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    I really wish this had the beast tag, ditto for the dragon eggs.

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    This is completely broken with resurrect effects.

    It'd probably be strong in those decks even without the lifesteal with how hard it locks down the board.

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    Seems like they're killing an old class identity card for no good reason.

    It'd have been better to give it competition in my opinion, like a 6 mana card that gave 9 mana. Or change this in some other way, like refresh three mana crystals or lower the cost of the next card played by (2).

    And using this to ramp out a big minion has always been susceptible to the ubiquitous hard removal in Hearthstone.

    It feels like Blizzard loves to kill interesting cards without dealing with real cancer, and doesn't know how to nerf without destroying a card more than half the time.

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    Obviously it's only in a fun dungeon, but this feels like bad design in how important it makes hard removal.

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    Yeah, not sure what I was thinking there.

    Maybe I'd given it a +1/+1 compensating buff in my head without thinking about typing it.

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    With how absurdly late this comes into play, it seems like it'd be balanced if it shuffled a C'thun into your deck regardless of whether one had died. Especially since transformation spells destroy it right now.

    It'd be a powerful late game to have multiple C'thuns, but since C'thun decks pretty much spend the game trying to get to a big late game play with a lackluster early game I think it'd be fine. Especially since a deck running this would be even slower.

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    posted a message on Tirion Fordring

    This probably shouldn't have divine shield given the insane Ashbringer value and that he's a taunt.

    It would make him a bit more fair against decks trying to rely on big creatures while changing nothing for the transform spells that some classes can counter him with.

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    posted a message on Lightbomb

    This should cost at least 8 mana with how often it is a one-sided board wipe.

    It is complete nonsense that Priest can wipe out any board momentum at turn six with one card.

    That level of nonsense should take a combo, like Equality Consecrate.

    Though Blizzard didn't care when this was in standard, and they care about Wild balance about as much as they care about WC3 balance.

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    I had an idea for that, presently on page 6 under a flood of "Too Soon!" comments.

    Anyway, making every card  at least sort of usable would also help newer players build functional decks sooner.

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    posted a message on Abyssal Enforcer

    This should probably cost 1 more mana, especially compared to Dread Infernal.

    8 mana for a 7/7 and a hellfire still seems like a big discount.

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    No Brann Bronzebeard shenanigans in Wild.

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    4/4 is a huge difference from 2/2 in terms of temp loss, threat to the face and trading, and ease of removal.

    Jungle Moonkin might backfire in setting up it's own death or allowing an enemy board wipe - if it was played riskily alongside many creatures.

    Evolved Kobald is much more likely to die next turn to any number of things.

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    posted a message on Fight Promoter

    I get some use out of this in silence priest.

    It's not uncommon to have a discount minion that can activate her, and in the case of something like Eerie Statue it might actually be ignored for a turn.

    Not sure if it is ideal, but it's a way to draw without giving up tempo in the deck. And when the deck works at all, it works by dropping discount heavyweight minions and going on the offensive.

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    posted a message on Venture Co. Mercenary

    This has been somewhat useful in Silence Priest for me, which itself is a questionable archetype.

    Though it doesn't play nice with minion-based silences, which makes it feel a bit inconsistent.

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    I've been tinkering with a silly trick for Fel Reaver in Jade Druid: replacing one's deck with Jade Idols.

    To do it properly you need a Gadgetzan Auctioneer and a Jade Idol in your hand - and it's counterproductive to shuffle any into your library early.

    Then and only then you can play Fel Reaver. The trick isn't that subtle, but most people's reaction to a Fel Reaver still seems to be milling as much as possible, and in the worst case scenario he'll probably burn three cards as they remove him.

    Once he's out he will hasten the milling of your entire deck, and when that happens or soon after you need him to die, which the opponent will typically do for you.

    Then play that Auctioneer, shuffle Jade Idols, probably take three fatigue damage, and starting playing idols. Ideally your hand will include card draw to get more idols in your hand: another Auctioneer or Nourish seems ideal. At that point you swamp the board with scary golems and hope it's enough to win you the game.

    The biggest weakness with this is that you need to stay alive for a long time, and nonsense full hard board wipes can still mean you lose even with the trick. But I like it as strategy that feels clever to execute. Sadly, even with this the game is going to be over before you see the final golem art.

    The absolute core of the deck is two Gadgetzan Auctioneers, two Fel Reavers, two Innervates, and two Jade Idols to maximize the chance of drawing them. Other than that card draw and stalling cards are a plus. Hold any innervates you get till the trick if you can, and if your deck is empty you may need one to draw a Jade Idol with Auctioneer.

    It would be much more subtle and possibly stronger in the early game without other Jade cards, but I think it's worth showing your hand a bit to make the golems stronger when you spring the trick.

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