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    posted a message on Velen's Chosen

    Mark of Nature looks even worse compared to this, especially since the Priest's hero power synergizes with health buffs better.

    Though that's reason to buff the former in my opinion, not to nerf this.

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    posted a message on Aldor Peacekeeper

    This would be good as a 2/3. It'd probably still see play as a 2/2.

    As someone who loves playing big creatures, I really don't like this guy.

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    posted a message on Prince Malchezaar

    This could have been fun and somewhat playable as Discover a legendary minion, maybe costing 6 or 7 for it.

    It would give the thrill of random legendaries without nearly as much inconvenient inconsistency.

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    posted a message on Tentacles for Arms

    The concept of a never-ending weapon is cool, but this is a terrible version of it.

    I'd propose dropping the durability to one but giving it "Attacking does not cost durability."

    So you're paying 5 mana to have a bottomless supply of a 2 Attack weapon unless your opponent destroys it.

    Still not good, but maybe psuedo-playable in a deck that otherwise doesn't run weapons.

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    posted a message on Malorne

    7 for a 7/7 is very weak, not balanced. War Golem is generally seen as unplayable, and though not to the same extant Malorne is a rarely used card as well.

    Malorne sees play more from a random beast effect generating him and Druids actually putting him in a deck.

    But beyond that, class cards are supposed to be a little stronger than neutrals, to give each class an edge in some areas. And Malorne is extremely weak compared to the imbalanced 7 drop that is Dr. Boom.

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    posted a message on Tunnel Trogg

    This should really be a 1/2.

    As-is it's a bit absurd as a threat for one mana.

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    posted a message on The Skeleton Knight

    This card feels a like it would be balanced if the return is guaranteed or if he had a reverse joust, since the joust mechanic has a massive anti-synergy with this card.

    In a deck where you have enough beefy minions to win jousts he's lackluster even if he comes back, since you'd be playing him multiple times instead of more efficient six drops.

    And decks that actually run out of things to play which would like him won't win jousts nearly as often, and he's garbage when he doesn't come back. 

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    posted a message on Astral Communion

    This feels like it could really use a "Choose" function, since it is a gamble at best and a total dead card at worst.

    Even if we could simply choose to draw two cards instead or something it would be much less painful to draw late-game.

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    posted a message on Red Mana Wyrm

    This probably wouldn't break anything at four mana.

    As-is it seems kind of meh, though maybe Rouges could stealth it and do something.

    I've yet to run into that, though.

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    posted a message on Kabal Songstealer

    And then since he silences, he frees his brother to take revenge I guess.

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    posted a message on Tanaris Hogchopper

    This might be playable if it was something like "If your hand is empty" or "If your opponent has three or less cards in hand."

    As-is it is rarely, rarely going to trigger.

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    posted a message on Ravaging Ghoul

    This would probably be balanced at "Deal one damage to all minions."

     Itself included. Essentially a 3/2 for 3 and a free one damage to everything else seems fair, and it would synergize with Rampage in wild.

    As of now it's just a bit too much value for one card. Similarly Aldor Peacekeeper, another card getting a 1 mana spell for free, should probably be a 2/3.

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    posted a message on Sylvanas Windrunner

    About as fun as a stubbed toe for the guy on the receiving end, and a midrange card that can swing games with very few efficient answers is obviously overpowered.

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    posted a message on Sylvanas Windrunner

    Simply overpowered, always has been always will be.

    Too universally useful with a game changing deathrattle and stats strong enough that getting silenced isn't a big value loss.

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    posted a message on Rockbiter Weapon

    Doomhammer was the problem, not this.

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