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    Quote from MattTh0m >>

    Next: a card that transforms you deck. (As Golden Monkey would)

     That card is REALLY, REALLY bad... like, it's worse than Gruul for crying out loud.
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     I think this deck plays out by fatiguing before playing the combo, for anyone wondering why his deck contains only 1 charge and frost giant.

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    Quote from vikan >>

    It's a good game... but it sucks. Those are my 2 cents.

     Thank you for your valuable input. Using 
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    Holy shit this pack is insane! I wish I had him in gold. I mean, who would doubt the infinite value of Wisp?!?!

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    Quote from Skylarapas >>

    1) Element of surprise. Always works on card games. Noone expects the unexpected.
    2) To take advantage of insanely OP cards like Twilight Guardian, or Azure Drake!

     Also, why does one need a dragon deck to take advantage of Azure Drake?
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    Saw the title- hoped there would be Illidan :P

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    Quote from KKoolis >>

    Leeroy is NOT a bad card guys. People are just overeacting to his nerf , which actually balanced him , it didn't destroy him. Leeroy used to be a ridiculous OTK condition. Now he is the best charge minion in the game , while still being a balanced card. If you are playing zoolock , Leeroy is strictly better than doomguard. Actually , he can be the jewel of any aggro deck. And if you wanna play combo , there are still some really viable synergies with rogues , shamans etc.

    Leeroy is good to have :)

     First of all, I don't think you understand what "strictly better" means. Second of all, I don't think you understand balance at all for that matter.
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    posted a message on Your top 3 cards you would nerf in HS?
    Quote from JH24 >>

    Mysterious Challenger (Add a copy of each Secret you've played on the battlefield. After playing this card the counter will reset). Prevents thinning out your deck.

    Unstable Portal (Add a random minion to your hand. It costs (2) less)

    Goblin Blastmage (If you have a Mech, deal two random damage to enemy characters)

    Honorable mentions to Mechwarper (Next Mech you summon costs (1) less) and Divine Favor (Draw a card and one additional card every turn afterwards. Lasts for a maximum of three turns or until you have as many in your hand as your opponent. Effect can't be stacked)

     Lol blizzard should hire you for your stellar card text ideas
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    posted a message on Mrrghghl you! 75% winrate. Weird but effective!
    Quote from ZealotOnAStick >>

     Win or lose, out of about a dozen brawls so far, I've found this to be a very Fun deck to play.  Most people just don't seem to know what to do with it.

    I'm definitely an amateur.  Someone better (and/or with a bigger card selection) could probably take this and make it much more viable.  

     why do you only have 1 of each card?
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    Empower is underpowered and stupid. 3 mana 1/1 draw a card? 7 mana 7/4? no thank you.

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    Quote from Bemooran >>

    I've been using the spell bonus in a Warrior deck full of every kill spell I own, a few +spell damage minions, Summoning Stone, and some late game legends like Ysera and Arch-Thief Rafaam. I spend most of the game sitting on around 50 health + armor, basically just playing all the spells I can and ignoring whatever my opponent does. It's abusively powerful. I've yet to find anyone who can even touch me. I even out-armored a freeze mage, simply because my hero power restores more armor than hers can chip off. ;)

     Obviously you out-armored a freeze mage. you realize the NORMAL matchup on constructed is like 15/85?
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    Quote from ZEPHYRRDRAGON >>

    Well after trying real hard making dragon paladin work with TGT I felt really sad of having it outshined by dragon priest and I just couldn't reliably push to rank 5+

    Now that LoE is out and I have been doing some testing. Brann Bronzebeard just makes dragon paladin so much stronger. The double battlecry effects are just so strong. 4 Mana off your next dragon from Dragon Consort, 16 healing from healbot, double coghammer effect, 4 spells from Nefarian!!!! The synergy is just soo goood. 

    Here is my updated deck with my newest changes and I am having such a blast! Will still make adjustments as needed :)

    Dragondin 8.5
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    Minion (23) Ability (4) Weapon (3)
    Loading Collection

     Gadgetzan Jouster instead of Chow is weird.. I think Chow is stronger.
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    Funny how people hate RNG, but love "Varied metas". With a meta that has a lot of decks, your win is basically decided by RNG. Want to play freeze mage? Well, there's a 10% chance you lose on the spot and there's nothing you can do about it! Basically, my point is that you can't "read" a varied meta, so you just need to play any competitive deck and hope for the best.

