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    Quote from MattTh0m >>

    Next: a card that transforms you deck. (As Golden Monkey would)

     That card is REALLY, REALLY bad... like, it's worse than Gruul for crying out loud.
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    Like in the name Fluxflashor is piece of shit

     Some little kid is angry that his post got deleted in the salt thread, if anyone is wondering.
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    Saw the title- hoped there would be Illidan :P

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    Quote from ZealotOnAStick >>

     Win or lose, out of about a dozen brawls so far, I've found this to be a very Fun deck to play.  Most people just don't seem to know what to do with it.

    I'm definitely an amateur.  Someone better (and/or with a bigger card selection) could probably take this and make it much more viable.  

     why do you only have 1 of each card?
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    Quote from niCe1 >>

    I would buy maybe 100 packs here and there and keep playing arena.

     100 packs is all his gold lol
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    Quote from korui >>

    In case you Entomb one of this, and have Auchenai Soulpriest on the board, can you use the 5 health damage on enemy minions/face?

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    Quote from raydowner_uk >>

    I do seriously suggest that some of the elitist wanker cock-cheeses here who think they are above everyone spend a bit of time playing rank 20-15.. it is harder than legend. Not only are you playing the farmers you are playing decks where you have no idea what they have.

    Legend by comparison is easy when you have 99.9% certainty on every card in the deck... but of course no one ever takes this challenge. The bruising to the ego prevents it. Sure you get retards who make stupid plays.. but you also get tons of players who who play stupid fucking decks with stuff that you can't mitigate against.

    God I so fucking wish I could debunk this legend bullshit  by being dropped straight in there. The tendency towards 50% winrate isn't dependent on rank it's just the nature of the game.

    Edit: oh yeah, happy new year ya fuckers XD

     You make me laugh every time. How do you do it?
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    posted a message on Everything wrong with Hearthstone and why to quit.

     Comments to the original thread perfectly reinforce his opinion about the community. And if you are still in doubt, go to Twitch.tv./hearthstone, the largest collection of autists on the internet. 

    The post had some decent points put down as text in a decent fashion, but even if the RNG element is tuned down people will still blame bad draws for all their losses. The skill of Hearthstone is being able to do the best you can with what you have, but I understand that sometimes, there is simply nothing you can do. That's why I think Hearthstone RNG is excessive, but not as much as people say- do you people want to be able to draw any card you want, for god's sake? 

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    posted a message on My thoughts on this attempt to bring back patron.

    I tried reading the whole thing, but mid-point my IQ dropped to under the level in which one can comprehend language. Not to say I understood anything in the beginning, though.

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    Quote from HAL9000 >>

    idk what ure guys are talking about. you can play perfectly and manage to get control of the game at one point. but then rng happens and unstable portal pops leeroy or stuff like this and you lose. ive had hundreds of games where i could just watch the opp win by pure luck and i could do nothing about it. ofc i also won games because of this, but it felt pretty dull, because i know i didnt won by skill.

    its like playing chess and have 1 turn until checkmate and then the opp rolls a 100 on a 100-sided dice and wins the game. thats horrible.

    if you need rng to win you are just a bad player and if you feel satisfied by it youre an idiot (in my opinion). you either like gambling games or you like strategy games, mixing both is a bad idea and hs should be a strategy game.

    Want to play chess? Go ahead.
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