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    Mavis is back in Un'Goro and Frozen Throne with heavy control and tokens to crush any aggro or zoo in it's path!

    Example Cards

    • Prophecy of the End : This card sets up the key theme and story connection to Un'Goro for my class. For Un'Goro, Mavis will be utilizing big boys to survive longer than their opponent and out control them in a war of attrition. The quest reward, Extynctros, is the epitome for this by widdling away your foe's deck quickly as you survive behind your big minions. The quest ties most of the cards in my Un'Goro set together and I will go through this in the Un'Goro spoiler below.
    • Living Meteor: A flavorful damage card that also supports my quest with cheap tokens. The art of the token and the spell mirror each other very closely, tying into good card cohesion.
    • Lichpop : A fun little card that I made art for. This card is a lot like Naturalize in that it capitalizes on my classes weakness, little to no healing, by including a big draw back, freezing Mavis and disallowing her to attack next turn. I got inspired by those ice cream pops that ice cream trucks sell of popular characters like ninja turtles or looney tunes and yet they look like they are made from incredibly simple blobs.
    • Bloodthirsty Gargoyle: This minion fulfills Challenge #3 by being a large health centered minion that sticks to the board, thus being a great control tool just like Un'Goro was trying to exemplify. You can see in the card Jungle Forager in my Un'Goro set below and how they are designed to heal big minions, Gargoyle is just a big minion who heals themselves.
    • Mavis, Will Crusher: This hero card goes back to the old Fist Fighter token archetype, encompassing both generating a massive amount of tokens and being able to buff those tokens via hero power. The hero power itself ties back to the "randomly give x or y" mechanic I have used on different cards in my class. Great card for any token centered deck.


    Prophecy of the End Token

    Mavis, Will Crusher Tokens:

    Note: The skeleton token is not matched to my classes color because the skeleton is already a token used by many other cards in the expansion and it does not change color when generated by other classes.

    Living Meteor Token:

    The Lich King Fight

    With the Fist Fighter class focused on well, fist fighting, Mavis is going to find it impossible to use her greatest strength to defeat the Lich King as he chills her to the very core. All attack synergy cards will have to be dropped, including useful board clears like Outburst, Implode, or Relentless Rampage and whoever tries to defeat the Lich King will have to look at other strategies to win, such as tokens or attrition.

    Remaining Cards

    Journey to Un'Goro

    Story Line: The quest is foretelling the end of the world by some giant volcanic monstrosity in its cave art. From the art, we can also see that some panda is taking some golden object and being surrounded by large stoney figures. This ties into all my cards, with Lo Lo snatching an idol and setting in motion the end of the world as giant stone elementals are awoken because of it. This causes the volcano to become active and release meteors and emissaries onto the Un'Goro crater. If only Lo Lo listened to the warning from the locals about the ancient legend. However, she had to bring something back after fighting raptors and being kept alive by foraging, but in the end, was it all worth it?

    Jungle Forager: An essential minion to keep big control minions or taunt minions alive on the board. They will not only protect your face, but also they will destroy any aggro in their path.

    Boulderfists: Hmmm, this one seems very familiar... I wonder if any Boulderfist Ogre s taught that guy how to fight.

    Nimble Shockraptor: Helpful little guy that benefits off Mavis's core power of attacking with your hero. I suppose he must adapt based on how strong your hero gets. Who knew little things could pack such a punch?

    Volcanic Emissary: Well rounded card that suffices the quest, but also focuses more on tokens. This card has great synergy with cards like Fire Fly or one of the classes own cards like Rock Block or Distraction .

    Crushing Stonewalker : A card that serves well against aggro and not to mention Paladin. However, if you are faced against a warrior you may be in for some trouble with their minions.

    Earth Slam: A slightly overcosted Consecration ? Or a cheaper Seismic Slam ? Interesting...

