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    posted a message on New Nerfed Thaddius Shockspitter

    you can cheat out using Bonelord
    Bonelord Frostwhisper

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    posted a message on C'thun druid

    tomorrow this might be back :)

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    posted a message on Thaddius warlock counter?

    according to site hsreplay.net good counters are rainbow mage and mech rogue.

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    posted a message on Warlock Titan bugged?

    not a bug - it needs the portal created by the battlecry in order to perform abilities, so if you summon there is no portal and cant use abilty

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    posted a message on TITANS Decks - Good and Fun Decks from the Pros

    its firefox issue

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    posted a message on Just came back after a few years, a quick question

    there is also Hearthstone-Decks.net and many decks posted daily on twitter

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    posted a message on Nerf Speculation
    Quote from Buffyisms >>

    Im so sick of playing the same decks over and over. It’s either frost DK, shockspitter hunter or quest DH

     rogue (miracle conc and thief decks) and druid (aggro, ramp) also very popular,
    evolve Shaman seems fine and warlock also have some viable decks (curse, bomb combo)

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    posted a message on Death Knight - Hearthstone's 11th Class - with Card List!
    Quote from BroF1sT >>

    You just need Horn of Winter plus Coin for the Brann+Denathrius Finisher. Looks stupidly easy enough for any monkey to do, to be a Day 1 issue.

    You can even ramp it up further adding two-of Mailbox Dancer, lul

     but druid already have this bran + Sire combo available for months.. so its not something new right?
    and Druid has the best token generate spells.


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    posted a message on The sunwell for me is trash....
    Quote from Ophion-EU >>

    Why write off a card this early? This card has many potential applications. Thief Rogue can use it quite well, decks that use Multicaster may want to consider it since it's a neutral Holy spell, Mages can repeat it with Dawngrasp, etc. That is not even accounting for all of the synergies that may appear over the upcoming sets.

    The only core issue with the card is that it's a value play. Random cards are really good for attrition-based control decks, but attrition hasn't been viable since Hearthstone released on mobile, since Blizzard wants the game to be mobile-friendly and therefore game length to be short.

     also good with Finley to swap bad hand and draw many,
    but in order to be good - Blizzard needs to "tune" its RNG to favor generate meta cards and not unplayable spells.

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    posted a message on Crafting Legends Advice Please.
    Quote from Chris45 >>
    Quote from OsirianTorus >>

    First of all welcome back. In the list of legendaries you provided, the only ones most people will tell you are worth crafting are Grumble, Dinotamer Bran, Archmage Vargoth, and possibly L.P.G. and Murgurgle. I like that you are heading towards the fun route of hearthstone, as a wild player myself i find myself leaning towards the "Johnny/Timmy" experience within the game. I would say Lunas Pocket Galaxy is worth a craft if you like to explore design space. Lots of fun things to try out with that card. Rin The First Deciple albeit a bit slow is definitely a fun card to get to work. Lady in White has been a bit disappointing for me, I try a lot to get her to work with big health minions and the few times you draw her in time in my opinion make her more of a fluffer legendary. In fact here, Ill make a list of worthwhile crafts for immediate use, and worthwhile for fun when you have a ton of extra dust

    Worthwhile Immediate Crafts

    • Dino-tamer Bran
    • Archmage Vargoth
    • Grumble World Shaker
    • Lunas Pocket Galaxy
    • Murgur Murgurgle
    • Madame Lazul
    • Fire Plume's Heart (If you have some decent taunts)
    • Siamat

    If you have spare dust, you can craft any of the others. To be fair the cards you listed can all bring you a fun experience, but they may not be consistent. If you go into crafting with the exploration of design space in mind as a goal, you can go for any of these. If you want to be somewhat competitive with the decks you can make with these cards, then id start with the list I made above. Good luck mate :)

     Thanks I really appreciate the advice, helps me alot to determine what is good and is not.  I would however like 2nd and 3rd opinions so I will watch this thread for few days and take it from there. 

    I really enjoy Wild format alot because of the diversity of cards and being able to use ALL my collection of cards where in standard you can't do that. Standard is fine for what it is. I just wish they would somehow rotate old expansions from time to time, or have a consistent rotating format only.


     agree, dont craft any of those listed cards, they are mostly not required in current meta.

    as a general rule - always aim to craft natural legendarys and only from recent expansions (because of the power level),
    before crafting anything - I suggest to watch some wild streamers and see what you like to play

    crafting a bad legendary is a waste of dust/money (crafting a legendary costs about 15$ worth of dust)


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    posted a message on Are you excited for the expansion?
    Quote from aposteljoe >>

    As long as Scales of Onyxia, Guff and Celestial Alignment are not nerfed the exp I'm not excited.

     i watched the theorycraft streams and looks like Imp zoo warlock destroys druid.

    Druid has an issue to handle an early board buff that snowballs quickly.

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    posted a message on Are you excited for the expansion?
    Quote from Little_X_dav >>

    Nope because it won't change the meta.

     if meta wont change they will enforce some nerfs to re-balance

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    posted a message on Murder At Castle Nathria Final Reveal - All 30+ Remaining Cards Revealed!
    Quote from Ndog_Pecah >>

    Steamcleaner good to clean Kazakusan and quest priest

     druid will play another kazakusan or draw the treasure cards immediately same turn..

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    posted a message on Best Prestor Druid counter?

     Murloc  warlock is the best counter, second is aggro murloc shaman,
    you need to quickly snowball (efficiently buff your board) in the early game so druid cant do his guff/prestor things.
    be aware that silence is the main druid weapon against your buffed minions.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Rare Card Revealed - Sinstone Graveyard

    seems very strong.
    can be followed with battle-master (windfury) to deal massive damage.

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