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    posted a message on Should I DE Hanar?

    I mean you get a full dust refund so you can DE it see and just save the dust play without him and if you you miss him just re craft, you are not losing anything. 

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    posted a message on DH healthy for the meta?
    Quote from Geoff >>
    Quote from slayercrohs >>
    Quote from Unhappytimes >>
    Quote from Geoff >>


    Now i don't say it's a good situation when two powerhouses fight each other and the rest is way below them. 


     I think it's more of this. Rogue and DH don't need big nerfs, just a couple of tweaks to make the power level a bit more consistent. There are always going to be "tier x" decks because not everything can be perfectly balanced. Right now rogue and DH are just too consistent at beating the rest of the of the field. So I'm not going to thank DH players...in fact I think they are the worst since it's basically an easy legend climb right now.

     I actually think that it would be a good idea to buff other classes instead of nerfing those 2. give them more tools to be competitive

     It would set the bar for future cards way to high. Right now we can at least hope that with the next rotation the overall power level will go down a bit. After they started making other cards even more powerful to dethrone the existing ones it would be way too hard for them to ever go back.

     This happened with rastakan rumble the op cards rotated and they lowered the power level and everybody was salty that the power of cards was to low. 

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    posted a message on Is GSync needed nowadays?

    So Gsync is really only good from single player games that are graphical demanding as it will massively reduce the screen tearing you will get if you cant get a high fps, but you don't want to be using it on games like cod and cs:go (fps) as it adds input delay to the game. you will also not get tearing if you surpass the hz of you monitor in fact they have done test i believe on Linus tech tips that having more frames can help reduce it missing frames. 

    As for the high refresh rate laptops if you are going to spend that much money you might as well build a desktop that will out live a laptop, but  unless you get the top spec if will most likely not get those fps on AAA title but for games like counter strike they will hit those frames. 






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    posted a message on Just played a Demon Hunter in arena with:

    I just drafted a DH deck and I didn't even get one legendary choice pretty sure i didn't get any epics either but i will check that. 

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    posted a message on Ashes of Outland Meta Decks - Post Nerfs Edition

    its top but that stat seem to say it gets crushed by DH which is most of ladder right now

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    posted a message on Secret Quest Rogue

    I made a deck similar to this I too agree with dropping the mugger I have never needed it for quest by turn 5, but i'm not sure about questing explore if you don't get it in your mulligan or draw in the first 3-4 turns it's just a river croc because you really want to get you thief cards as soon as. Do you get togg of consistently as you only have 4 lackeys to use? I really want to make a deck like this the best it can be because i love this kind of rogue. What are your thoughts on blade flurry? as a possible one of ?


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    posted a message on Am I the only one believing Bladestorm is bad?

    i thought it looked so good when i saw it but i have been playing a bit of warrior and it only ever seems good when there is one minion on board, because there always seems to be a low health minion on board either on your side or there that can't be cleared.


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    posted a message on New Totem Shaman destroys current meta

    wouldn't a copy of bloodlust be good in this deck ? or does it just have that much damage its not needed ?


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    posted a message on Zephrys Bug or Nerfed?

    I have noticed this a a few times that he has been offering sub optimal cards recently and not the cards I need. 

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    posted a message on New Hunter Legendary Prime Card Revealed - Zixor, Apex Predator

    Pretty mad with nine lives you not only trigger deathrattle you get a copy in your hand so you can play it 3 times plus get the deathrattle another 2 times. 

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    posted a message on How lucky did I get?
    Quote from AAZ >>
    Quote from Dunyil04 >>

    Someone do the math... Please...

     golden leg is 1 in 200 packs (not confirmed, but most likely it is)
    so it is 0,5% chanse or 0,005
    to get 3x golden legs we need to 0,005 * 0,005 * 0,005 = 0,000000125 or 0.0000125%
    it is 1 in 8 million  = 100% op is a liar  :)

     I agree he/she is most likely telling porky pies but you literally did the math and I'm sure over the how ever many years hs has been going that over 8 millions packs have been opened so by your calculations op could have opened that 1 in 8 million. The probability is there. Just sayin 

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    posted a message on Playing Paladin feels terrible right now.
    Quote from Live4vrRdieTryn >>

    What are you talking about? Paladin has the most busted hero power in the game! If there were no cards Pal would beat every other class, eventually slamming you in the face every turn for SEVEN damage.

    Because of that you cannot be right.

     Except there is mage that can ping your 1-1 off as you make them and the same for druid .... I feel like I'm missing something here. 

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    posted a message on Legends of Runeterra - discussion, analysis and first impressions
    Quote from Lulchina >>
    Quote from dontBSaltyFAM >>

    The game is fun as hell period. Its no where near pay 2 win after completing the prologue  i was able to make that warmother control deck and a fun mushroom deck. Control is pretty nasty in that game. I honestly cant wait for it to drop. HS kinda played out rn. Also buying shit in LOR literally is a waste of time because of how GENEROUS the game is. I had wildcards and shards out the ass. The game LITERALLY ISNT pay to win and they just throw resources to you seriously. 

     Again, you can buy single cards for real money but I guess that the game LITERALLY ISN'T p2w.

     I mean yeah you can buy a limited amount so you can't have all the shizzle at once and then it would be pay to win, but you can literally earn those cards with out paying pretty easy so I would say you are more dumb for paying for them, also the champ cards which I guess and are like hs legendary cards are no where near as powerful as they are in hs, so they is less point paying for them. 

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    posted a message on Quest Hunter cards

    Halazzi is not needed, I play quest hunter and dont have it and never felt like I missed not having it. Shuma is definitely a good replacement and like some else said revenge of the wild is also a good card to bring a whole board of hounds back. 

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    posted a message on How would be your life without Hearthstone???

    Like a 100 quid better off every three months :D

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