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    The Shrine Maiden!

        The Shrine Maidens are the ceremonial protectors of sacred places of worships. They do not seek to fight, but will defend their people and honor their ancestors at any cost. Through their worship, they are able to convene with the dead, and know their way around many rituals that guide their prowess in fighting. Through tradition, they are masters of wielding flames, manipulating them to scorch foes as well as empower their allies aura.

        Shrine Maidens have access to much card draw, but are not interested in playing fast. They deny their opponent's options with specific conditions and from there are able to benefit more from their symmetrical effects. The class supports both sides having a smaller board, with randomly applied buffs on their side, and punishes for wide boards on the enemy's side. With card draw and being able to play their pace, the class likes to set up scenarios for strong and flashy turns.

    Some example cards:

    Groundskeeper provides healing to both players keeping the game going. It also allows your discretion with the hero power to have some control on its ability. 

    Though  your Hero Power grants your opponent options, cards like Fate's Edict deny their plays and can force sub-optimal plays. It also depends on your own play order, which could also allow for combo set ups.

    Combustion is great burst, which is optimized by having a small board to mitigate the random effect. It works like Arcane Missiles, only instead of damaging enemies, it gives +1 Attack to your minions 10 times.

    The rest of the basic set!



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    Kinda late, but I always love this time of the year. I've got something I'm working with right now but struggling with the last two cards. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

    The Shrine Maiden!

    Shrine Maidens are sworn to duty upholding their places of worship. They do not wish to resort to violence, but will protect the shrine and thereby their people through any means necessary. They are able to convene with the powers beyond, exiling unwanted enemies, warding, and blessing others. From their ceremonial deeds they are masters of wielding fire and do so in many ways.

    The gameplay is about denying your opponent in odd ways. It uses symmetrical effects, which may be utilized to be better for yourself than your opponent. The class favors smaller boards for both sides, with hard removal and randomly targeted buffs. The plan is to win through drawing crucial cards and spells that will set you up nicely, rather than utilizing their vast card draw for dumping your hand,


    Here are the basic cards I have so far:

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    The Sages are tribe leaders that help their people persevere through exposure to detrimental magics, as was fel for the Lost Ones and Broken Draenei after the onslaught of Gul'Dan's Horde. Led by Akama, the Sage is a class that specializes in building a large board and manipulating the battlefield to empower your allies' attacks, or weaken the enemies.

    Example Cards

    Vorpal Blade becomes stronger with your Hero Power or other cards that increase your hero's attack, and promote controlling the board as you still get a Wrathguard effect for the opponent on any enemy minions you hit.

    As with many cards, you'll be wanting to modify attack, Timbermaw Pathfinder is a strong tempo tool that can be used to synergize with other cards that want you to have heavier hitting blows, or even offensively with cards like Chamber of Reflection (in remaining cards) that will damage the enemies.

    Since you plan on attacking a lot, Chain Heal provides some survivability, but can also provide more lethality in creating a strong board with Lightwarden.

    Telredor Defender provides a payoff in providing a burst if you've managed to secure a strong board state.

    And finally, Surge grants a large tutor that can help you rebuild or improve your board after it has been wiped or you've exhausted your resources.

    Remaining Cards

    Previous Phase

    Phase I

    Thank you for viewing my class!

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    Alright, sorry I haven't been around. Ready to do some feedback whenever, tomorrow if not later tonight. I think I've put together a set I'm pretty happy with but there's definitely a bunch I'm up for changing.

    Also, quick question: what's the stance on "while damaged"? Seeing as Enrage isn't a keyword anymore although it was never in the basic set.

    Either way, I'm just going to lay out all the cards I have for now.

    The Sage

    My biggest questions would probably Decrepify, as in I think it's too strong (Shrinkmeister), but I'm not really satisfied with other weaker ideas, and there isn't really any synergy if it lasts just a turn. Other than that, I realize there are probably a couple of cards that aren't 'basic' enough, and half of them are 1-Cost cards. I'd appreciate any feedback.

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    Sages are wizened combatants, wielding mystic powers and battle tactics retained through generations. They however show a new prowess in the wake of fallout. For Akama, his people were desecrated by the fel magics of the Orcish Horde. Though decrepitated, the Elder Sage of the Ashtongue comes to fight, leading his people in battle.


    The Sage

    The Sage is a class that focusses on attacking with both the hero and minions, building up a board, and manipulating the battlefield through changes the Attack and Health of minions. They are limited in direct damage, but have cheap weak spells that that scale well with spell damage, as well as access to tutoring for cards.

    With Superposition, two minions now stand where one did before, like so:

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    Quote from freddoccino >>

    I just want to quickly put down what I'm working with before I move any forward. I'd love to get some feedback.

    Hopefully most of the idea of the class gets across even though this will be very brief. I'll be back with more feedback for the last bunch of posts soon after.

    Akama - The Sage

    We've got, wide board favored, cheap spells, splash damage, and stat manipulation along with a whole bunch of other minor theme ideas I have in mind that I can put in place of any of these cards. In return, no direct damage, aoe, limited hard removal, large minions, armor/taunt/etc

    The fantasy behind the class is basically this mystical type figure, mostly coming from races who have dealt with some form of magic corruption, namely broken draenei or wretched elves, arakkoa, furbolgs, and not excluding the rest of the classic races. They have strength in newfound ways and are not unfamiliar with overwhelming power. Being tribal they have strength in numbers, along with being skilled combatants.


    I realize there's gonna be a lot of stuff about the direction of this class missing or anything else I've just omitted, but hopefully the gist is there. I'd just like to hear any thoughts about how this looks. Ghost Mushroom is definitely the biggest question mark right now. I have a good handful of other potential cards, but I'd like to know what needs changing in order to find one that would be better suiting.


     Alright, think I'm almost there. How does this look for a lineup? 

    Quick alternate to War Cry:

    And of course I still have other cards if there's anything else that needs switching out


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    Quote from Omerqu >>

    My first ever attempt at a card creation.

    The Angel


    Theme: Heal, Enhancements and sacrificing friendly minion to trigger effects.

    In addition it has effects which trigger at the start of the next turn (so planning ahead with this class is important).

     Unique Keywork:

    Example Cards:


    I think you have a lot of good designs here, only a couple of tweaks in the balance. The Hero Power could be stronger. Since you want to be sacrificing minions I think you could just increase the heal. I think you should have a specific name for Guardian Angel as it is a legendary. Also, I assume the minion chosen by the deathrattle is random; that could probably be specified. I like the design of Divine Protection. I think Sacred Shield should cost a bit more. Overall, a lot of the cards show similar things in sacrificing minions. It's not necessarily bad here as a showcase of the class but you could consider branching out more.


    Quote from MightFenix >>


    Grim Reaper


       Hero Power's Weapon: 


    Class Traits:

    • No exclusive keyword, but Lifesteal is the main mechanic (like Paladin does with Divine Shield);
    • Health manipulation, minion-reliant and death effects (Deathrattle and "whenever/after/when ... dies"); 
    • Weapon-based and (maybe) 3-mana secrets.