    Ancient Legend: A fun little card that works with legendaries. It is similar to Free From Amber but it comes with a wide range of minions to choose from. While not necessarily working with the quest, it similarly flavored for it. This card also may be foreshadowing a future expansion... hmmmmmmm.

    Lo Lo, Idol Snatcher: Another card that uses a useful class mechanic, this minion is fantastic to keep your hero ready with attack gaining spells. I am also fond of battlecry and deathrattle minions, which is another reason why I made it.

    Knights of the Frozen Throne

    Story Line: This expansion is all about giving Mavis the ultimate power she's always had deep within her. Now she cam bend the will of whatever foe crosses her path as she leads an undead army. With tons of cards to help you in your bloody journey, is there anything that can stop this rageful Lich Queen of will?

    Boney Backhander: A strong deathrattle card that generates with tokens. I compare this very closely to Haunted Creeper .

    Wrathbent Victim: This card is great for anti control and serves well with control centered decks. Note how it doesn't make the enemy minions completely useless and never lets them be 0 attack.

    Avalanches Above: This card is Rock Block on steroids. Looking back at Un'Goro, this card also synergizes with Volcanic Emissary . How neat!

    Brrrsonal Trainer : Speaking of elementals, this punny guy utilizes your hero attacking one more but with a cold and interesting twist. Use this in conjunction with spells like Relentless Rampage and you might be able to get yourself a stronger or similar Blizzard .

    Mortal Wounds: A board clear card that acts as a delayed Consecration but has the chance of damaging your opponent's board for longer.

    Out Cold: Make sure your enemy's minions stay down for the count. No survivors for this Lich Queen!

    Ma'da Ateena: This blood witch serves the rightful queen of the throne by creating an endless army derived from your own wounds. Be careful, summoning a high attack minion also means you have to be the one that also takes a lot of damage to your face. Be weary.

    Previous Phases

    Phase I

    Phase II

    Phase III

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    New idea for quest and reward, but I'm not sure what would be best and if you have any ideas on balance it would help.

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    I went with the name "Lurking Nightmares" to represent the big health minions lurking around, almost like spooky legends around Un'Goro. This can be tied back to my card Ancient Legend as well. There is also some cool lore tying back to Un'Goro with the Emerald Nightmare hosting Il'gynoth at the center of Un'Goro. I wish I could have expanded more on the aspect of my class bending wills and breaking the enemy down as I would have in expansions like WOTG, but sadly I can't show it off now. I will be more expressing this in the next Lich King expansion.



      • I agree that I will probably have to change him to not be the exact copy of the example post.  Might have to just make it cost -1 and have -1 Health.
      • I kinda agree that it is weak but I think just making it cost 7 instead would be better for Ancient Legend.
      • I don't think Crushing Stonewalker is too understated but +1 Health should be fine. He is a strong control tool against big boards imo.
      • I will have to rebalance Earth Slam. 

      Thank you for your feedback.



     After play testing it, it seems I can get the quest usually between 5-8 turns which I think isn't that bad but I am willing to change the quest reward to give a different effect, any ideas? 

    I will also be changing Earth Slam.


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    Can I have a some opinions on my Un'Goro set? I delved into the lore a bit for mine to make it interesting and would be happy to answer questions and receive feedback.


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    Quote from NiRaSt >>

    Whoo, exams are passed and done with! Let's make some cards!

    First things first. Am I allowed to add a tribe to my class. None of the classic cards will be affected, but I'll have some more synergies with them later on. Here's the tribe I'm talking about:

     I don't see a reason why you can't create a tribe specific for your class. Think about Shaman and their Totems or Warlock and their Demons.

    I would try to get rid of the orphan on your legendary and I would get rid of "anymore" on Infernal Storm. I'm a bit confused on your Ironthorn whip, does it deal its attack to all characters? Or your heroes attack? Or some other number? Also I believe it should be after and now whenever for this effect to work properly.  For Sturmi, be very careful if you have any high damage spells or anything. If your hero can get another Malygos in hand for example, they would have two 1/1 dragons with +5 spell damage. That's a 9 mana play and if your class has any 1 cost or 0 cost deal damage spells, this can be OTK potential. Careful that you don't limit yourself with it.

