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    Without coin:
    Mulligan for your draw cards (1 Mana), focus on minions, anything bigger than 2 mana - except maybe 1 Razorfen Hunter - goes back into the deck. If you start with two Power Word: Shield, one goes back into the deck. Keep one Shadow Word: Pain against mages.

    With coin:
    try to find a good curve play until turn 4, anything bigger than 4 Mana gets returned, except a Holy Nova against Paladins or Hunters, again focus on minions.

    Just check the video, can't say much more than what is already written above.

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    Quote from GralQ >>
     i meant you should recognize that OP made a poor syntax choice. The word may be 'spent' not 'invested'
    And regarding your conception of product.. well consider that when we pay we get a receipt describing what we bought. Every sellable item this game has follows standard software commercial rules. So each of them is a product. The fact that you can have the same product by spending time in the game does not mean that your purchase was an "acceleration" , it's only a different currency
    I dont think it's a matter of opinion here, you think that most have a misconception of f2p essentially because .. they are right ;) take no offense please.
    So again, we paid for a product that was completely changed without warning at purchase time.  Also, they had a policy of full value dust disenchat that they are not offering in this case.  As it is today, it is a scam.
    Again, here are some ideas blizzard could implement to not scam us:
    1) Allow full dust disenchat of Naxx and GVG cards.  Or at least golden ones. It could also be for players who paid real cash only
    2) Not remove Naxx and GVG from the shop, offer them at discounted prize instead. And make wild rank the main rank if you wish to (show in friend list and questlog).  This could make wild more competitive
    3) Balance wild THIS SPRING together with basic+classic sets. We dont want Dr 6, Dr 7, unstable portal, imp-losion, Piloted shredder as they are today. Together with this: organize Wild tournaments , of course with less prizes than standard, but official and advertised.
     In my opinion the product itself wasn't changed at all, basically the same old Hearthstone you have had, you will have in wild mode, so that is just a renaming. In addition you get the Standard mode as well. You still have every single pack you purchased and adventure as well (as long as you purchased the first wing of Nax you still get the whole content).
    You didn't pay for the ability to purchase GvG packs, you actually purchased GvG packs (you still have those).
    You didn't pay anything for the ability to purchase Naxxramas, you actually purchased Naxxramas (you still have the adventure).
    So as I see it, your base product wasn't changed at all, instead you get additional content to it.
    Based on this view, Blizzard actually added content for free, which is the exact opposite of a scam.
    For me it would only be a scam if Blizzard actually deleted the GvG and Naxxramas content along with the Wild mode and only then the demand for full disenchant value would be justified.
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    Quote from Goobiedog >>

    I don't like most aspects of the change. But I also recognize that we can't possibly know how it will play out until it is actually implemented. At the same time the format change goes into effect an entire new set will be released. So there will be a lot to puzzle out. 

    My solution to to wait before rendering final judgement. Meanwhile I've stopped spending any money at all on Hearthstone and only play for light entertainment when the mood strikes me. 

    The key factor for me when the new set releases is whether Wild is fun and entertaining to play for a fairly casual player. If it's no fun or if it's dominated by decks only accessible to those who spend big bucks and have all the card then I'm gone for good. 

     I've made common-only decks for every class that work pretty well against high cost decks and are able to win against them fairly easily. They actually need the wild format, because GvG introduced a huge amount of high quality common cards.
    In standard my F2P improved Starter basic only priest deck will be even stronger than it is currently, and it is a 0 cost deck.
    You definitely don't need money to succeed in Hearthstone, just a little bit of patience.
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    Quote from GralQ >>
    Quote from Ogobum >>

    Spending money on video games is not an investment.

     that's correct but cut OP some slack here.. he meant spent.  Blizzard is trying to scamm us by totally changing a product we paid for and forcing us to pay a lot more if we intend to use it the way we did when we paid
     Scamming? All you were offered for paying for new packs, was that you get some cards, which you did. Where exactly is the scam? As in every (real) free to play game, you just spent money for getting somewhere faster than without spending money. You only paid for accelerated use of content, nothing else. Why should anyone ever refund an acceleration of use for anything?
    You didn't pay for a product at all, but instead for easier/faster use of the product (most common perception mistake in free-to-play games). The product (Hearthstone) is available no matter how much you spend on it.
    In addition, why should I cut OP some slack for spending more than 600€ on animations (only so that stuff is moving that usually doesn't move) within a free to play game? That is just bad money management at its worst in my opinion.
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    Dr. Boom should either:

    - cost 8 mana for its current stats,

    - have only one Boom bot,

    - or have two boom bots without the deathrattle.

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    Dr. Boom is just really easy to play well in a lot of situations. That being said, it is a legendary after all. The only decks I consider him OP are mech decks, since they have synergy with the boom bots.
    I think Dr. Boom should cost 8 mana for its current stats, be a 6/6 for 7 mana, have only one Boom bot, or have two boom bots without the deathrattle.
    It is a devastating card to play when you are already ahead, however, there are better cards to be played when you are behind.