    (not definitive, may be changed)





    I'm not sure of these cards effects and balance, so every advice/suggestion is welcome!

     I like the idea of using lifesteal like Divine Shield. Dreadbone Skeleton seems like a weaker Flesheating Ghoul to me. Of course with Health there is a higher snowball potential. Other than that most of these seem well balanced. Essence Drain seems a little expensive and maybe Deathwisper could have more stats, but theyre definitely interesting designs. I particularly like Harvest Season as well.


    Quote from NiRaSt >>

    All right, final draft for my class. I have a new hero, new card boarder, and a bunch of new cards:





     The cards in the spoiler only have minor changes, such as the name, art or set.

    Turn to Resource and Living Soundwave both showcase a new aspect to the class,  where it generates cards that are guaranteed to be from it's own class. (basically the opposite of Rogue).

    How Sound Amplifier: let's say you have 4 minions on board, two of those in the middle, and play Defender of Argus between them. They will gain +1/+1 and Taunt, and then give +1/+1 and taunt to the other two minions and twice for Argus. And the target of its Battlecry is the same as the one you chose with the minion you played (if it doesn't exist anymore, it does nothing.)

    I'd like to add one of those new cards to the roster, so I'd like you to tell me which to choose. It's basically mandatory to pick between Turn to Resource and Living Soundwave to showcase the class. I'm also thinking of adding weak early game to the list of weaknesses for the class

    I think Turn to Resource is the more appealing one for me. I think it could potentially replace the weapon, since it doesn't really show off a whole lot about the class. I think there's a good identity here and you're working off of it well.

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    I just want to quickly put down what I'm working with before I move any forward. I'd love to get some feedback.

    Hopefully most of the idea of the class gets across even though this will be very brief. I'll be back with more feedback for the last bunch of posts soon after.

    Akama - The Sage

    We've got, wide board favored, cheap spells, splash damage, and stat manipulation along with a whole bunch of other minor theme ideas I have in mind that I can put in place of any of these cards. In return, no direct damage, aoe, limited hard removal, large minions, armor/taunt/etc

    The fantasy behind the class is basically this mystical type figure, mostly coming from races who have dealt with some form of magic corruption, namely broken draenei or wretched elves, arakkoa, furbolgs, and not excluding the rest of the classic races. They have strength in newfound ways and are not unfamiliar with overwhelming power. Being tribal they have strength in numbers, along with being skilled combatants.


    I realize there's gonna be a lot of stuff about the direction of this class missing or anything else I've just omitted, but hopefully the gist is there. I'd just like to hear any thoughts about how this looks. Ghost Mushroom is definitely the biggest question mark right now. I have a good handful of other potential cards, but I'd like to know what needs changing in order to find one that would be better suiting.


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    Quote from Samswize >>

    The Lich Class


    Hello, hello! Welcome to my Lich class entry, which is absolutely not a Death Knight class in disguise! ...Seriously. It's not. It's not a DK class. Please understand.

    Moving on - The Lich is a very minion-focused class. Whether it summons masses of small, easily removable minions, or singular large ones that can be almost impossible to take down, the Lich can do it all. It supports this playstyle with a variety of AoE damage, single target removal, sacrificial effects, self-healing, and a whole lot of value.

     And, as fitting for a Lich, the class has a special keyword: Sacrifice!

    "But Mr. Samswize, doesn't this effect already exist in-ga"
    Yes it is.

    Anyways, Sacrifice is quite self-explanatory - sacrifice a minion to benefit your others. It DOES NOT trigger off of itself, as some people like to believe. This effect works quite well with some Lich cards.

    Speaking of Lich cards, let's take a look at the special 5!

    This isn't a DK class I hope you all enjoyed this pile of garbage, feedback and questions are... the point of the comp. So... uh...



    VOILA! I feel that these five cards represent the main themes of the Lich class quite well. Let's go over each one in detail.

    Shambling Horror - A simple but powerful minion, the Horror is a force to be reckoned with. It has reasonably good stats for the cost, and comes with the ability to shut down an entire archetype of decks! How cool is that?

    Eternally Bound - This card is a great example of value within the Lich class - it provides a simple effect that can bring back any minion you desire - be it a wincon later in the game, or your Ghoul that just died for hidden lethal. 

    Phylactery - Death is eternal, unyielding... and this card proves it. It provides a powerful heal, letting you ignore that pesky Zoolock for a turn while letting you draw, giving you a chance to make a comeback.

    Corpse Explosion - A powerful AoE that can be used early on - the perfect counter to aggressive decks, it DOES require you to kill off one of your own servants to use however, so don't get too hasty.

    Plague Dog - The Sacrifice keyword makes an appearance on this early game minion! The Plague Dog is rather underwhelming by itself. Under-statted, and most removal is available by turn 3. But don't be deceived. This effect is very powerful, and if the Dog is protected, you can recover lots of health with your tokens swarming the board. 

     As it was said, just watch out because Sacrifice will be way more powerful than normal in your class. The theme here is really together and I like that you have overlapping themes like Health restoration in Phylactery and then also with Sacrifice, on top of other minion death related cards in other ways. I would just suggest having a different card than Shambling Horror. I think it would be good to have something that fulfills a similar role, but this is just very basic, and while that's fine, I don't think it's really what you'd want to showcase. Other than that it looks good, it's straightforward and everything seems to work.

    Quote from Phoenixfeather >>

    Strengths: Value, Card Draw, Anti-Combo

    Weaknesses: Slow, Unresponsive, Low Healing

    Archetype: Tempo, Control, Combo

    When X reaches 0, the Coundown is destroyed.

    Countdowns are only for spells. Some minions may cast or generate a Countdowns as well. This takes the place off a Secret/Quest slot, so no more than 5 (in any combination) can be simultaneously active. In addition, some cards may have effects that occur while a Countdown is active. Like Secrets and Quests, you may not have multiple copies of the same Cooldown active at the same time.

    Plan for Phase 1:

    (Not a collectable card.)

    Which gal shall I choose?

    Note: Sibyl may be too consistent.

                                                                                                 Level Grind + Leeroy = Broken. Will nerf.

    Feedback not required.

     I'm a big fan of the end your turn mechanic. And while I will say I've seen a lot of similar keywords to Countdown before, I feel like the class uses it particularly well. Timekeeper is just a really smart design in multiple regards with that. I would just recommend not getting too countdown-heavy. Having enough to make archetypes around it would be cool, but I feel like with too much it becomes less interesting, and it does add a few other dimensions to balancing. Still cool to imagine everything going off at once rather than a delay. 

    Quote from cL4wzHS >>An

    I know I have been slacking with feedback these past couple days due to exams, but today is pretty much my last important one so I'll get to giving some of the newer posts feedback in the coming couple days. I've pretty much decided on which cards I'm using for my showcase cards, so I'd like an opinion on if these cards provide a good identity of what the class is.