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    • Hero Power: Mavis is strong in many aspects, the main being her Hero Power. Her Hero Power is very strong in the early game, being able to easily dominate the board with the hero power alone.
    • Control: This class also features strong control tools, such as spells and tokens. This keeps a hold of the board and makes this class more centered around control from the early game to the late game.
    • Burst: This class has more unconventional burst damage to end the game. Unlike Mage with their spells that deal high damage, Fireball Pyroblast , Mavis gains the attack to use on enemies and the enemy hero's face.


    • Attacking: The hero power and attack buffing cards in the Fist Fighter are not all perfect. When the hero attacks something, they are the ones who take the damage from the attacked minion. This can add up if you try to attack everything all the time. This also can cause a problem if you need to attack the enemy's face or another important minion quickly, because Mavis has to hit Taunt minions.
    • Healing : This class features little protection to the hero's face in classic and basic. The only protection or healing would come from cards that barely heal Mavis or make her Immune. This makes you consider strategically what health you are willing to give up to take down enemy minions.
    • RNG: This class is not afraid to shy away from random effects. One of the key themes of the class is randomly gaining X or Y. This helps build character for the class, yet this can be a turn off for some people who want the game to have low variance.

    Example Cards

    • Drunken Fighter: This neat little card was what I was referring to earlier with some high variance. Like I said, this can be a turn off for some people, but I think it's a really neat and flavorful card for my classic set. Sometimes it will be a Magma Rager and other times it will be an Upgradeable Framebot . The variance is also for balance purposes to make sure the early game isn't too strong for my class on account of its hero power.

    • Mavis's Biggest Fan: Another flavorful favorite of mine, this card is the strong staple of the class, much like a Mana Wyrm or a Scavenging Hyena . Not to mention some cool art.
    • Rock Block: Neat neat neat. Relatively weak protection now, but the elemental tokens up a whole new pathway for the class in the future, as well as being good targets for some board buffs. Time will show how truly good this card is. Not to mention this has some good token synergy with other cards.
    • Gut Punch : Gut punch is a prime example of another theme for my class, enemy debuffs. This card also doubles as a great removal tool that makes tokens and friendly minion buffs that much more powerful.
    • Gamon (Challenge #3): A strong classic legendary that acts as a big finisher for the class. Combo this with Left Hook and you can possibly deal 10 damage to the enemy hero's face and keep a 4/8 on the board. It just doesn't end there, if Gamon stays alive to the next turn, there is very high damage potential. He can easily act as an aggro or control tool, allowing you to deal double damage to the enemy or clear out two minions. He is a prime example of the strengths of my class with Control and attacking with my Hero being two main themes. His large health may play a role in the future as well...


    Auto-rocks, roll out.

    Remaining Cards


    Carbo-Load (Challenge #2): Carbo-Load is a prophet of the future, where I will explore this mechanic of minions being at Full Health. Minions being at Full Health has not been something I've really seen yet and I hope to expand upon it further. It also doubles as a mini heal and control tool to keep big minions like Stonefisted Bouncer alive.

    Protein: Much like the Drunken Fighter example card, Protein shows off the buffing capabilities of my class with a low variance random effect. Some might say it's a weaker version of Divine Strength but I think it is perfectly fine for Classic and shows off my class's characteristics.

    Ironfist Statue: Plainly put, this is a key card in keeping face damage to Mavis to a minimum.


    Break Out: Simple tech card aimed at Taunt based decks. This also doubles as an AOE to synergize with other cards like Mass Ale-ment.

    Contemplating Monk: Another simple card, Contemplating Monk just increases the strength of the Hero Power to cleanly get rid of big targets.

    Mass Ale-ment: Similar in mechanics to Gut Punch, this card allows for great AOE synergy from other spells or allows small tokens to be able to take out big targets.

