Top Constructed Decks of the Week, Hearthstone in Japan - Free Pack, Budget Legend Face Hunter

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Top Constructed Decks of the Week

The most popular deck of last week was Dragon Priest, see who else made it to the top below.

Deck Author Cost
 Dragon Priest ShinyHeal 5320
 The Silver Hand BrooklynHS 10200
 Zoo Senbonzakura1000 2900
 Gormok the Smork Ambushino 2960
 Mech Warrior Tincho1287 1760
 DemonHand krafton 7640
 Kolento Druid Kolento 4480
 Hybrid Pirate Rogue Noober_dog 1960
 Grim Patron Warrior Senfglas 760

Hearthstone Coming to Japan

It has been announced that Hearthstone is being officially localized into Japanese! Japan's default Hearthstone region will be Asia, alongside Taiwan and Korea. It should also be mentioned there is a free card pack available, all you need to do is enter you Battle.Net email address and captcha on the pre-registration form.

We aren't sure if this free card pack will apply to all regions, or just Asia.

Quote from Blizzard

This month, the Innkeeper’s getting ready to set up shop in a whole new land—Blizzard Entertainment is bringing Hearthstone® to Japan!

Now it’s your turn to take one of the epic Warcraft heroes to an all-new battlefield. Customizable decks filled with potent spells, heroic weapons, and powerful minions are yours to command. Prove your prowess in one of Hearthstone’s exciting game modes: Battle your way up the Ranked Play ladder, prove your deck building mettle in the Arena, experience a different set of rules each week with Tavern Brawl, or win new cards in Adventures by battling unique and powerful AI opponents. 

Challenging a friend to a friendly duel anywhere is easy with Hearthstone on Android and iOS mobile phones; Windows, iOS, and Android tablets; and Windows and Mac PCs. A match can happen anywhere you have an Internet connection, so be on the lookout for your next worthy opponent! All content currently available in the game will be available for purchase in the in-game Shop with the launch ofHearthstone in Japan.

Hundreds of thousands of Japanese players are already playing Hearthstone in other languages, and soon they’ll be joining players from Korea and Taiwan on the Asia region in the fully-localized Japanese version of Hearthstone.  

Players in the Japan region can visit the promo site for more details!

Please accept our very warm welcome, and take your place by the hearth!

Deck Spotlight: Budget Legend Face Hunter

 In today's deck spotlight we're looking at a Face Hunter deck from Krups. You're likely familiar with Face Hunter as it has been one of the more popular aggro decks on the ladder and it's proven to give you quick wins. Krups has taken SMOrc up to legend and has shared his slightly modified face list to help you out.

The deck costs 1200 dust to craft. You can find the deck below to start building it right away, or you can head on over to the full guide to learn more about this deck.

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