    A quick reminder of what the magician class is:

     The Showcase cards:

    Apart from that I'd also like some feedback on how balanced Tommy Kruz is, UP? OP? He is meant to act as a board swing with cards like Science Show! as well as a finisher with Script cards that will provide Charge and Minion Attack/HP Buffs.


     I think this is a great selection of cards; they all help explain one another. I would say the legendary could probably have a bit higher stats, just going off of similar designs in the game where you really only need to have played one or two cards to get significant value. That being said, the shown scripts are rather powerful but still not the easiest to activate, so maybe just a couple more stats.

    Quote from Turkeybag >>

    I've finished my first draft for my class idea!

    The Battlemage


    Battle mages are pretty much a fusion between warrior and mage. They use magic to create weapons, armor, and to do other things that'll help them in melee combat.

    Strengths: Versatile (Has a large Variety of tools at their disposal).

    Weaknesses: Obvious (Conjuring a weapon takes time, time which your opponent can use to prepare for said weapon)



    Conjure: Divine Armor is an example of one of the classes themes, targeted cards that's effect changes depending on the target.
    I've gotta head off to work so I'll update this with more info, my thoughts and what not later.


     I like the thematic direction of this class, with conjuring at all; also a theme rather unique to Hearthstone itself. The Hero Power seems rather weak to me but I understand making it different from giving your Hero +2 Attack this turn, and the value from having a weapon in this class, although you're only showing one card that synergizes. I don't think the aspect of timing and planning is bad in the slightest though, it does draw the fantasy well. I really like the concept of the different targeting from Divine Armor. I'm not sure if there's any possible clearer wording though, since there isn't really anything like it (I think not saying 'gain armor' is different enough from relative cards). I'm not sure I totally understand Spellfury; does the damage increase by 1 or also by X? Regardless I think it's a good tie-in to pull together the fighter and spellcaster aspects. And Axeman is a really clever way to achieve this as well.

    Quote from OttawaCloset >>

    The Dragoon (Going off of Kain from final fantasy)
    A more aggressive class with a dragon tribe, minions would have synergies off of your hero power such as "This happens when the minion is damaged or dies by your hero power" Class would not have taunts so it can be punished for its aggressive nature.

       Upgraded hero power would be +2/-1



     I think the Hero Power is a bit too weak seeing as it requires you to have a friendly minion on the board in the first place. Since it has synergy with damaging / reducing your minions' Health, I think it would be fine to make the upgraded version the basic version -- this also makes it close to Inner Rage, and the goal of the Hero Power should be to be worth around 0 Mana. Other than that the three cards you have look interesting. There are some minor things like keeping capitalization consistent with other cards, (i.e. having Hero Power be capitalized) and I imagine Highwind Dragonling should have the Dragon tribe. I also think Jump could use a slight buff since bypassing taunt is probably niche enough to not make the card too much more valuable than just gaining 5 Attack, so maybe 6 damage or 3 mana in my opinion, although it's up to you. Promising stuff, dragons are cool.

    Quote from Zanywoop >>

    Here's the full first post....

    Alright buckaroos, here's the basic set and a few others for my entry. With any luck I can get some more reviews up soon, though university is kicking into gear.

    Basic Set:

    Rift Dance: An alternate take on Shadowstep, where instead of a cost reduction, you instead just resummon the minion at the start of your next turn. You can either replay them at full cost for the battlecry trigger or let it reappear at the start of your turn.

    Zero Point: In the same sense that Radiant Elemental is a simple retrain of Sorcerer's Apprentice, and is targetable AoE which works well in the class.

    Astral Incineration: As you can see from the Hero Power, this class trades having easy kills on the opponent for strong removal. The armor is always before the damage so that there's no abuse with Maly effects. There are quite a few cards which also USE the opponent's armor as a resource.

    Dissipation: Let's start playing 4d chess! This card puts a minion on a removal clock for both players turns. It's costed at two, and isn't the fastest removal, but it does put both players in a spot where they need to be aware how many cards they're playing.

    Nether Breeze: The hand bouncing cards mentioned earlier have support in the form of Nether Breeze, a simple elemental which deals the same 2 damage that Bluegill Warrior deals, but provides more versatility to bounce and play around with. 

    Grip from Beyond: Here's some soft removal that becomes more interesting with combo pieces. For much of the game, Grip from beyond doesn't do much but a slower sap, denying your opponent a minion for a solid turn. And then, later in the game you can replay any minion that costs 7 or less, as the void takes all...

    Twisted Heartbeat: While not as 4d chess as Dissipation, Twisted Heartbeat gives you your basic AoE. Notably this turns your hand-dancing minions into deadly blowouts.

    Research the Beyond: Strong draw, slight drawback. This is a simplistic card to start your deck up.

    Deepstar Bulwark: +2 health on a large taunt was good enough Nesting Roc in Arena that I don't think it's out of place here. It's a decent defense and works both with your enemy's minions and yours.

    Warp Allegiance: Halfway between Mind control and entomb, this is the hardest removal. I needs to be rephrased from "add" to "put" but hey. 

     Classic Set:


    I'll post the classics explanations and showcases soon, but this is what I have time to post.

    Also: How the hell would I word this...? 


    I want to ask about y'all's opinions on Singularity as both a keyword and a balancing factor. I did a whole bunch of niche facts about how Singularity would work, for all you mechanics junkies...

    The game simply has a checkmark for whether or not a Singularity has been played or is on your board per turn.
    Singularity cards in interesting situations....

    - For all intents an purposes the Singularity secrets are more or less minions; They only tick as being on the battlefield, not take your singularity playing counter on any turn past when you first play it. If you SOMEHOW remove it from the board, you're free to play warplords, more secrets or spells.

    - All those secret casting effects on minions cannot overlap singularity minions

    - If a Warplord is attempting to return to a board from the affect of Rift Dance to a board with, (for example) Alleria on it, it won't go through. The warplord will remain in your hand.

    - If you have no singularities currently, deck of wonders CAN cast one, and subsequently you will not be able to play any. same goes for things piloted shredder into portal baron. But hey, RNG fucks people all the time, no need to retailor the cards around it.

    - Yogg'saron cannot cast more than one Singularity spell, and will not attempt to.

    - Evolve cannot turn two 3-manas into warplords.

    - Zul'jin will only cast the first singularity spell it casts. The other spells will not show up at all

    - A Death's Shadow on a Singularity card cannot be played. Oof?

    - Shudderwock can cast multiple Singularity battlecries, however; The singularity counter is not tripped by effects. Same for Undatakah.

    - Counterspell takes your count if it counters a Singularity spell. Move carefully

    - Your opponent's singularities do not affect you.

    - If you control a singularity minion, you cannot mind control any opponent Singularity minions. They are Sylvanas and MC tech safe. They do still count for MC tech's count, though. Same goes for if you cast a Singularity spell. If you take control of a singularity minion, that is your singularity counter for the turn.

    - Silence a warplord, and you can play another warplord as a start. (I will probably do some purify bullshit later)

    - Electra Stormsurge fizzles. Brann and that elemental are fine.

