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    posted a message on Darkmoon Duel-Fest Today - 24 Content Creators, $200,000 Prize Pool
    Quote from xmassklaus >>

    Unfortunately, I am not able to play this game anymore. The new reward system limits the amount of gold I can earn by a lot, so I just don't have the gold nor card packs necessary to craft any of the old gods.

    Well, farewell HS

     who needs old gods when you have DH and aggro Hunter tier 1 decks

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    Quote from P4dge >>

    These nerfs won't happen, you don't just nerf things you don't like.

    Strong or good does not = unfair. Or overpowered. If you don't like them then sorry, but I'm sure you like a deck or cards that others don't.

     I actually do like the cards and play soul DH and pure Paladin,
    but I also like diverse meta and healthier game.

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    Quote from PrincessKenny >>

    Nah. How about we get rid of tickatus instead. And then deal with the clowns

     You need meta diversity, not to target specific disturbing card,

    those archetypes i mentioned represent major portion of the entire meta.

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    posted a message on Nerf suggestions

    without nerf changes there is no room for new archetypes and diverse meta.

    -Soul DH is over played, its OP.

    - Aggro hunter is over played and too aggresive.

    - Pure/Libram Paladin is also too popular and requires tune down.

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    According to the meta stats and in order to promote new decks/archetypes,
    Blizzard should consider to nerf the following popular decks/cards to create a healthier meta:

    - DH: I suggest to nerf Soul fragments (weapon to 5, Lapidary to 6 mana), its too popular and OP archetype.

    - Hunter: must reduce aggression, Phase stalker to 3 mana, Adorable Infestation -> 2 mana (maybe increase the buff to 2/1), Also Voracious reader -> 3 mana. Kill Command -> HOF

    - Paladin: the Libram package (Aldor back into 2 mana), and other candidates: first day of school to 1 mana or Hand of Adal to 3 mana)


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    Cut 1 Colossus and add yshaarj-the-defiler (to corrupted clowns back)


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    posted a message on Which free legendary you got after patch?
    Quote from BearTour >>

    Am I the only one who got Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon ? Mixed feelings about the dude.

     got it, good card for wild... in standard its OK

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    Quote from SoerenShacht >>

    Remember Sayge draws cards for number of secrets triggered in that game, and by turn 8 on average it should be 3-5 secrets, so Aluneth is way better than Sayge

    Sage has some important advantages (beside the fatigue mentioned):

    -  Sage draws 1 + all activated secrets, so I think that by turn 6-7 you get at least 4 cards and maybe much more.

    - Sage provides 5/5 Body and draws immediately = much more tempo at least on the short term.

    - Sage has No risk of weapon removal/Zephyrs (very popular in wild)

    - Sage will not burn you cards like Aluneth usually does.

    I agree that on average Aluneth draws much more but its not 100% clear that it is better

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    posted a message on Early Pack Opening - Darkmoon

    48 packs.

    4 Legendaries (not including the free one), 8 Epics (3 golden).

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    posted a message on THE NEW REWARD SYSTEM IS NICE, BUT

    It would be nice if Blizzard let players decide on which "mode" of the reward system they want to proceed,

    So players could rather stay in old "classic" rewards mode. and than no complains and no need to justify that the new mode is better for f2p etc.

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