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    Quote from Edalcmagal >>

    posting again because it got ignored


    I think this is a really interesting concept. My only suggestion would be perhaps making it a permanent effect (give minions in your opponent's hand...) and cost more mana? There aren't really any spells that have a one-turn effect. Good idea, though!
    Quote from Rkaah >>

    Okay, let's try this again, 
    how does this look?

    Rogue with a Druid Choose One mechanic, as well as a Priest copy mechanic similar to Burgle. 




    I am a die hard mill fan, so this is sort of a sad attempt to give it love. 


    I think this is great as it is. Might seem like it could be worth a little less but I think it's solid at 4; it's pretty flexible and powerful and rogues need more 4's haha.
    Quote from Arkasaur >>

    Hi, any thoughts on whether this type of effect would meet the rules of the competition? Its a little unclear whether by Freeze effect, a "frozen" minion would be acceptable.


     This is perfect for Muradin lol. Don't know if it needs to be 'Permanently Frozen' considering you can un-freeze him with healing. Definitely one of the better Muradin concepts I've seen.
    Edit: Realized after posting the purpose of 'Permanently Frozen' would be opposed to minions un-freezing after one turn, as the freeze effect does. Whoops.
    Quote from EAAAMAN >>

    To elaborate: Because it's an Enrage effect, when this minion either gets healed to full or dies, the warrior cards will change back to their original warlock counterparts except for the cards that were used during the effect. Warrior cards will be different everytime this effect occurs, but the warlock cards will stay the same they were before the effect took place.


    This is a really cool idea, especially for Mannoroth. I think he could use one more point of stats given that enrage doesn't synergize so well with warlock, but it's fine as it it. Warlock does have 9-mana cards where Warrior has none, but I don't think that's something you need to worry about.
    Quote from Spodanaculum >>


    Here is my idea for the card design competition this week. I think I have a good idea but wanted an opinion on the mana cost and the wording of the effect.

    Class: Shaman

    Taking the card control mechanic from the priest class.

    Clarification of the effect: At the end of your turn (including the turn this card is played) one random enemy minion will swap sides of the board, thus reducing the number of usable minions on your opponents turn.
    After the opponent ends their turn they will get their minion back again.

    If Charm totem is destroyed before returning the enemy minion, that minion will stay on your side of the board.

    Positive Effects:

    - Can help the shaman slow the game down and gain some control of the board.

    - If a Taunt is stolen it could clear the enemy board, or prevent heavy damage.

    - Could prevent and effect from occurring during the opponents turn.

    Balancing Effects:

    - The totem itself has a weak body and can be removed by most spells.

    - Since it is RNG it could potentially steal a weak minion, giving it less value.


    Thanks for any feedback.


    I would suggest making this less mana, I think it would still be balanced at 3. It does need the low health with its effect, and Tuskarr Totemic is a thing. As for the wording I think it's solid, I'd just put a comma between "end of your turn" and "take control". Really cool concept!

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    First of all, thanks for the feedback. Here are some new cards I came up with:


    Mark of Kathra'Natir: I realized originally it would be hard to meet its condition, so I wanted it to have some wild effect. I figured it would probably end up being pretty bad but you're right – it doesn't need to be a dead card most of the time. So here it's very close to Shadowform with a rewarding condition. You can still play it alone, and Rogue can benefit from a hero power change later in the game. I balanced it thinking the most consistent way to pull it off is turn 9 with Illidan Stormrage, so it's worth around the same as Lord Jaraxxus's hero power. Of course there are some differences, but I think it's close enough. Also, should I bother making tokens for the hero powers?

    Meryl Felstorm: Kind of a tech card. I liked the idea of attaching the effect to a minion, and I came to this. It's a little far from my original card but it still has the same idea. I tried to balanced thinking somewhere between Hemet Nessingwary and Cabal Shadow Priest. Although I think it makes a lot of sense I'm not too big a fan of it just because it can go form being a 7 mana 5/5 to a 7 mana 5/5 that steals Mal'Ganis. Maybe it should be cheaper with different stats like Light's Champion or Mind Control Tech?

    What do you guys think?

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    Hello! Long time fan of the card design competition, this is my first time entering.

    So this is the card I came up with. I'm not sure that I'm happy with the effect, but I don't want it to be so complicated that it takes away from the point of this week's theme. I was thinking since the only reason it's a rogue card (technically should be a warlock one) is because of its relation to Valeera, maybe it should affect your hero, like Shadowform?

    There's a question of balance as well; I figured it's safe enough at 3 mana considering you would need a demon as a rogue (which was the idea of how it fits into the theme, I didn't even consider that stealing stuff is a signature priest thing, which a lot of people have seem to already brought over to rogue). Feedback is of course appreciated!

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