    - You can't evolve two minions into singularities at once, however... You can unstable as many singularity minions as you want, as long as they aren't on the board at the same. Time. The counter is only checked if there's a S on the board or played that turn, so plenty can summoned in one turn if they don't overlap.

    - Zentimo, naaaaaah. He and Void Might are designed to not trigger multiple singularities as a balance measure.

    - I'll add to this if anything crosses my mind...

     Long story short; You can only have 1 Singularity card on the battlefield and you may only play one Singularity card per turn.

    With that, here's the current Singularity cards I'm interested in getting opinions on 

    I wanted to do some 0-mana secret concepts, balanced around having only one on the board at the time (And it takes up your entire Singularity spot, so no Warplord+Secret combos.) Also, Alleria is basically just a slow Krush with a turn of immunity. I've got another whole section about nuances surrounding her effect.

    Yes, the ENTIRE HERO is removed from the board. It's a thematic form of Immune. Your hero has no cost and is therefore unable to be played, it's Health is not restored, and your Hero Power cannot be used... But for the avergae player most of those will not matter as this cost will preclude you from HPing or even attempting to play the Hero. Also, I literally can't think of a single way to summon this minion and draw a card before the battlecry goes off, so I don't think you can, but...

    If your hand is full you will destroy your hero and lose.


    (Shudderwock can kill you, I did the numbers. Nothing else jumps to mind)


    (No Sorceror King Hero background, I'm sad). I do need to ask... Is there any way I can get away with a Start of The Game hero? I.e, you equip him around when Genn or Baku would trigger, and since it shares a cost spot with Baku, baku's effect wouldn't matter. I've been toying with start of the game heroes for months now but this is the first time I'm showing one of them off and asking for opinions.

    Anyway, have a great day, and I wish I could contribute more, but y'all know what universities like.


    You've got a really cool theme here. I think Singularity is neat but could have much simpler wording. Maybe something along the lines of 'You can only have one singularity in play at a time, other singularities are unplayable [or cannot enter the battlefield] if one is already on the battlefield.' I think it's particularly smart to put Singularity on all of your secrets, and also have 0 Mana secrets, because it would allow you to design for them while avoiding having them being busted with Secretkeeper. For other things:

    My take for Astral confluence: "The difference between the highest and lowest Cost of minions in play determines this card's Cost" (Or this card's Cost is determined by...)

    I don't know about Start of Game heroes. I believe the original design of the Old Gods was supposed to be similar to this, but it ended up not feeling very special when every game started with it (I might have to check the reasoning) but of course this is fan creations, so if you like it and others like it, then why not? What you have does seem pretty cool.

    And finally, I absolutely love Alleria. It's unique, it's wild, it's hilarious. What a card. Really adds to the feel of the class.

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase I [Discussion Topic]

    Hey just looking to see if I could get any quick opinions between some card designs I've been between.

    And of course any possible combination of them, not to mention a whole bunch of other ideas I've had that I think I'll just put in the books and save for another card. I realize by the end there are basically two entirely different cards here, so I will probably be using more than one in the future, but the goals of the showcase are mainly to show some spell synergy (Spell Damage isn't really a cornerstone of the class but many of the spells should work well with it, like in Shaman), and then there's also the minion/token buffing, as well as minor themes of tutoring and recursion that I've been hoping to fit in (the idea of the last column is that it's potentially infinite, of course this will be the trickiest to balance).

    Hopefully it shouldn't be hard for me to boil down from here, but I was hoping to hear what seems the most appealing.

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    Quote from Demonxz95 >>

    Question: If you target Jinada on yourself, do you gain +2 Attack? Evasion is an okay keyword, but it has very limited design space.

    As for the cards:

    • Phasing Strike seems slightly weak at 1 mana, but it would be stronger than Moonfire if it were 0 (although Malygos wouldn't be able to use it).
    • Chamber of Reflection is neat.
    • Blurry Defender is okay, but the name is a bit weird.
    • Reaving Kama is a really cool idea, but the effect only does anything against Priest.
    • I'm unsure how Superposition works, or how the UI would handle it. Judging by the wording, it also looks like the effect stacks if you play more than 1, which only heightens the problem.
    Quote from Zanywoop >>

    @Freddocino 7 more minions makes all Resummon Legendaries unbalanced (N'Zoth, the Corruptor is the neutral that comes to mind), as neat as the concept is. The other parts of this class are cool, but you 100% cannot put Evasion on your hero. It would be too gamebreaking.

    Quote from MurderyUnicorn >>

    I like your Hero Power. Your cards also are well designed, however Phasing Strike is a bit weak. You can increase it's cost and damage to 2. I realy like Reaving Kama and Superposition, however the second one would never be real card.

    Quote from CheeseEtc >>

    General concept

    •  This HP is identical to the previous class I've reviewed, though because I went backward, it means you came up with it first. Your wording is also better.
    • Akama isn't really a sage?
    • Evasion doesn't feel like a class keyword.

    Individual cards

    •  Alright cards overall
    • Blurry Defender has a neutral border.
    • Reaving Kama should be worded "Dealing damage to a minion with this permanently reduces Health instead"
    • Superposition -> How would it work UI-wise? It would be a nightmare to code, but I guess we can let that slide since it is never going to be in the game.

    Thanks for the responses!

    • So for the hero and power: Akama's 'class' in wc3 was called "Elder Sage;" the class is kind of working backwards from his style -- some kind of shaman/rogue type fighter. And while I do think it would be cool if the HP could target the hero, I'm can't think of how that wouldn't be strictly better than Pounce as a HP.
    • I'm getting the vibe Phasing Strike isn't particularly impressive, but the balance is intentional. The way I'm seeing it is that cards like Cobra Shot are balanced around the total damage they deal, so Phasing Strike dealing 1 and 1 gives you a one mana deal 2 spell, where the strength is in Spell Damage, but maybe it's a card to reconsider.
    • I might just scrap Evasion. 
    • I may need to find a way to make Reaving Kama less niche. I had a plan for a theme among weapons to be "If you attack a minion" condition, but the suggested wording is just more concise and the context isn't really there, and probably isn't that relevant anyway.
    • And yeah, I don't think there's any way Superposition would ever be printed, but such are the liberties with fan cards, right? Especially for a legendary spell. I might reword it so that it reads something along the lines of "your board can hold 14 minions" although I'm not sure 14 is a good number; it's mostly for theme. Anyway, I've also made a quick ms paint mock-up since it seems like a good idea for presentation. A more polished one would hopefully be in the submission:

    I was also thinking the minions you play could be on the 'back' of minions, so to speak, and they'd switch after attacking, but that seems too complex to me. If this seems too unrealistic I might have to come up with something else.

     Either way, I'll be coming with another iteration shortly.

    More importantly, onto other classes! I'm just going to go backwards to page 8. Keep posting stuff so I can look it over!

