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    posted a message on Game crashing since the patch

    had issues but not full freeze like yours
    try to remove deck tracker if you have

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    posted a message on Why are Mage and Rogue so popular?
    Quote from MSTonez >>

    Hey guys, as the title says, i'm just wondering why Mage and Rogue are so popular in general. 

    This is not a "oh mage and rogue are op and have high win rates post" rather, it feels that whenever there is a balance change, these two classes seem to be the most experimented with in deck building, which i assume is associated with high popularity for these two classes. For example when Galakrond Shaman was oppressive for a while then got nerfed, people weren't like "Oh man, i want to create the next meta shaman deck!". Instead, Shaman never really saw the light of day after that balance change. However for Mage and Rogue, no matter how many rounds of nerfs they receive, people still play these two classes on ladder and try to make them work.

    I personally don't enjoy playing either of these two classes, (except control mage and highlander mage) as it feels too much like playing solitaire, and not interacting with my opponent is very unfun to me. Just wanted to hear some input from some of you who might enjoy Mage or Rogue!

     Exactly as you said "like playing solitaire, and not interacting with my opponent"

    both classes have an Anti Control advantage, strong face combos. the game ends relative quickly so its efficient for climbing.
    Rogue is popular because of the combo play style, Miracle turns, cheating mana, bouncing battle-cry minions, drawing many cards. its fun to combine many plays in 1 turn.

    In mage you do similar things, cheating mana, drawing many cards, generating cheap cards,
    especially the non minion burn mage.

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    posted a message on Core set buffs i'd like to see

    - Blizzard cant buff too much a core-set otherwise the new released sets will have to be broken in order to change existing meta,

    - What they can do (in order to refresh meta) are events of temporary buffs, each event lasts for 2-3 weeks and buffs 20-30 cards of the core-set, this already done in the past and provided some hype. in my opinion such events should occur much more often.


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    posted a message on Big Priest is a terrible deck......why do people hate it?

    It was very popular and hated before Barnes nerf (from 4 to 5 mana).

    The game was decided on turn by high-roll of barnes into Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound

    after nerf it lost the popularity (and  hate)

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    posted a message on If they're gonna keep supporting no minion decks, they need to implement more spell counters

    minion based decks (aggro/mid-range) have general advantage (higher overall win%) over spell based (control/combo) decks
    The game is designed to favor minions over spells.

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    posted a message on Kanrethad Warlock (the new meta deck??)

    - you Can add Vectus for more primes instead of the clunky Brewmasters

    - I would replaces some of the non meta cards with Soul shard package.

    - Hand of Gul'dan and Nightshade Matron.  package seems not consistent (Marton can discard the Primes), so better just include backfire to draw 3 cards for 3 mana.

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    posted a message on Has Hearthpwn lost its charm? Is there any way to recover it?

    The only way to revive HS is to reduce the cost of the game, there is no other way.
    When price drops you will get new players, new decks, new meta more content creators and Twitch activity.

    The main reason that Battlegrounds is popular among streamers is that its almost free to play,
    HS is way to expensive, they have to monetize on cosmetics and less on cards collection.


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    posted a message on Most hated Meta ever?

    Pirate warrior,

    and the Omega assembly boom/mech fatigue warrior (40 minute games)

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    posted a message on Incoming buff predictions (post for your fav class in bad need of them)
    Quote from Saber_L >>
    Quote from fabjx71 >>

    I will start with shaman

    Mana Tide Totem > 3 mana 0/4 or 2 mana 0/3. No brainer

    Tidal Wave > down to 7 mana? Maybe a bit too busted but it is way to slow at the moment.

    Vashj Prime > down to 6 mana. You want to have more impact on the turn you play her. 



     shaman player above. btw you must be stupid to think that mana tide will go up from 3 to 4 health or go down from 3 to 2 mana. That card is played now and it would be broken if it was 2 mana or had 4 health. 

     calling a forum friend stupid and claims that mana tide will be "broken" at 4 health ??

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    posted a message on Quilboars Join Battlegrounds & Battle-Ready Decks - Full Patch Notes 20.2 Tomorrow
    Quote from TheSpunYarn >>

    For those who are understandably upset at no announcement of balance changes, Alec Dawson announced on Twitter they'd be exploring them this week and implementing them the next week.  So give it two weeks and we'll see something, I hope.