    Stonefisted Bouncer: A great defensive card that synergizes with token generating cards. Nothing's getting by him.


    Lead by Example: Great card for themes. This couples attack gain cards with token generating cards.

    Relentless Rampage: Another AOE card, strong with high attack gain cards like Left Hook, essentially turning it into a 7 mana deal 5 to all enemy minions. If you don't have any buffing cards however, simply using your Hero Power will turn this into a 6 mana Consecration . This also has high buff potential for Mavis's Biggest Fan.

    Full Rage: Just a strong burst tool to finish the enemy hero off, similar to Pyroblast


    Previous Phases

    Phase I Submission

    Phase II Submission

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    You've got a LOT of cards that cost 1-3. I'd really like to see more that cost more than that. Although I guess I'm guilty of that too. Eh.

    You will find that most classes in hearthstone do have a lot of 1-3 cost cards in their Classic sets. Exceptions would include Priest, Druid, and Warlock but most other ones have tons of 1-3 cost cards.

    Drunken Fighter seems like a frustrating minion because of its high variance. 

    Randomly gain X or Y is a mechanic of the class and this little guy is meant to be a little on the high variance side. Look at Protein for an example or a less variance heavy example.

    Mavis' Biggest Fan has the best art.

    Thank you.

    Break Out - is this a Silence effect? Or a debuff that just removes Taunt? Interesting effect, but considering how aggressive your class is, this might need to cost 3 to compare it to a neutral silence. 

    It is just how the card says it is, much like Flare for Hunter. It just takes away Taunt. It's purpose is a tech card and I feel like my class has a good mix of control and aggro. I feel like it is fine at 2 because it takes away your own Taunt as well and not everything is filled with Taunt.

    With all the fighting your hero is doing, I don't see much to keep your hero alive. Some weak Taunts (by themselves) and 2 cards that make you Immune while you punch stuff. Did you have more defensive cards in your Basic set? 

    Thank you for this and I do think I have other resources to keep my hero alive. I will be buffing my Stonefisted Bouncer to this.

    My basic set is also linked in the heading of my google doc but there is one defensive card in that set. I plan on having more defensive cards with each expansion.

    Does your class do anything besides buff your hero and pound enemies into the dirt? It seems too single-focused, even for Standard.  

    If you looked at my other cards you will see that I have a token based theme to it. I guess control would be the pounding enemies into the dirt and buffing my hero is a given with the name of the class. I have many different themes for my class later in the expansions. 

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    can you guys change the submission topic and this to have the appropriate challenges on them 

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    Am I able to move a basic card to classic at this point? I literally had a 1 cost spell for a mechanic I was going to use in a later expansion for my class but its basic. 


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    What do you think about this for Challenge 2? I think this works as a strictly worse Ancestral Healing

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    Would it be okay for my Legendary to give my hero Windfury per Challenge #3's stipulations? I know Shaman uses Windfury for their class but I feel like my legendary giving my hero Windfury helps its themes of attacking and controlling. It's like how Hunter's Legendary has Charge but their class isn't all about Charge, more beasts and attacking face. My class isn't about windfury but it is about attacking a lot.

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    hey @linkblade91 i really like your class and think you've been doing a good job

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    Quote from thepowrofcheese >>

    krowski-nall - The Fist Fighter

    Lesson Training I think is too strong for Basic / Classic, even if it is balanced. Compare with Microtech Controller.

    Rip and Tear is your 3rd example card, but the 5th card described. I'd make sure that matches.

    Good cards overall.

     Microtech is a pretty bad card and class cards are suppose to be somewhat stronger than neutrals. Cards I balanced from were like Lost in the Jungle and Force of Nature.

    These cards seem to give the total stats of all the minions +1 from vanilla for their given mana cost. Example. Force of nature would summon a 6/6 in stats for 5, vanilla would be a 5/6. Lost in the jungle summon a 2/2 for 1, vanilla would be a 1/2 (or arguably a 1/3). 

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