    Quote from Noah_McGrath >>


    Quote from Noah_McGrath >>


    Only reptilians can use the dangerous art of blood magic successfully. Since the user consumes his own blood and flesh for great power, their regenerative abilities are the only thing that lets them recover from Death's Door. Many however prefer the state of near-death, as it amplifies the strength of this terrible power. And the most popular, deadly, and easy to use form of blood magic is bloodburning, or igniting one's own veins to allow the manipulation of flames. How much will you sacrifice to fight your enemies?

    I've decided these are the 5 cards that will represent my class in this stage of the contest:

    Themes of the class:

    • Self damage for power
    • Spells benefit from low health or damage you
    • Minions heal you and protect you from self damage
    • Creates effects active during your opponent's turn, making them play around certain stuff (effects are known, they aren't secrets)
    • Uses Hero's and minions's health as a resource/condition

    Strengths/ Weaknesses:

    • Powerful removal, but low stated minions
    • benefits from low health/ easy to get bursted down
    • Many minion removal options/few direct ways to damage the enemy hero

    Here are some other cards i made:

    Changes i need to make, but i will later as these aren't for the first stage:

    • Fire master needs new art, as i now use it for the hero portrait;
    • Blood for power should damage you more
    • Enduring Sethrak should be either 0/4 and only gain attack, or 0/2 and gain both attack and health.

    If you think any of my 5 selected cards have a problem, or you think one of my reserve cards deserves a spot in the first stage, let me know. i'll probably make one final showcase tomorrow where i'll show some ideas i've been cooking, but so far this is it for my class.This doesn't mean i won't listen to feedback. if you have a good reason, i'll change whatever you complained about.

    Feedback is welcomed and encouraged!


     My class ^

    I just did a brainstorming for a new keyword and this is what i came up with:

    If you dealt 5 damage to yourself this turn, certain spells and minions gain bonuses. Your hero power does 2 to you, so you just need 3 damage from other cards (which means most self damaging cards would deal 3 to your hero).

    The second version is this. Every turn, the first time your hero takes damage all cards who have this keyword trigger. It can happen on your turn or during your opponent's. Thus minions could be low stated but have dangerous effects, meaning the enemy must deal with them before they attack you.

    The final option is just raising death's Door to 15 health or less, but i get the feeling people won't like a repeated keyword from last year.

    Which one of these 3 do you think it's best? Should i just continue with what i already made or is this change necessary?

     This all feels really solid to me; everything fits together well. I will say the trade-off with that is there doesn't seem to be a lot of variation. I've noticed almost every card has 'damage' somewhere in it. Granted, they all make different uses of it. It could be fine to be very focused in one area, as everything does feel like it works and is the central theme. It is really nice overall.

    For the keyword, I would personally say the second version of Fresh Blood is the one. I do like Death's Door and think it's fine being simple and not totally brand new since it's very cohesive with the class, the second Fresh Blood seems like a condition that isn't really in the game and feels more in line with things like Combo.

    I like the sample cards; I'm particularly partial to anything with Hero Power synergy. I will say the Death's Door Swamp Healer feels better to me than the Fresh Blood one. I'm not sure if there's some in between that can be found; it's up to you either way. I feel like Bloodflame Bolt takes a little bit of thinking for balance, but the balance is good. And I really like Fiery Blood, awesome card. I will say the legendary feels a little unimpressive in line with the other cards, it just feels a little predictable or redundant with the other cards you're showing although the card itself is totally fine.

    Quote from aaro54 >>

    Some themes in the class are card draw and things that synergize with it, spell synergy, solid single-target removal but limited board clears, discard but often in a more controlled way than warlock.

     I like the theme of this class. It seems nice aesthetically. The Hero Power feels solid, and I like the keyword. It adds another dimension to already existing tribal synergies as well as just the plays you can make with other cards. New Innovation feels a little bit too close to the most recent direction of Warlock to me, however. I realize there's nothing quite like it, but you might want to be cautious of not getting to close to other classes. Replicable Results feels like it could enable a combo that might be too strong but there isn't really anything that comes to mind right now, just watch out for that. I like Labratory Guard's synergy with the Hero Power, but I don't feel like attacking again is suggested to be something that works so well with the fantasy or overall gameplay of the class. I'm a little unsure. The rest of the sample cards feel solid to me; simple enough but the give a good idea of what the class is supposed to be.

    Quote from waterwaIker >>

    I came up with an idea for a DEMOLITIONIST class. It's in the middle-ground between a tinker and a sapper; basically, he's an inventor with a knack for making explosive devices and, while he takes a more careful approach to it than a sapper would, some of his inventions are still prone to fail in particularly dangerous ways.

    Mechanically, this translates to one of the most prominent themes of the class, which is effects that have an inherent randomness to them, but you can control to a certain degree (mostly positional effects, but also other forms of limited RNG). Other frequent themes will be self-damage and disruption. Of course you'll see Mechs as well, but do not expect such an emphasis on that as you should from a Tinker class. Maybe in the future, if I feel I can't milk any more flavor out of bombs.

    The idea is still in its early stages of development but it's coming to me quite easily. The class is turning out to be very control-y, with lots of damage-based removal. I thought Secrets might fit in as well.

    This Hero Power has three possible outcomes: it can hit one minion if your opponent has an odd number of minions on board, two if it's even or the enemy face if he has no minions. I'm just gonna leave the cards I thought of so far so you can get a better grasp of the concept.

    * Some insight into Jani, the Saurid: she (I think it's a she) is the Patron of Scavengers, the God of Garbage, so I thought an effect that would allow you to utilize your opponent's discarded resources would fit in really nice with her flavor, though maybe not with the overall flavor of the class.

    The biggest issue I'm facing so far is coming up with good art for the cards. As you can see, some of them don't even have one yet. I'm probably gonna have to draw from sources other than WoW TCG artwork and fanart.

    I will return later to review other people's works as well.

    I like the idea of making a tinker-sapper combination. I do have a slight problem with the Hero Power in that I feel like it's a little weak in its current state, but buffing it any would probably make it too strong. It's probably fine as it is, and I do like that there a specific outcomes (the description makes it a lot easier to understand) but it doesn't feel like the smoothest thing to me. I realize you've included cards like Fireworks and Kaboom! to give a good idea of the class, and they do, but I wouldn't go for them as sample cards. I do like that they do have slight differences from existing cards though. Parcel Bomb I absolutely love and think is a perfect card to show multiple aspects of the class. Homing Missile is a really good direction for controlled RNG; there are obviously multiple ways to go, and I like what you've done for this class particularly. I like the effect of Salvage, though I think the flavor could be used for a different card, and although it should technically be balanced, I'd suggest making it closer to Holy Fire since it is a swing of 10 Health effectively. Shockwave is really cool, but it's currently a weaker Powershot I think 2 mana would be fine. Short Fuse is beautiful, but I wish it had a different condition. Of course it's weaker if it only goes of later in the turn, I'm just not really a fan of it not really being a Secret, like Competitive Spirit. And finally, I like Jani, I think the description is super important, but more than that, I feel like this is a kind of effect -- any form of mana usage -- that you could consider just being an overall theme for the class. I feel like that fits the kind of salvaging fantasy that really makes sense to me.

