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62.3% Winrate! [LEGEND!] But is it Cannon?

  • Last updated Aug 11, 2020 (Scholomance Academy)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 17 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 11120
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/7/2020 (Scholomance Academy)
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Due to recent comments and traction the deck is getting I feel I need to put a disclaimer here about crafting decks this early into a new launch. PLEASE be aware that what may have worked for me, my friend, and a few other people on site for the past few days does not reflect how much it might continue to work as other wild decks are altered and new ones figured out. There is also the looming knowledge of nerfs in the next few weeks to come like all expansions have. I cobbled together this deck because I was bored, had the cards, and thought it would be fun. I never expected it to do as well as it has been doing! Please think before you craft anything. Think if you think it is fun and worth the potential it might not go as well as it has for others and myself. Dont craft cards unless you are gonna accept that it was your choice to make those and no-one forced you into trying this out.SO! I made this deck and then had my buddy Kiwi test it out and he hit legend from rank 5 diamond with a rate of 45-29. I myself am currently 23-4 though from silver 4 to plat 10.  making the total winrate up to 67.3 but i figure that a little lame to click bait such a high number when it is really more around 60%

This is a very mid-ranged deck where the goal is to stick a few minions in the early game to buff up and overwhelm the opponent. As a big bonus we run Lorekeeper Polkelt and Holy Wrath + Molten Giant and Shirvallah, the Tiger to blast the enemy into oblivion. This can be done as early as turn 5!!

I will do a further mulligan guide and a bit on match ups when I have played more of it and better know the matchups myself. 

Untill then please feel free to comment what you think of the deck and have fun out there!

8/9/2020 edit!

Alright, so a bit of a mulligan guide, its not the most difficult thing but it can be good to keep in mind.
Against most things you almost always wanna keep First Day of School and Crystology these both get you on the board fast so you can buff things up.

Another thing you wanna keep if you get it is High Priest Thekal as it means Molten Giant wont be a dead draw- if you get both him and a giant in your opening hand then you have the nuts, congrats. Play him on 3 with a giant and you will steamroll most games. Against a priest you might want to wait until you can giant + Argent Braggart just to try and make sure they cant death both.

Now Libram of Wisdom and Hand of A'dal are both great buffs but general dont want to keep them in hand unless you have a CrystologyAldor Attendant, or First Day of School already. Otherwise you want to mulligan them to get those cards.

One last little thing real quick, you beat Mechathun warlock easy as hell. On the turn they play a minion like Hemet give it a libram and they just cant deal. watch out for the plauge of fire as those can mess it up-

8/11/2020 edit
I added a few disclaimers at the top of the deck page-

I am currently looking into edits for the deck to try and improve things further as a few people pointed out First Day of School though was rather good as the deck first was made, as really declined in its usefulness in my games. I have played only this deck in wild and got from silver 4 all the way to diamond 9 with a win - loss of 58 - 26 . It is fair for me to say 7 of those losses were in a row. Variance is variance. So my personal winrate has been 68% and that is DEFINITELY on the high end for the deck and a outlier. In fact in diamond I have hit a bit of a wall.

I urge commentators that did take the risk in crafting or already had the cards to post thier win - losses as well as problems they have found in their matches, and potential edits they might think will work! This current list is still the first draft of the deck and thus in need of refinement.