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    Quote from ma23ck >>
    Quote from BalognaJelly >>

    What the actual fuck? This time last week I could play my (midrange) decks and wreck ladder. Now I can't get a win to save my life. it's one loss after another. I've tried adjusting my decks, I've tried just attributing it to simple bad luck and keeping going, but it's nonstop losses. I've lost 6 ranks SINCE last week, the meta has not changed, and the opponents I have faced have not changed either. SO WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?

    So irritated that the same EXACT decks I was facing just a few days ago and tearing apart I now cannot win against.

     Same thing happening for me! I swear first and second day of the season I was winning more than losing! Went 7-3 two times with two differents decks! then everytime with those said decks, I went into a record of 3-7!!!!!!!!!!! BOTH TIMES! wtf?
    I played Face Hunter, Secredin, Combo Druid, Tempo Mage, Aggro Druid, Aggro Shaman, you name it! Im losing more than I win! I do well, I do good plays but noooooooooo! Starting the game with all 5 drops after ive mulligan 5 drops from my starting opening hand!
    Crazy Portals from mages... my juggles that's misses all the time etc etc
    I was rank 12 after 1 or 2 hours! Now I'm tanking level 15-16 no matter what I play or good I play!
    Ive always reached rank 5 every season! But right now, wtf is going on
     yep "good plays"
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    posted a message on Is it ethically defensible to rope Secret Paladins?
    Quote from acosper >>
    Quote from dccm >>

    I'm gonna try to be as respectful I can with this, and perhaps this belongs in the salt thread, but here goes. Anyone who purposely wastes others' time in this game by, for example, roping every turn for no reason, is an extremely immature person. Secret paladins don't make the game less fun when they play on curve with high power minions. Face hunters don't make the game less fun when they kill you by turn 6. Freeze mages don't make the game less fun by stalling all game only to burst your face down when you can't do anything about it. Control warriors don't make the game less fun going to fatigue and building health totals well above 30. Control priests don't make the game less fun by using your own cards against you. These are all completely legitimate mechanics in the game, the amount of complaining I see about face hunters, secret paladins, or any deck for that matter is stupid. If you really can't handle that the game has certain cards in it that make it "unfun" for you, just don't play it. Just because you CHOSE to play a game for fun, and your opponent did as well, should be reason enough for you not to take out your anger on him because he beats you, he plays a deck you don't like, or any other reason. That is unbelievably petty and honestly most people who do that are the kind of people who can't stand up for themselves in person, so they do it online. There is absolutely NO reason to do anything that makes the game less fun for other players, so no it's not ethically acceptable. If it was cheating, it'd be different (but instead of roping you'd report them, or something like that) but playing a deck that's good doesn't mean you deserve to be harassed (it happens a lot on this forum). My advice to anyone who thinks they can treat people like garbage because they play a good deck (Wow, playing a good deck, trying to win?!?!) that you don't like is to find a different hobby, and stay away from games like this because people can literally do whatever the hell they want. While you're maliciously sitting at your computer roping every turn thinking "Ha! I showed him," your opponent is watching ESPN or surfing the internet, not noticing the asshole across the computer screen. 

    I've wanted to say a lot of this on so many posts I've read and it all kinda just came out here. No offense or hard-feelings intended, just my opinion on the matter. Have a good day/night everyone.

     Thank you for the response. The one thing that I find curious is that, while just about every single person that has replied to this post has done so with anger towards anyone who would rope someone because they are deliberately taking away from their opponent's enjoyment of the game, not a single person has considered that their choice to play the sort of deck under discussion can be characterized in exactly the same terms. There has been an immense amount of discussion surrounding Secret Paladin. A lot of that discussion gets very personal and very heated. Of course, this is not limited to Secret Paladin. Think of the way the word 'Huntard' was thrown around when face hunter was dominant. For someone that is involved with the community at all, it would be hard not to realize that by choosing to play whatever the current most hated deck is that many of their opponents will in fact be rather frustrated (this is a separate issue from whether they 'should' be frustrated). Neither roping nor playing Secret Paladin is 'against the rules.' 
    I have heard many times from many different players that they hate playing against Secret Paladin (insert other hated deck here) but that they end up using the deck because they want to win. The only substantive difference between roping and playing that hated deck that I can see is that playing the deck brings good results--I win. Is there any room to ask that players consider the enjoyment of their potential opponents when making deck choices as well as when deciding whether or not to BM? Why is one considered selfish and not the other?  
     Because at the end of the day, hearthstone is still a video game, and video games are about having fun. Maybe your opponent enjoys the Secret Paladin strategy or maybe he likes to win. I don't understand what you're saying- winning is selfish? Roping is not a strategy, it does not help you win, it is just bad for everyone. If you don't enjoy playing against secret paladins, it shouldn't be your opponent's problem. It should be yours. 
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