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[S31 Legend] Dragon Reno Mage

  • Last updated Nov 19, 2016 (Yogg Nerf)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 14040
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/9/2016 (Yogg Nerf)
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Legend SS

12 win heroic brawl (a friend did it) 



Hello Everyone! This is my first guide so please be gentle :)

I'm D0nkey, I'm not a pro just somebody who likes to tinker with decks and sometimes ends up making something viable (it's usually a reno deck, I love reno decks).
I've been playing around with dragons recently while BRM is still in standard, and that led me to trying them out in Reno mage.
Reno mage likes having midrange minions with effects, but you usually still need to impact the board when you'd like to play them.
The dragon package has some nice minions for that, namely Twilight Guardian, Blackwing Curruptor and the new card Book Wyrm.
That, the couple of dragons you'd run in Reno mage anyways along with the awesome new discover card Netherspite Historian made Dragon Reno Mage seem possible.
It turns out it is.


Forbidden Flame - This is one of those cards you put in because it's a reno deck, but then it's utility makes you wonder about including it elsewhere. It 's flexibility is great it can be used to remove something big or small. It tends to be better to use it for less mana (less than 5), especially early on. You'll usually keep it on the mulligan to use as usually want to use it for early removal.

Arcane Blast - This deck needs early removal and this is early removal. You usually keep this on the mulligan.

Babbling Book - Pretty much your only turn one play (Except maybe arcane blasting a secret keeper), it combines well with your hero power. This is a keep on the mulligan.

Frostbolt- Obvious choice. Keep on the mulligan. You usually don't want to coin this out but rather keep the coin.

Arcane Intellect - Standard mage draw. Look to mulligan away.

Forgotten Torch - Early removal, puts an awesome card in your deck. The roaring torch can allow you sometimes to switch your game plan from control to race.

Frost Nova - Utility card. Besides doomsayer it also goes nicely with Reno. Only kept on the mulligan with doomsayer, especially going second.

Ice Block - Used to save you before you reno! Can sometimes allow you to go face, especially with alekstraza. Keep rarely on the mulligan, usually when going second vs a possible combo deck when you already have early removal.

Polymorph - A tech card, good in the current meta. Actually didn't have it at the start of the season.

Cabalist's Tome - Provides extra value. This can likely be replaced with Ethereal Conjurer, especially if non shaman midrange becomes more popular.

Blizzard - Standard AOE, sometimes comboed with doomsayer

Firelands Portal - Removal + Minion + Sometimes burst

Flamestrike - Necessary AOE

Bloodmage Thalnos - Cycle + spell damage. You tend not to keep it on the mulligan, unless you already have early spells. Arcane Blast tends to make this a keep on the mulligan, sometimes the forbidden flame as well.

Doomsayer- Tend to be used with a freeze. You rarely want to use this just to soak 7 damage unless you are desperate. Turn two isn't an auto drop, though you do tend to keep this on the mulligan vs more aggresive opponents just in case an early play is good. You rarely tempo doomsayer, your follow up play has to be really good to justify it.

Netherspite Historian - Awesome card, you tend to keep this on the mulligan even if you don't have a dragon unless you are lacking early play. Very good vs control warrior, you usually keep Brann for it. Against more aggresive decks you usually keep you tend to lead towards picking taunts. Alexstraza is also a very common pick. This can be used to get a dragon to activate your only dragon in your hand.

Loot Hoarder - New addition instead of acolyte. Much easier to play instead of acolyte and to fit in. You can keep this on the mulligan

Acolyte of Pain - Standard mage draw. You usually dont keep this. Sometimes on the coin when you already have early removal.  This has been taken out in favor of loot hoarder. It's hard to fit in this against aggressive decks and while loot hoarder is as good as it usually is in this meta, it's still good and something you can keep in the mulligan.

Brann Bronzebeard - Provides extra value and utility. Most often comboed with Babbling Brook, Netherspite Historian and Blackwing Curruptor. Aga

Refreshment Vendor- Provides some extra heal when necessary, though it is pretty much a 4 drop.

Twilight Drake- A dragon that is a good 4 drop. You tend to have nice hands, and this tends to have 7-8 health when played

Twilight Guardian - A great 4 drop when ativated. This is often coined out. Occasionally kept on mulligan with the coin, very rarely without.

Azure Drake - Dragon, Draw, Spellpower. Solid

Blackwing Corruptor - Great card when activated, often comboed with the hero power.

Harrison Jones - Lots of Shamans so good there. Rouge is also getting more pupular. Tends not to get that much use vs hunter, but great there too. Keep for Gorehowl vs Control Warriors.

