On a Budget? Check out this No-Legendary Dragon Priest Deck!

On a Budget? Check out this No-Legendary Dragon Priest Deck!

StanCifka is back with another deck guide to teach you how to better yourself at Hearthstone. Today we're getting insight into a tweaked Dragon Priest deck which is friendly to dust budgets of all types. If you've been collecting cheap, popular cards for the past few expansions, there's little left to craft.

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General Gameplan

You are playing a fair game with your opponent, gaining some value with Northshire Cleric and Netherspite Historian and controlling the board with Tar Creeper and some removal. And suddenly you realize that you managed to stick a high toughness minion on the board, and your opponent has only 30 lives so it’s time to kill him with your combo package!

The Deck

Check out the deck below and make sure you head on over to the guide to learn more about the mulligans, card selection, and potential card changes.

Stancifka's Dragon Priest
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