    In terms of value, allow me to put on my TrumpSC hat for a moment, clearly Warlock is the winner here.  Tickatus, Tamsin Roame, Soulciologist Malicia, and Y'Shaarj the Defiler are all craftable Legendaries in this deck, which is fantastic for people with lacking collections (like myself).  Unfortunately I don't play much Warlock (thus needing all of those cards), and the Demon Hunter list (the class I want to start collecting for) is pretty average.  2 Epics I don't already have is okay I guess, though Vengeful Spirit is no Cascading Disaster - though that's not really the decks fault is it?

    Frankly I'd buy both if I could, but I can't, so I'll just get the Demon Hunter one and settle for it.

     i would by the warlock, much better value, and the DH deck has very low win% according to hs-replay.net,
    Warlock deck is super attractive,
    also Y'Shaarj is quiet usable in other classes (mainly Druid)

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    posted a message on I'm 0-60 on this week's Brawl.
    Quote from Aegis24 >>

    I definitely think there’s some sort of corrective mechanic built into card draw and matchmaking.  Win too much and your draws get weighted different (which hilariously favors low curve decks and why aggro never truely dies).  If your class has a bad matchup you’re more likely to see it if you’re winning a lot.  This is all impossible to prove but there’s enough incidents of hilariously unlikely outcomes and weird coincidences that you’d be hard pressed to make me believe it’s not the case.

     its common practice in gaming industry, well known.
    there are many articles and research on engagement scoring and how to improve it,
    you can just google for this.


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    posted a message on I'm 0-60 on this week's Brawl.
    Quote from RolandofGilead >>

    I'm a top 500 legend player (although because of the luck factor discussed later in this post I've gone 10-45 in my last 55 ranked ladder games and am currently rank 3370 legend). I'm CONVINCED my account has been tagged for negative-RNG or whatever you want to call it.

    This is literally impossible. I play poker for a living. I completely understand variance.

    I dare someone to come spectate. You'll watch 2 and your mind will be blown. Or, the fact that you're watching will change the settings on my account and I'll win the first game and be 1-60.

    Either way, it's a win for me. 

    I should state that I'm OK with all of this. I know my account has something funky with it's RNG settings happening, so how can I get mad?

    Americas. RolandGilead#1934



     its a common practice in gaming matchmaking algorithms to prefer the player with lower engagement level, 
    the workaround is to logout and stay out few days. this will lower your engagement score and improve your RNG till next time. this applies to pack opening as well, not just game RNG.

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    posted a message on Shadow Priest custom concept set.

    awesome, well done.

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    posted a message on Rancor

    Mad Summoner - Cards - Hearthstone

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    posted a message on Do you use a hack to prevent animation times?

    There is a good youtube guide how to improve HS performance, look for:

    How to Reduce Lag and Stuttering FPS in Hearthstone (Desktop Version)

    This video will show you how to reduce lag and stuttering frames per second in Hearthstone using a few solutions compiled from online forums, Reddit, etc. Note that some of these solutions would only works on a Windows computer. [00:15] Disable Streaming on Battle.net Underneath the Hearthstone logo, click on Options and a drop-down menu should appear. Select Game Settings and click on the Streaming tab. Uncheck Enable Streaming. This should help reduce the lag a bit. [00:33] Enable Additional command line arguments in Battle.net Within Settings, click on the Game Settings tab and check Additional command line arguments. If already checked, enter in this command -force-d3d9 Click done and restart the launcher. This should force the game to run on Direcx9, which can help reduce the lag. If all else fails, click on another game window when starting up Hearthstone. This game window should not have any special animations or embedded video or live stream. For this example, I’ve click on Warcraft III Reforged. My guess is that the special animations and embedded video can take up resources, impacting the overall performance of the game. It may not help, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Otherwise, just close out Battle.net once you launched Hearthstone by pressing ALT+Tab and closing it out. [01:36] Alter game resolution and framerate Locate Hearthstone’s options file by going to: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Blizzard\Hearthstone. Within notepad, add in the following: targetframerate=144 showfps=True vsync=0 graphicsheight=480 graphicsquality=0 graphicswidth=640 These can be placed anywhere in the document. From the forum post, it suggest that the targetframerate should be 144, but on my hardware it worked best around 30fps or lower. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20753717897 [02:12] Windows Game Settings Open Settings by pressing Windows Key + I. Then, click on Gaming. On the right side of the window, there should be something called Graphics Settings, click it. Click the browse button and locate Hearhtstone’s .exe file. It is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone. Click on Options and select High Performance. [02:48] Windows Defender If all else fails, then disable any antivirus program currently running in the background.
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