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Makabi's Aggro Hunter

  • Last updated May 12, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Face Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 2800
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/6/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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This deck is meant for people who want to get fast rank 5 :)

Check out my stream: https://www.twitch.tv/makabihs

So the main point of this deck is to flood the board with your low-costed minions and push'em into the face. Well, that's the half of true so let me start from the beggining. 

So we're playing very aggresive deck and we should focus on getting the advantage in early stage of the game. For a general mulli we seek for: AlleycatFiery BatCrackling Razormaw and Kindly Grandmother. You can also concider keeping Dire Wolf Alpha if you have Alleycat already, or Golakka Crawler vs Rogues or Warriors ;)

I guess it's pretty obvious but just in case I will explain you best combos in this deck. So generally Unleash the Hounds has a very strong synergy in this deck with other cards. That's why I run 2 copies of it instead of 1 (like in Midrange). We can play them with either Dire Wolf Alpha or Timber Wolf to trade efficiently or push face, or with Cult Master to get the insane card draw to provide more aggresive cards for future. Also don't forget about Knife Juggler and Crackling Razormaw since these 2 cards are perfect to maintain control over the board. Also Scavenging Hyena has insane synergy and early fed can win the game by itself :) About Vicious Fledgling you always go face! The best adaptation you can get after 1st hit is Windfury to get the 2nd attack and 2nd adaptation. After getting Windfury we are looking for anything what prevent him from death so: +3 health, stealth, beeing untargetable or devine shield. If it survives till next turn it's worth already around 5 mana and it keeps growing just by hitting face.

Play aggresively ! It doesn't mean that you should rush your opponent's face. Sometimes getting board control in early is much more aggresive play than going into the face. If you have ever played Zoo Warlock, you know what I'm talking about. Unfortunatelly with this deck we can't afford to trade as efficiently as Warlock does, because we have not so good cards draw. But we have much more tools to make DMG and that's all we need :D! 

So -----> Try to get control over the board till 3-4 turn. If you play against control deck, it is very easy task, but you have to play around potential removals like Ravaging GhoulConsecration etc. If you play against aggresive deck you can sacrifice few of your minions but don't be too greedy, you don't have to clear every minion!

After turn 5, you almost always go face and count lethal with your Kill Command and Hero's power! The main pro of this deck is the games are very fast and if you play it correctly you can get nice rank in a very short time. But it has also several cons about I will talk later.

vs Mage

Since I remember Hunters are natural counter vs Mages.  Both Control and Freeze mages are favorable for us. Look for general muli and rush their faces. Adapt your minions to +3 health or something what provide security. If you succes with breaking 1st Ice Block before turn 8 (what is very likely), just spam your Hero's Power in further turn to kill him without activating Ice Barrier. In our case dodging Flamestrike is almost impossible so don't think about it. The only AoE you can try to dodge is Volcanic Potion in 3rd turn ;)

vs Warlock

Hard to say because I met only few Warlocks since Ungoro has launched. I guess the only playable version of Warlock is Discard Zoo right know. So in this case you have very similar decks :P Play very aggresively ! Your and his Hero Powers have pretty nice synergy. Zoo locks usually control the board so you can afford to go face with most of your minions and use Steady Shot and Kill Command to finish them! I guess it's favorable match up for us and you shouldn't be afraid. Just seek for regular mulli

vs Druid

In case of meeting Jade Druid, just rush him down. Druids have also big troubles in clearing the board so if you will play around Swipe you should be fine. Try to finish him fast since Druids have big taunts in late game. Safe your Kill Command on face or use it only on taunt minions! It should be easy game if only your opponent won't have hand of gods.
If you meet Token Druid, keep Eaglehorn Bow and Unleash the Hounds to clear his board efficiently. Don't be afraid of trading since Token has troubles in card drawing. We are in more favorable situation because of Cult Master. So don't let him buff many minions and after turn 4 you can concider to play more aggresively or to control the game ;) In summary you should have no troubles with this deck ;)

vs Hunter

So you will probably meet my Midrange Hunter or something simillar. So first thinig: you are faster ! Try to play very aggresive at the beggining ! Keep all 1-2 mana cost minions and you can also keep Knife Juggler and Scavenging Hyena to push him very early. Use your Hunter's Mark to kill taunt minion and try to go face most of the time. You shouldn't be afraid of his combo Rat PackHoundmaster since it only generates more Hounds for you in case of Unleash the Hounds. Also try to not leave him with 2 minions on board before turn 5 to dodge taunt on Nesting Roc .

 vs Paladin

Murloc aggro Paladin is scary right? Well, not for this deck. We have alot of tool to get rid of his murlocks in early. Just keep your 1-2 mana drops, especially AlleycatFiery BatCrackling Razormaw and Dire Wolf Alpha/Timber Wolf if you have Alleycat already. Clear every murlok till turn 4 to not let him get value with Gentle Megasaur. If you did it, feel free to go face in further turns and enjoy your victory ;)
Midrange/Control Paladin is much more worse match up. You should go all face and try to rush him down. If he plays Spikeridged Steed at turn 6 the game is his unfortunatelly :( This deck is our best counter and the only tactic vs it is to rush him ASAP.
*TIP- Don't even try to play against Concecration at 4turn if you are sure it's Midrange/Control because u will lose alot of tempo and you won't get up later. Maybe he won't have it :P

 vs Rogue

So you can meet either Quest or Miracle Rogue. In both of cases we play similar style and in both of cases we are in favorable position. You must remember that rogues have VERY BIG trouble in clearing the board. Don't be afraid of playing alot of your low-costed minions. Adapt them to prevent board clear from Fan of Knives and play VERY AGGRESIVELY ! The game should be end after 6 turn and even Leeroy Jenkins shouldn't be needed.

 vs Shaman

Generally you will face either elemental or aggro shaman. In both cases you are looking for 1-2 mana drops. If you have Alleycat+Crackling Razormaw combo with a coin, you can skip turn 1 juts to avoid Maelstrom Portal and play them on the 2nd turn. In both cases you should focus more on going face. You can only concider killing minions like Flametongue TotemMana Tide Totem and that's all. If you see that shaman has many low-costed minions on the board at 5-6 turn, you can use Unleash the Hounds to kill'em and prevent potential lethal with Bloodlust. Tbh I didn't play many games vs Shaman with this deck but when I played, I had no troubles in beating them ;)


vs Warrior

If you meet Pirate you must fight for the board. Don't be afraid of keeping your 1-health minions because pirates don't run Ravaging Ghoul ! Don't forget about your Golakka Crawler :) Try to spam your board very fast to provide some minions to trade. Kill all pirates before turn 3 to not let him get value from Bloodsail Cultist. You can also keep Kill Command if you have enough 1 and 2 mana drops to kill  "Frothing Berserker". If you controled first several turns you have very big adventage and you can start play more aggresively. In 99% of cases pirate warrior won't keep up with clearing your staff and you will win just by a pressure. I estimate WIN vs Pirate Warrior for 60% or even maybe higher ;)
If you meet Quest it is your bad day. It is really hard match up. You must try to rush him ASAP. On 1st turn try to play Alleycat or Fiery Bat and, if possible try to adapt them with Crackling Razormaw to get +3 health, +1/1 or Devine Shield (to avoid Ravaging Ghoul). In mid game use Hunter's Mark to kill some big taunt like Alley Armorsmith and try to safe Kill Command for the face.