    Quote from linkblade91 >>

    Thanks :) I've tried out a couple card borders with some of the mods, and we agree that this one looks best:

    I wasn't a fan originally - hence why I didn't start with that border - but I can say it's growing on me. I like that it has purple and blue together, both very appropriate for the Scourge and a Lich/Necromancer class.

    Here are the other cards I plan to use as showcases, so they're all in one place (again):

    Edit: Keep changing my mind on the last card. Can't nail my ideas down.

    I think this class is really pretty, lol. Kind of a weird descriptor but it's something I value. The class really does just feel solid to me. It's a good interpretation of what a Lich class would look like. And I do feel like Lich is the best description; Necromancer doesn't feel mage-y enough to me, though technically that is what it is I guess. All the cards here seem good to me. I like the Baroness and Dark Resurgence. Freezing Blast may feel like it could be a little more, but really it is balanced. 


    Quote from Pircival >>

    Here's what I think I'll do for my showcase cards. All feedback is welcome.


    The Archaeologist is a weapons-based class; however, it also can support plenty of other archetypes, such as Armor, Discover, Deathrattle, and more in the future. Decay, which is a reasonably simple keyword, is used to allow the existence of passive aura weapons because of the way Decay weapons naturally lose Durability without attacking. Additionally, Decay can affect minions and heroes.

    Current showcase cards:

    Armor Loss and Armor Gain

    One aspect that makes the Archaeologist class unique is that it destroys your Armor for gain, in this case, to Discover a weapon.  Kobold Crafter is just one example of this type of synergy, and there will be more to come. Another thing to note is that Kobold Crafter Discovers, making it decent support for a future Discover archetype. Hallkeeper is amazing for slower weapons with high Durabilities, such as the ones shown below. It can extend the time of Decay weapons, and also is a great cheap source of Armor gain.


    Deathrattles, Deathrattles, and more Deathrattles!

    Being a class that digs up artifacts after they're dead, it only makes sense that Archaeologist has Deathrattle synergy. Deathrattle decks in Archaeologist will be unique from other Deathrattle decks because Deathrattle minions are temporarily removed for turns at a time, instead of quickly dying and resurrecting, or just triggering their Deathrattles. One unique thing about Divvy Digger is that she benefits off of survivability - each of your turns she survives, she draws an extra card on death because the Deathrattle does stack indeed.

    Decay Weapons

    The class's core mechanic, Decay, finally finds its way onto a card. Right from the get-go, Decay is already being used uniquely on Timesnipper. Because you don't want the weapon to break, the Decay actively works against you for a powerful weapon such as this. It's similar to Moat Lurker which that it temporarily removes a minion, but instead of the resurrection based only on a minion's destruction, it's based on time. Because it's cheaper than most removal options, it can also destroy your minions, and it doesn't sacrifice much tempo to trigger their Deathrattles

    The Big Guy

    Rejan, Arisen is very much a card to be afraid of. A potent threat on the board, it benefits a lot off of weapon removal, and your Aura weapons, which might make the opponent think twice before oozing. Rejan gives the class a way to close out games, by making the player do one of the things it does best, breaking weapons.

     An Archaelogist doesn't seem like the easiest premise to base a class around based on what previous HS expansions have shown us, so I think you've done a particularly good job of making something so unique. Playing with Armor and Durability is something so simple yet we haven't seen a whole lot done with it at all, so that's all really clever. I wasn't honestly expecting a whole lot but the design of these cards are really just super impressive to me. Divvy Digger stacking deathrattles is super cool. Decay could have been something so uninteresting or clunky even but Timesnipper provides something that's just so mechanically sound. I really can't say a whole lot for the sample cards you have, they kind of cover everything you'd want. Maybe you'd want to look toward expanding on the basic areas of the class like general design strengths and weaknesses, since these are all more of the cool or flashy things you'd be able to do that all are kind of focused in one area.


    Quote from Klipce >>

    Hey I'm still working on my class, very happy of the feedback I got. I see that some people don't like the idea of a class that is separate from Warcraft but it's what I want to do, sorry if it's not to your taste. I'll try to use more diverse art as this seems to be a big concern.

    Here are the cards I was thinking about for Phase 1, tell me what you think !

    THE DETECTIVE - Solving mysteries with style

    Basic infos on the class :

    The class' Hero, Hero Power and Token card that comes up often.


    I know most of them are Wild but I think it's ok since they exemplify the class' style. Here are 3 more that could make it instead :

    Always happy to get more feedback.

    Happy CCC to all !

     I like you've got some good ideas here. I think the Hero Power fits well. I'm not really sure how Puzzle would fit with the rules, if you were to incorporate it into a keyword or something, but I don't see any cards here that generate it anyway. I really like Interrogation. It does something unique and is a cool way to gain information on your opponent, although it is significantly weaker against zoo type decks. I would dare say it might be able to be 4-5 mana even. And I don't think you need to show off the Sword if you are showing this card. Inquiring Explorer is simple and straightforward and that's not a bad thing; it's really what the class is about. I think Jackpot Machine is brilliant but I think the balance is off. Giving your opponent a bunch of coins is a way bigger downside for you than burning a card is for them, in my opinion. I would recommend either upping the damage or decreasing the mana by a lot. Cards like Naturalizehave a tendency to value giving your opponent resource much higher. For the newer cards, I really like Flying Machine and Lurking Presence. I would recommend having those are part of your 5, but still it's your choice. I also think Flying Machine might be a little too strong as it can give you a lot of value. It could probably afford just being a 1/3 in my opinion.

    Quote from SunnoxPL >>
    Quote from SunnoxPL >>
    Quote from SunnoxPL >>
    Quote from SunnoxPL >>

    Hi !

    In the previous CCC i made a class based on game called Ori and the Blind Forest. Now it's time for another game, Hollow Knight :D

    My class, 'The Bug' has synergy with hero attacking, aggro - midrange playstyle and with weak AoE/board clears. It uses armor and Taunt minions, but in a diffrent way than Warrior. Mainly to protect your hero, which is attacking a lot and loses much Health.

    Example cards:

    Feedback would be very appreciated. Thank you and good luck everyone !

    Edit: I think I'll make more cards tommorow if concept turnes out to be good.


     Featuring new keyword, Fury !

    And more cards:

    There are going to be a lot of cards allowing your hero to attack (including weapons),  also you have hero power. 

    Feedback still appreciated ! :D



    New day, new ideas!

    Firstly, weapons, maybe the most important thing in my class. They have either low attack or low durability because of the Hero power and cards giving hero attack (coming soon).


    Next feature will be cards that exchange Armor for other benefits. 

    Also, reworked versions of Husk Guardian and Ice Crawler



    I am very grateful for all previous opinions and feedbacks, which are always appreciated ! :)

     Hi again !

