Kobolds & Catacombs Launches Today!

Kobolds & Catacombs Launches Today!

Hearthstone's newest expansion launches this Thursday (Friday in EU) and we're here to give you all the details in one easy place.

  • 135 new cards have been added to the game.
  • You'll be getting 3 free Kobolds packs for logging in.
  • You'll be getting a free random Legendary weapon for logging in.
  • Dungeon Run is a new solo mode available 100% for free. You pick a class and defeat special bosses.
  • Don't forget you can use Innkeeper to track your collection on the site to find decks easier that you can craft!



Global Launch Times

  • [LIVE] Americas Region: December 7 12:00 PM PST
  • Asia Region: December 8 9:00 AM KST
  • [LIVE] Europe Region: December 8 05:00 AM CET

Launch Day Goals

  1. Login to get your free packs and random Legendary weapon.
  2. Complete Dungeon Runs to get up to 3 more free Kobolds card packs. (Discuss your runs on our Dungeon Run forum)
  3. Craft any golden Legendaries you really want. This is important due to the no duplicate legendaries rule.
  4. Open up your packs! You get a guaranteed Legendary within your first 10 packs.
  5. Share your awesome decks with everyone on HearthPwn via or Deckbuilder.

New Keyword: Recruit

Cards with the Recruit keyword immediately summon minions from your deck and put them into play. Some cards recruit minions that match certain conditions; others recruit randomly chosen minions.

Legendary Weapons

Each class has received a Legendary Weapon, yes, even the ones who didn't previously have weapons! You will get one of these for free, at random, by logging in when the expansion has launched.

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card


Spellstones are a new type of card which can be upgraded during play! Once you fulfill a listed condition, such as playing two Elemental minions, the card upgrades into a more powerful version.

Unidentified Items

Unidentified Items are cards which when put into your deck don't have a predetermined effect. When the card is put into your hand, the effect of the card will become known. Each item has its own pool of effects that it can randomly choose from.

Wild Set Rotations

There are no sets rotating out to wild with the release of the new expansion. Set rotations only happen at the beginning of a new Hearthstone year which usually happens in April which means we've got another 4 months to go. We've got a great post explaining how these work right here.

Dungeon Runs

Dungeon Runs are a new type of single player content for Hearthstone, much like an Adventure. We won't be getting an adventure this time around due to Dungeon Runs but they're very similar in idea though Dungeon Runs have a ton of replayability.

  • You'll pick a class to go on your Dungeon Run with.
  • After you defeat a boss in a Dungeon Run, you get extra loot to power your deck up.
    • Passives: Cards that give you a bonus for your run.
    • Treasures: Powerful cards that are added to your Dungeon Run deck.
    • Cards: You'll get to pick between themed bundles of cards to add to your Dungeon Run deck.
  • There are 48 unique encounters in total, which are further augmented by the variance in cards you play with each time.
  • Losing to a boss in a Dungeon ends your current run.
  • If you win a Dungeon Run with each of the 9 classes, you unlock a card back!

The best part about Dungeon Runs? They're completely free! You don't even need to have cards in your Hearthstone collection.

Theorycraft Kobolds Decks

Our community here on HearthPwn has been busy throughout the reveal season creating new ideas with the Kobolds cards. Check out some of our favourites below and be sure to share your ideas in the comments. We've also included a set of decks courtesy of StanCifka.

Share your own decks using our deckbuilder tool.

Community Decks

Deck Author Cost
 1-2-3 Punch SirLancelop 11240
 Questless Mage (Exodia-OTK) kiwiinbacon 7940
 Kingsbane Miracle Rogue Jumarti 9620
 Elemental Jade Shaman Is Back Snowian 8840
 Skull of the Man'ari Combo Poghy 7600
 Spellstone Control warrior messy_casts 9140
 Windlust Totem Shaman XIII 4700
 To My Side! Best deck ever! Always_Reno 11040
 NickChipper Miracle Hunter NickChipperHS 5340

StanCifka's Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Armor Warrior StanCifka 7600
 Doom Lock StanCifka 10540
 Dragon Priest StanCifka 3100
 Mill Rogue StanCifka 9360
 Tempo Mage StanCifka 4800

Kobolds Deck Recipes

Blizzard has added in 9 new deck recipes to the game with this week's patch which feature some of the new cards.

Deck Cost
 Out of the Woods - Druid Deck Recipe 9560
 I Hunt Alone - Hunter Deck Recipe 5640
 Spells are fun, SO FUN! - Mage Deck Recipe 8200
 Call to Arms - Paladin Deck Recipe 5600
 Dragon's Call - Priest Deck Recipe 8800
 Shrouded in Secrecy - Rogue Deck Recipe 9400
 Totemic Call - Shaman Deck Recipe 2700
 The Dark Pact - Warlock Deck Recipe 6420
 Armor Up! - Warrior Deck Recipe 6080

Share Your Own New Decks

Have you created a deck using cards from the new expansion that you're finding success with? Head on over to our deckbuilder and share it with us! Click the banner below to go to the deckbuilder. Don't forget to write a short description to let people know how it works!

Share Your Pack Openings

We'd love to see what you crack open whether that is out of those pre-order packs or from all that gold you've been saving up for months. Check out our two dedicated threads for sharing your openings, one that is for opening videos and the other for screenshots. 

Open a Simulated Card Pack

Compete on our site leaderboard with simulated pack openings now featuring Kobolds cards!

Visit Our Kobolds Guide

Our usual expansion guide is live! See all the new cards and learn more.

Get Cheaper Packs!

This section contains affiliate links. They help the site!

If you want to save money when buying Hearthstone packs, you should check out Amazon Coins! It's an easy way to save up to 25% off Hearthstone packs so you can get into the new expansion without worrying about your wallet too much. We've got a detailed guide on how to Get Started with Amazon Coins, but if you've already dealt with them in the past, you can buy some more by clicking right here.

The best part though? You don't even need an Android device because we've got a guide to show you how to setup an emulator if you're on PC!


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