How to Clear the Prologue and Lower Citadel Effectively - Frozen Throne Adventure

How to Clear the Prologue and Lower Citadel Effectively

Frozen Throne has been launched! With this new expansion comes a set of free mission content for you to complete which rewards you with a Death Knight hero card and some sweet card packs. This week we're able to complete the Prologue and the first wing, the Lower Citadel.

We've written guides and tested decks to help you in your adventures through Icecrown Citadel, so if you need some helping picking a deck to play for them, the hard work is done! Below you'll find links to everything you will need.

Prologue - The Lich King

Our first step into Icecrown Citadel puts us up against the Lich King. He cheats though so of course we're unable to do anything except rise back up as Dreadlord Frost Lich Jaina. Our master, The Lich King, then puts us up against Tirion Fordring and his... less than ideal (for him) set of recruits.

Lower Citadel - Lord Marrowgar

No more premade decks, we're getting serious. Lord Marrowgar is our first real opponent in the adventure and if you want to take him down, you're going to need to do so in one turn thanks to his hero power, Skeletal Reconstruction. Don't mind the Bone Spike, they're not at all annoying to play against provided you enter well equipped.

Lower Citadel - Deathbringer Saurfang

To Arms! Deathbringer Saurfang is the second boss we encounter in the Lower Citadel. He won't make this an easy fight though since he requires that you only fight him in weapon to weapon combat. Watch out for those Blood Beast heals!

Lower Citadel - Lady Deathwhisper

Our final fight of the week puts us up against Lady Deathwhisper, or the one that loves messing around with Valithria Dreamwalker and The Lich King. The fight revolves around keeping your dragon friend alive and smacking Deathwhisper in the face. Oh. So. Satisfying.

If only she had an Arcane Explosion.


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