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    posted a message on Demolisher

    This would seem more playable if it was "random enemy minion."

    The vast majority of the time one is hoping that, if the Demolisher survives, it takes out or softens a minion for a trade.

    Though a bigger buff would be keeping "random enemy" and having it launch at end of turn.

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    posted a message on Skeram Cultist

    This feels a little lackluster, like it should at least buff C'thun more.

    At very least it could give C'thun +3/+3 perhaps.

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    posted a message on Ancient Shade

    It's probably not optimal, but I like this in a pirate warrior deck as one of the more expensive minions.

    Most of the pirate synergies are best with lower cost pirates anyway, so it's not hard to justify swapping out a more expensive pirate.

    While it's possible you'll play him right into a perfect kill spell curve for the opponent, they're less likely to have removal for him after dealing with Pirates, and they probably don't have minions ready to hit him on turn four due to you either clearing them or them trading with pirates.

    If you get to a point where drawing his curse would really hurt you, you probably lost anyway. And the curse could even be a boon if it helped you reach mortal strike territory against a control deck.


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    posted a message on Sea Reaver

    I'd rather it just have better stats for the "downside."

    It feels like it should be a card with a downside that justifies more value, and can be an upside in the right deck.

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    posted a message on Mind Control

    This should really be Silence-able, 

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    posted a message on Ironbeak Owl

    Agreed. It still wouldn't have it's former strength as a cheap universal silence, but it would at least not be such a tempo loss to use.

    It feels like even in Silence Priest or against powerful deathrattles this is lackluster.

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    posted a message on Captain's Parrot

    It would still feel a bit odd as a design, since pirate tribal is all about heavy early aggression while this thing is next to worthless for that.

    It can sort of refill the hand, but pirate decks typically don't care about that: if the hand is running low and pirates aren't close to winning, they probably lost anyway. Or maybe it could just cost one mana or cost 2/2 as you say to be a discount hand refill.

    Maybe it could work as something like "Battlecry: If you have a pirate, play a random pirate from your deck."

    That may be too strong, but as a design it would fit the pirate strategy better.

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    posted a message on Faceless Shambler

    This can be surprisingly good with Jade decks

    Once you get into later golem levels it should be easy to summon a golem and drop this on the same turn for some nice tempo and a strong taunt minion to turn the game around.

    It's pretty meh before then, but at least it could be an emergency taunt.

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    posted a message on Grand Crusader

    This should probably be Discover a Paladin card with the cost.

    It would make it a bit more consistent and strategic to use.

    There's too much risk that you'll get a card that is absolutely worthless to your deck and situation right now, relegating this mostly to goofy fun decks.

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    posted a message on Backroom Bouncer

    I really like the idea of this having stealth.

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    posted a message on Hungry Dragon

    It's probably not the best dragon, but I have some fun with it.

    It feels like it has gotten a bit better as time has gone by, with Netherspite Historian in dragon decks occasionally killing what it summons efficiently, and it gets along well with Bookwyrm by creating a target for him in case there is none.

    I also like a silly synergy this has with Second-Rate Bruiser: if an opponent has two minions, you can give them a third and summon a 5/6 and a 4/5 taunt for seven mana: which isn't a bad turn seven in my book.

    As a bit of warning though, they'll get a two health one-drop fairly often.

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    posted a message on Faceless Behemoth

    In the spirit of making every card useful in constructed, I'd give this guy stealth.

    It'd be scary, but 10 mana cards really should be. And I don't see any point in wasting design space with cards that will never get used outside random effects and arena.

    And it'd be fun to have a 10 mana beater that may get a swing in before dying in decks with big creatures.

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    posted a message on Bloodsail Corsair

    With how many 1 drop 1/3's are running around, I wonder if this could work at those stats with how situational the effect is.

    Or they could rework it into something that pirate decks would like more, like "Give your weapon +1 attack."

    As-is the only reason I can see anyone using this is if they really wanted another low-cost pirate, since pirate synergies tend to work best at lower costs.

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    posted a message on Keeper of the Grove

    This might be semi-playable with Deal 3 damage or Silence a minion.

    Even then it'd be hard to justify as a 4-drop class card, but it might at least be on basic card level.

    Giving it 2/3 stats and that might just make it actually on class card level, and still arguably weaker than before.

    The damage always felt like the lesser of the two options.

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    posted a message on Necroknight

    This could be interesting as a real card, maybe as something to play for a comeback or keep as insurance against a board wipe.

    It would be good in Silence priest, but that archetype could use all the help it can get anyway.

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