Lord Marrowgar Boss Guide - The Lower Citadel

Lord Marrowgar Boss Guide - The Lower Citadel

The first boss of the Lower Citadel you'll encounter is Lord Marrowgar, the Gatekeeper.


Fight Details

This fight will require that you kill Lord Marrowgar in one swift hit to the face due to his Hero Power, Skeletal Reconstruction, fully healing himself at the end of his turn. To accomplish this, we're going to need a One Turn Kill style deck which will require some setup, or a way to steal some of his overpowered cards.

One fun and easy way to deal with this is the old-school Divine Spirit + Inner Fire combo on top of a stolen Bone Spike. You don't even need to get it crazy high, just doubling its health once (to 16) is enough since at the start of your turn you'll hit Marrowgar for 15 automatically followed by 16 for the kill.

Special Notes

Watch Out for These Cards

  • Bone Spike - This needs to be removed immediately. Stealing it is also an option.. an incredibly rude one at that.
  • Bone Storm - Good luck with super aggro decks, a couple of these and your board is wiped out. The card draw for him sucks too.
  • Bryn'troll, the Bone Arbiter - Having some form of weapon removal is a very good idea. This can deal a total of 18 damage over 3 turns.
  • Skeletal Knight - Killing this could give you a fun way to swing things into your favor.



Unlike previous adventures, this boss does not reward you with a new card. Instead, you will receive a Frozen Throne card pack upon completion of the Lower Citadel wing.

Boss Deck

Check out the full contents of Lord Marrowgar's deck below.

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Minion (22) Ability (7) Weapon (1)

Decks to Try

Looking for a community built deck to take on Lord Marrowgar? We've got you covered! Find one of our favourite picks below or check out all Lord Marrowgar decks.


  • Lord Marrowgar is the first boss in World of Warcraft's Icecrown Citadel.
  • If you copy cards from him, he calls you a Bone Burglar!

Fight Video

Check out Neon's guide to the fight.

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