About Me

I have been playing since old gods came out, and I have been playing quite consistently since then. I consider myself free-to-play, I have spent $75 though, but over 3 years, that's not so much.

my favorite deck is control shaman, I love to play shaman class, whatever the arch-type, but playing with hagatha's and shudderwocks is a lot of fun. after shaman, my favorite classes are warlock, hunter, druid, then I don't care to strongly about the others. 

I used to play mainly in wild, but then once year of the mammoth and odd/even stuff rotated out, I thought I would give standard a try, and take a break from all that stuff. and I will likely continue to stay away from wild for the next few sets at least. 



BattleTag Jarvis#12448 Favorite Class Shaman Region US