one rage concede when both Spiteful's pulled candles. 

    Anyway, it's been a great card in BSM, and would probably be a good addition to any deck if you are facing a lot of Spiteful decks. The tempo loss is more than worth it if you don't have to deal with Tyrantus on Turn 6. :-) 

    Should also mention it works quite well when Divine Favor draws all 3 candles at once as well. 

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