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    posted a message on The Secret Achievements of HearthPwn

    I got the visit every day achievement without even trying. I don't know if I should feel proud of that, or if I am maybe just addicted to this site. 

    *edit* nevermind I was mistaken, I have the 100 days one, but not an entire year.

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    My fondest memory of hearthpwn is that heated argument I had with Sherman about charity and getting people to rank 5.

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    I have been wondering about this for a while, but since the site is closing I guess I will ask now.

    Is there actually any secret here? https://www.hearthpwn.com/news/4365-hearthstone-patch-10-2-0-patches-nerf-has-arrived#c295

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    posted a message on Beat LIch King with Mage in only 4 tries.

    when I won I used Mana Bind, and Molten Giants to win. it gives you a tremendous turn one, and it allows you tow in before turn 7 when the weapon comes out. and it is not as hard as you think to stay alive at one health. the Counterspell think is not very useful.

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - GRAND FINALE POLL
    Quote from linkblade91 >>
    Quote from CheeseEtc >>

    I hesitated between Lich and Enchanter.


    I ended up voting for Enchanter.

     RIP me :(

    It's a lonely feeling when there's an "I voted for this person!/I want this person to win!" post for everyone but you.

     I might have voted for you except for the fact that the hero power is "Freeze a character".

    hero powers should have very poor effect. something that would cost 0 mana or less. and it should also be something that when done every turn does not make a big impact. and being able to freeze a minion every turn is just too much.

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    posted a message on Why people see aggro as a no skill archetype
    Quote from kizlyar >>

    Playing aggro is harder than control unless it's a control vs. control mirror match (or similar control matchup).

    As aggro, much of the time there is only one path to lethal before your opponent can stabilize.  It's not simply playing minion a/b/c; it's more about creating awkward board states vs. the particular class/deck you're facing.  It's about knowing when to start pushing damage to face, which targets to trade with and finding which path maximizes your face damage.  It's not that easy (unless of course you use odd paladin).


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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - GRAND FINALE POLL

    I voting for the archaeologist simply because the hero power is the only good one.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Patch 10.2.0 - Patches Nerf Has Arrived, Wild Arena Event, New Card Backs

    Don't mind me, just randomly commenting here for a secret.

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    posted a message on How to spot a bad player in Hearthstone
    Quote from Synthetikmisery >>

    This isn't meant to troll but rather from the funny side of Hearthstone. 
    If any apply to you then yes, you need to reconsider your choices in Hearthstone.

    You know when you're facing a bad player when;
    He has a name like; Swagbruh or DankMemes or A random food or random item like 'Buttermilk' or 'HepaFilter' as their name. 
    We also have the "watch out we have a badass in the house" names like 'killyoubro' or 'Annihilateyou' or 'Yourpwnd'. Add in bad spelling and numbers or cradle the name with x's at the start and end.
    Sometimes we have the bad players who compare themselves to deities like "GodRank' or the opposite like "GodKiller'.
    Then there are the slew of pants names which I see about quite a few a day like 'grumpypants' or 'swagpants' but really all the pants players should be called 'ClownPants'.

    Aside from names to know you are playing a bad player is the choice of deck.
    Most common is a mindless aggro deck. Currently we have the bad players picking the straight murloc deck.
    They don't trade they just go face regardless of what deck you are playing or your minions on the board. Even if it helps them avoid death or better their situation in the match they will not trade cause must go face.
    They concede by turn 7 if they haven't won by then. 
    They play a minion that has a battlecry that has no valid effect to what they are currently doing. They just had a card so they played a card.
    They may also play the most common deck and currently that is rogue. They will still play the pre-nerf version of it and do it badly. Like not noticing the combo isn't active on getting lackeys.

    They play very quickly. No thought goes into what they do. As soon as it is their turn they wildly play minions and go face and only go face.
    There is an exception to their quick play style. If you play a taunt they stop.. freeze.. confused as what to do and most likely will concede after about 10 seconds.

    At each turn when they go face they will alway emote either the hello, wow, or the threat emote without fail even waiting till they are able to again before ending their turn.

    Some will not concede by turn 7 when they are losing. Some will then turn into sore losers and rope you each turn. I'm thinking they are hoping you concede cause they can't handle losing or just being the sad snowflakes they are.

    That's my short list. What things do you notice bad players doing consistently? 

    They are fun to play against as they play straight up netdecks and are predictable and make mistakes.

     a lot of this looks like a joke, and I don't think a lot of this is accurate. but what stuck out to me is when you said that bad players play aggro decks. this is just dumb, I hate the assumption that aggro decks are more mindless, or dumber than control decks. aggro decks aren't just 'play minions go face and win on turn 5'. I play aggro decks sometimes, but I am not a bad player. and sometimes I play the top meta deck, but I am not a bad player. 

    being good at deckbuilding, enjoying control decks, and being a good player are not related. lots of good players play aggro decks, or the top meta decks. 

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: Jarvis#12448

    Region: NA

    Trade only? yes, you go first


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    posted a message on Is this community getting more and more toxic?
    Quote from user-27679277 >>

    Whenever I create post pointing out to tier 1 consisted only of aggro, this is what I got:

    - usual "salt thread" annoying post

    - i have no clue about HS and I must be Rank 20, because there is Warrior! (I am rank 5, legend a lot of times, Warrior is nor tier 1 according to hsreplay, metastats etc.)

    - that I won't be missed after quitting etc.

    I wouldn't mark any post as "discussion" and when I am reading recent topics, it is hard to find any discussion actually. Is community getting down with quality like HS, basically following quality curve?

     I agree that you will find a lot of posts like this.

    I guess for some people it is hard to tell the difference between addressing a problem, noting a powerful deck, and complaining. most people just assume it is the third one. 

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    posted a message on Reckless Experimenter Nerf Coming June 3

    that would be way to specific and confusing

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    posted a message on Overload Murloc Shaman

    I think the main strength of the deck is the ability to summon a lot of minions with only a few cards. 

    cards like Underbelly Angler, and Thunderhead can generate a lot of minions. you have to take advantage of this and make as many minions as possible and control the board. then you play Bloodlust to win.

    against other aggro decks, it is very good to have Likkim because it will kill most anything they play turns 1-3. and plays like Thunderhead > Zap! are also good ways to gain board. 

    you just want to get as much value out of your cards as you can without losing tempo. you want to just continue to apply as much pressure as you can and control the board so you can play Bloodlust and win.


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    posted a message on Nerf Token Druid
    Quote from Deck_Fiend >>

    doesn't need nerfed when it has such an obvious hard counter as zoo lock. 

     yeah, and rogue surely didn't deserve a nerf when it had an obvious counter as control warrior.

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    posted a message on I reach legend every season but only with control warrior, help me figuring why.
    Quote from Bee >>
    Quote from OmarComing >>

    Lol, textbook humble brag right here.

     i wouldnt consider reaching legend worthy of brag

    Bee, you wouldn't congratulate someone if they got a 50-0 winstreak from rank 10 to legend 1

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