    This time here are cards that interact with Armor, but in a diffrent way (it is not only a defensive tool)



    Basically, the idea is to exchange Armor for another benefits, whether you spend all your Armor or juts a few points. Also, there are examples of cards generating Armor. This creates another archetype (besides face-attacking/weapons and aggro/midrange) - Armor Bug (sounds stupid ik). With quest coming later, it is more defensive oriented archetype.

    Slowly running out of time, but I want share my ideas for cards supporting aggro/midrange.

    Changed Training:


    Feedback always welcome ! :)

    Edit: Which version of the Ice Crawler is better in your opinion ?


     You have a lot of ideas here. I think others have said the same of being careful of attacking and armor being the focuses where Druid already has those, but the direction you're taking seems to be unique enough in having direct armor gain, and in bursts with manipulation, etc. Just be sure to keep that going to really make it feel like its own unique class. I think balance should be a concern because I see you have a few cards like Parry being stronger than Moonfire, or Training being card draw for 1 mana with no condition. I would say the 4/7 Ice Crawler is probably better since Freezing your hero in general shouldn't be a huge drawback, though for this class it would be more than in others. Either way it requires you to plan out your turn, which is always nice design. Overall you have nice designs, it's mostly just balance that could be tweaked.


    Quote from Shatterstar1998 >>

    It seems like most people like Astromancer more. I myself feel more inspired by it as well as not being pain in the butt to find good cover art. So that's the class I think I will stick with:

    • Mark of Scorpio has it cost raise from 1 to 2.
    • Starscryer Sera #3 now damage all characters

    Class: The Astromancer

    Hero: Rishi Sterling (terrible name, I know)

    With people of Azeroth sleeping or fighting, astronomers study the star, the sun, the moon and planet surrounding the world. They try their best to make prediction to the future based on the pattern. Unfortunately, let just say that their prediction often backfire to the people of Azeroth as much as it helps them.

    Class Keyword:

    That isn't to say that astromancers are completely wrong. With a little more patient, set up and studying intensely, their prediction have more chance of being useful!

    This is a high RNG class that this keyword allows them to reduce the RNG (atleast temporarily) and plan their turn as well as risk / reward accordingly when they don't draw or can't afford to play the Gaze cards.

    Gaze not only allows the class to play offensively by allow their damage to reliable hit the desirable target, they allow the class to play defensively since their card draw, minion buffs and healing are also pretty random. And yes, Gaze synergizes with the Ogres.

    Gaze effects not only activate with your own random effect but also your opponent's random effect as well. Which mean that you can protect your minions from devastating effects like Deadly Shot or from Die, Insect! from mowing your important minions or life down too quickly.

    Gaze only activate and disappear on ELIGIBLE targets only. If there is no eligible target, the random effect will activate with the target selection like normal. If minions with Gaze died from effect like Arcane Missiles mid-casting, the target selection will continue on as normal. If two or more target are Gazed, the target that were Gazed first will be the target for the random effect. If they are Gazed at the same time, the effect will randomly pick among the Gazed target.


    • High RNG that is balanced by cards that grant Gaze.
    • Reward planning ahead by anticipating their opponent's action. This is present in their Zodiac "Mark" cards as well as being a Secret class.
    • Has somewhat unreliable card draw since they lack Gaze effects that target their hero.
    • Gazing, exploring, recording and summoning the power of the star, planets, sun and moon.


    Demonstrate the random effect that is prevalent in this class. Meteor Shower is an okay card, but become extremely potent burst / removal when combine with a Gaze effect.

    Weaponized Telescrope and Starscryer Sera are two examples of cards that grant and synergize with Gaze. They are allowed to have good body since they are basically vanilla minions if you don't have cards that follow up on their Gaze effect. I'm still deciding to which version of Sera to post

    Mark of Scorpio and Mark of Leo are the "planning ahead" and disruption flavor of this class. Both of them reward anticipating what do you and your opponent plans and power turns are. Mark of Scorpio became more powerful if you can plan ahead which minions you plan to play in your next turn while Mark of Leo force your opponent into a difficult dilemma of either playing a minion with low health that will be killed instantly or make their minion smaller.

    Other cards:

    I really love the theme of astronomy in general so of course I'm pretty drawn to this class. I like the strategy of having RNG that's controlled by gaze, I think that's really smart. I think gaze might be stronger if you made it so that all random effects targeted the minion rather than the next, but this would mostly be for Sera, where this now is the case (I do like the first the best) and you seem to be pretty far in the set design, doing nice things with it like Endless Curiosity, so you're making it work. I do feel like there is more that we could be seeing from the class; good to see the planning ahead cards, secrets, random buffs, and the random attacks are also a smart direction.

    Quote from thepowrofcheese >>

    Time for an update! Here's a few more cards and some explanations. Will do some reviews tomorrow.

    My class is the Tinker, a crafty hero who is never satisfied with his creations. His hero power ensures he has a full hand and no end of token minions, and help fuels his unique keywork, Synchronize

    Synchronize is similar to Combo, in that you get a bonus when the effect is triggered. When you play a Synchronize card, you generally want it to be your last that turn and you want it to use up all your Mana Crystals. Synchronize cards will be balanced more than just 'play this on-curve and win' which was the biggest concern from my previous feedback,

    The class has a bunch of themes, which include:

    • Mechs! 
    • Weapons!
    • 1-Cost Secrets!
    • Disruption!
    • Tokens! including replacing Hero Power tokens!
    • Hand size!

    I'm still picking my 5 cards for submission, so any direction with that would be great. Thanks for viewing!

    My personal choices for example cards would be:

    • Lab Archivist -- I think this shows off Synchronize well in more than an on curve way
    • Auto-Loader 3000 -- This is really just my favorite design of all the cards here. It fits the theme, shows off secrets, and feels like a good 1-mana secret, and like an epic as well.
    • Clockroach -- There isn't much that shows playing around mana in the rest of the cards so this does make this feel like a bit of an outlier seeing as KFT had a lot of deck destruction type cards, but though it isn't obvious, I feel like this fits the class's gameplan well, and it's good to give an idea of how it the gameplay would work.
    • Rocket Barrage -- Incoming! Good as a basic type card. I will say there are quite a few cards here that work towards value, in generating resources and having a large hand size, then playing around that. And while they all show that off in a different way such that they all work together, there might be a redundancy problem in what you do end up showing off.
    • Spark of Genius -- There seem to be a couple "shuffle then draw" ideas going around, but this works with Scrapbots specifically that I think it would be a good showcase. You could go for Tinker-Tailored as well (love the pun) but it does look like an atypical card here, like it might be more something that has its own deck, not that that's a bad idea or anything.

    I like the direction of this class a lot. I think it really fulfills the fantasy you're going for and honestly maybe just seeing more cards would give a better set of 5, though you can definitely pick anything from what you've got so far. 


    Quote from Demonxz95 >>

    Bump with second update.