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    Keep in mind that since you copy multiple cards with Thoughtsteal and Mind Vision, your actual curve will be different each game. The goal is to create enough advantage in the early game that you are able to push through to lethal in the late game. Additionally, the Frostwolf Warlord actually is a huge threat in this deck, which is not represented in the curve as well. The Stormwind Champion helps you get the most out of your earlier drops and kind of acts as a late game stabilizer.

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    I like the idea of being always able to brawl a lot.

    However, I think the Battle Builds TB was much better than this one, it had lots of different possible strategies and the collection was not as big of a facter as it is in the Miniature Warfare TB.

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    Quote from zoerenz >>

    Don't even understand the intention of this thread. It's a weekly brawl where blizzard and the players can experiment. Why do have to win this brawl every time? Why there are no possibilities to build a budget deck? The strength of cards is not always determined by it's rarity. Knife Juggler is Rare and probably better than some legendaries.

     Was I being salty? Yes, quite a bit.
    The main reason for this thread has been that it is possible that this brawl will see a repeat in the future at some point.
    For that case I would probably enjoy this brawl much more with my afore-mentioned changes to it.
    EDIT: overall saltiness of my thread has been reduced
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    Quote from WhiteBobcat >>

    Use your brain for two minutes. There are tons of commons and rares that are great for the Brawl. A Mage with cheap AOE spells, secrets, and Ethereal Arcanist is pretty awesome. Questing Adventurer in any class, Scavenging Hyena + Unleash the Hounds in Hunter, Shaman with Unbound Elemental and all its Totem buffs. Then of course Owls to take away enemy buffs.

    The Brawl is really about buffs, card draw, and silence/AoE removal. Sure some people will be able to build quick win combo decks with legendaries, but not everybody has them, and they will not get drawn into every game.

     I used my brain to come up with this deck: Mage basic only TB
    The point is that the losses to ridiculous cost decks are feel really bad, because you simply cannot counter them or play around them at all.
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    Quote from DodgeNDive >>

    I think brawl is about being creative with what you have. Some legendaries does help a little on this instance, like Onyxia, Dr.Boom, and Baron Geddon. But it is so easy to board clear with bog standard cards that they don't really make a massive impact.

    I'm enjoying it a lot and my best games haven't involved any random to get legendaries. (I use Brann and Nefarian, which are from adventures)

    I've just had a game with Rumbling Elemental and 2 Ancient Brewmaster bouncing back and forth from my hand. Pinging for 2 for every mana I've got haha.

    The power card for this brawl is Hobgoblin and he's an epic. There's also Knife Juggler who is just a rare. I don't think the brawl is broken. Sure if you play a Malygos deck you'll probably win, but brawls are for fun and I'm sure there are people out there who has a Malygos but doesn't play it coz it would be no fun.

     The rumbling elemental combo is a nice one indeed, however, you still need to buy the adventure, so new F2P players won't be able to access it. To lose only because the opponent has certain legendaries is just so not fun in my opinion.
    Quote from Ixidor1988 >>

    The brawl is perfect for F2P accounts. You can smash people that play expensive minions by just playing good cheap common cards. Try somehting like this:


    Tried it in brawl for several matches and won about 50%. Add any awesome rare/mythic/legendary you DO have and you are set.

    I was skeptic of the brawl at first, but it is actually quite a decent concept this week. Better then the complete RNG fests we had in the past...

     You haven't died on turn 2 yet, have you? And it feels really really bad if you lose multiple games in a row, only because of some ridiculous legendary combos and it doesn't even matter how well you played. I had some success with my basic-only deck (Zero Cost Mage TB), but the losses felt just so wrong.
    Quote from nogoat >>
    Quote from retakrew7 >>

    This brawl is brutal for F2P players as it is right now

     Moreso for new players than F2P. If you played since the beginning you should have all good legendaries by now.
    That's what I meant.
    Quote from Runehoof1 >>

    There are so many common cards that are insanely good in this brawl. 

     The legendaries are just so much better, you cannot kill your opponent on turn 2 with common cards.
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    This brawl is brutal for newer F2P players as it is right now.

    If this brawl gets repeated in the future the following changes would make it more enjoyable for newer F2P players, at least in my opinion:

    All minions are 1/1s is a nice thing, however, the minion cost should have been modified by rarity:

    - common/basic cards cost only 1 mana,

    - rare cost 2,

    - epic cost 3,

    - legendaries 4

    no more turn 2 death and the tradeoff for using higher rarity minions is interesting by itself (board control vs. effect value)

    EDIT: saltiness reduced

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    Quote from orange77penguin >>

    So the upcoming Curse Trials tournament does not allow players to use Classic cards. And in Magic the Gathering there is such a thing as "Standard" where only the most recent sets can be used. So does Hearthstone need a format like this?

    A lot of people complain that the wall for new players is becoming insurmountable and I think adding a "Standard" ladder vs an "Extended" ladder would help with this. Players with a very large collection could play "Extended" while new players could play "Standard" until their collection built up. Of course any player could play anywhere it would just allow more flexibility of choice for the player. It would also create two separate metas for the game which would create more diversity. 

     I would rather have different modes based on the rarity of cards:
    one mode that only includes basic cards and craftable common cards (adventure-less)
    and one mode with everything
    maybe one mode without any adventure cards at some point in the future (craftable + basic cards only)
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