The Lich King Prologue

The Lich King Prologue

Your first step into Icecrown Citadel lands you in front of The Lich King! Are you going to be able to overcome this challenge or will you end up like all others who come before him and die? No matter what the outcome, we're here to help you get that free Death Knight hero card waiting for you at the end.



Fight Details

The mission starts off with you as Jaina Proudmoore fighting The Lich King. You end up being unable to mulligan for anything worth playing so don't bother trying - this is a Hearthstone players worst nightmare. The board will quickly be flooded, you'll draw Magma Rager, and then you'll be killed.

The Lich King now resurrects you into Frost Lich Jaina and now Tirion is your opponent as the Lich King needs someone to clear "this worthless trash from [his] doorstep". Tirion doesn't have the most intelligent of adventurers with him, a throwback to every raid ever in World of Warcraft, so you'll quickly conquer him by playing a control game through your Freeze abilities and a nice round of face smacking afterwards.

Here's Tirion's adventurers that you'll see him attempt to win with.



This fight gives you one free Death Knight Hero Card upon successful completion. The hero given to you will not be a duplicate of one already in your collection unless you've already collected all nine heroes, which in that case, you will then receive a dupe. We recommend taking on the Frozen Throne Prologue before opening up a full suite of Death Knights through card packs.

These are the potential rewards you can receive.




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