Book Wyrm - Very good card, there are some very good 3 attack minions in the current meta. Killing a Thunder Bluff Valiant with this feels so good.

Emperor Thaurissan - You're hand tends to be quite sizable, so you can get good value from Emperor.

Reno Jackson - We're gonna be rich! Keep always

Chillmaw - This is probalby the 30th card. I do think you need a dragon here, not sure if Chillmaw is the best option

Alexstrasza- Goes in my non Dragon reno mages. Sometimes used for heal, sometimes to start being the aggresor. Very flexible

- You rarely coin anything on turn 1. Not even toFrostbolt atrogg. The coin tends to be best used turns 3-5

General Strategy:

This is a control deck. Your gameplan is to outlast your opponent (Control Warriors included. Yes, thats true). You have the tools (freeze, Alexstrasza/Ice Block, removal that can be burst) to occasionaly switch your game plan and start being the aggresor/going face.

Note: This is a Reno Mage deck with dragons, not a Dragon Mage deck with Reno.



You will win more than you lose vs midrange shaman. You want your early game removal, doomsayer is good as well though you'll probably want to coin it out. You should expect to need to remove two big boards, so you should avoidBlizzard into Flamestrike. Don't expect Doomsayer to go off if not played early. An earlyTotem Golem is often removed over two turns, spell + ping.


Ice Block is probably kept the most here, since it tends to be a more combo oriented class without much on the first few turns. Having ways to deal with a 4 health minion is important. TempoDoomsayer should be a consideration to stop a Tomb Pillager if you have a followup minion


Mulligan as though you are a facing an aggresive warrior. Against aggresive warriors you want your early removal. Against pirate warrior when you have the option to remove a minion usingFrostbolt or using something else favor something else,Frostbolt can be used to freeze face to stall.

The control warrior matchup is probably my favorite, and this deck is very favored (at least currently on ladder, people both don't expect a mage with this strategy and dont really know how to play against the strategy of the deck). The game will very likely be drawn out and go to fatigue and you should play accordingly.
Consider pinging an early opponentsacolyte, especially when they have the coin. You don't need to pressure right away, you just want to keep enough pressure so that they don't have a insane amount of armor (a crazy amount is fine). Prefer starting the pressure later on, closer to fatigue.

Brann+ Netherspite Historian is very good, and quite important. You want to get something 6+ mana. AvoidOnyxia because of brawl, and sometimesChromaggus because of your hand size. Coldarra Drake is solid pressure so keep that in mind.

Sometimes it'll be ping pass armor up pass, even multiple times in a row which is fine, especially if they have the bigger hand. Make them waste their cards like that.

If they playsylvannas (which is often a mistake on their part) then you want to try to give them your thalnos or acolyte so that they draw more.

Sometimes you can put on the pressure, especially after an earlyalexstraza. Only in such cases should youharrison a FWA, otherwise save it forGorehowl.


Your early game isn't that necessary vs druids, though it could be nice to keep something in case of beast druid, but they are rare. You can sometimes pressure, especially if they give you the time withNourish. Try to keep yourPolymorph for malygos.Doomsayer is probably best kept for arcane giants.


Keep early removal in case it's tempo. If you already have some consider keeping anIce Block in case of freeze mage. Tempo can be a tricky matchup, especially with the addionational late game most are adding since the nerfs. Try to keep they're board clear and have an answer for must removals from turn 7 onwards. You can't expect aDoomsayer to go off with a freeze so you can be more liberal with it, drop it on turn two or tempo drop it. Against freeze you are favorite, though the new Evolved Kobold ones can be tricky. If it's Evolved Kobold you need to pressure more, if it's not you have enough heal to overcome them if they get the combo off.Alexstraza is probably best used offensively, but if you don't have Reno Jackson in hand it can be better to wait if they have a block up. Against the controlly/comboey mage withColdlight Oracle try not to let them get damage with minions, you can pressure them and outheal them.


Hunters are a tricky matchup, the deathrattles are annoying. If you have freezes in hand consider them to allow you to go face and pressure the hunter.


Assume it's zoo and mulligan for early removal. Doomsayer has increased value since zoos can't really deal with it purely from hand. Freezes also increase in value.


Assume it's an aggressive variant and mulligan for earlhy removal. Against murlocs try to polymorph aMurloc Warleader. Having your ice block survive their first Anyfin Can Happen is crucial if you can't pressure them.


Don't lose

Edit: 2016-11-08 Formatting fixes and improvements. Spelling fixes. Acolyte => Loot Hoarder switch. Minor improvements

Edit: 2016-11-15 Minor text fixes

Edit: 2016-11-19 Add 12 win heroic brawl SS