    • Icewielder now replaced by Rain of Ice in the showcase.
    • Icewielder is also now a 3 mana 4/3 instead of a 2 mana 2/3.
    • Flaming War Axe art and name changed (now called Flame Rune Sword).
    • Hero has changed artwork. Original artwork will be used for the DK.
    • Hero now has a name (Markus Dragonheart).
    • New card: Conjured Arbiter.
    • Tar Monster is now called Tar Fiend.

    And I'm the only class in this entire competition without a new keyword.


    • Your right is your opponent's right as well. Otherwise stuff like the Dorothee Brawl wouldn't work. You may think an enemy Battlemage Hero Power will hit your left-most minion, but this isn't the case.
    • If your opponent has no minions, the Hero Power will hit their hero. If they have one minion, it will hit that minion.

    This competition is in many ways a combination of Mage and Warrior. Spell synergy, spells, AND Armor and weapons.

    Current showcase cards:

    Minion Position Matters

    Where you place your minions is the name of the game. One of the big things in Battlemage is minion placement. Stuff like the Hero Power and some of the cards interact with the placement of minions. When you play against Battlemage, it may be a good idea to think about where you place your minions. Tokens in particular as they are usually summoned to the far-right. But are you playing against someone smart enough to play around it? Not a problem. Play Arcane Force to move minions to the spot you want to combo with positioning cards, which this class will have a lot of. It's a cheap spell with Echo, so there's the spell synergy. The importance of minion positioning is upscaled with Split the Ground tenfold.

    Some classes play spells. Some classes play with weapons...

    Battlemage plays with both! You're a caster who's not afraid to use his face. We've all heard of spell synergy and weapon synergy, but what about weapons with spell synergy. Flame Rune Sword does exactly that! Swing in with the sword, AND you gain a benefit to your spells.

    Elements and Armor

    Burn it up, AND tank it up! In addition to the spells, you've also got the Armor and the synergy. But we've also got Elementals, which play a larger role in Un'Goro. Should Elemental Battlemage become a thing, Molten Chase is definitely a card to watch out for.

    Freeze in place!

    But Battlemage isn't all about fire and burning. We've got a "Hailfire Peaks" situation going on, with fire AND frost. Freeze Battlemage is a much more natural archetype than Freeze Shaman, with some actually prior support. Rain of Ice is a Classic Freeze card for Battlemage that also plays into the positioning theme.

    Additional cards:

    I'm considering moving Purge of Flames to Classic with minion positioning now a prominent theme.

     You definitely have a cool-feeling class here. I'dd say it's important to keep positioning as a theme rather than a gimmick. I think cards like Char do this well for example. The combination of fiery and icy spells feel solid to me as well. I'm sure it's been asked, but does Split the Ground remove the middle position from the battlefield? Otherwise is one side with 3 minions and the other with 4? Also I would agree Purge of Flames should be a classic card. There's certainly a wealth of options here, it looks like you have a lot figured out, and it does feel like a Battlemage to me, with weapons and spells being so prominent. 


    Quote from cL4wzHS >>

    Magician Class - Updates + First Draft of Showcase Cards

    Changes Made:

    •  'Faceless Stunt Man' - Removed Deathrattle and added the effect to Battlecy.
    •  'Street Magician' - Changed from 2/2/2 to 2/2/3.
    •  'Splitting Image' - Changed from "Random card" to "Left-most card".
    •  'Splitting Image' - Changed from Classic Set to Boomsday Set.
    •  'Splitting Image' - Name changed to 'Magic Mirror'.

    Still want some feedback on:

    This new Discard mechanic that was suggested. Basically when you discard a card, it checks if it was a minion or a spell. Depending on the card that caused the discard it will have bonuses if the card was one of those. I feel like that makes discard a bit more usefull if you build your deck around it. For example you could run Exhibit B in a minion heavy control deck as a board-clear or Exhibit A in a spell-based Combo deck that wants to keep control of board.

    First Showcase Draft

    Take into account that this is the first draft and I wanted to get some opinions. I will also make more cards and depending on how well the discard mechanic is take for the class, there will be more or less of those cards. The reason I picked the cards I did is as follows:

    • Tommy Kruz - Feel like a legendary should be featured and compared to the only other legendary I made (Lady Reine) this is much more   impactful and fits the other Classic Legendaries in the sense that it can turn the tides in your favor quite quickly.
    • Bribed Dealer - This shows a very simple card that can put things at the back of your deck. Being simple and effective, I feel like it fits in the showcase cards.
    • Magic Trick: Dissappear - Demonstrates that the class can deal with minions using single target spells.
    • Science Show! - This not only shows that the class can also deal with many minions so it compliments the previous card, but it also demonstrates the Script Mechanic.
    • Change Script - This demonstrates a way to proc your Scripts even after you already drew your card, so any Script cards don't become dead incase you want them for Combos.

    The rest of the cards (Let me know if you feel like any of them are better to show in the showcase):

    Basic Set:


     For the discard ideas, I think there's an advantage to going in favor of either spell or minion since that would promote both spell-heavy decks, minion-heavy decks or either with a discard theme. You might want to consider having two different effects depending on if the discarded card was a spell or minion, although that might get a little wordy. I feel like either case would still promote these three different kinds of decks. Really simple way to give a lot of deck diversity, I think it's something you could easily expand upon. Other than that I think you could show off more card generation, or just showing off a card that draws (possibly from the top/bottom of your deck since that's something pretty neat you have going on) to show more synergy with Script

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - Phase I [Discussion Topic]

    Whew, so many posts already! I'm gonna try to go over everyone else's posts/bumps in a bit, I just want to make sure I get down what I have at the moment so I can build upon my own stuff.

    The Sage


    This class is a sort of assassin that focuses on weaker spells for damage (cheap spells overall), playing a lot of minions, and modifying Attack and Health values to manipulate the battlefield. Some of the ideas I'm considering for this phase are older, and some are newer; I came up with the keyword (which I'm sure has been done, but it fits the synergy of the class) last night, and only finalized the hero power just now.

    Anyway, the keyword:


    A strong theme is combat, and you can take advantage of this with changing Attack values.

    Or alternatively

          This is not as strong, as it only applies to incoming damage, but perhaps necessary for balance

     And the basic cards I'm considering:

    (ignore the fact I forgot the border on the taunt minion)

    So, I don't know. I'd like to hear some opinions, dunno if this is a good selection of basic cards, or how the class seems overall. Thanks.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 8.17 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from acegamerperson >>

    does this look better?


    I like the idea but I don't think the theme really holds up in its current state. Small thing as well, I think a better phrasing for the reward would but "costs (2) but (1) less for..." Mechanically it is really interesting. The way the reward enters your hand seems kinda clunky but I don't think there's a much better workaround than the current iteration.

    Quote from Noah_McGrath >>

    Modified stuff a bit:

    Fake Coin:


    Soulcast allows you to discard a specific card in your hand, or play a spell with greatly reduced cost. It would still count as a discard for discard-related interactions if the left-most card is a spell.

    Shady trader is hand disruption that doesn't completely ruin your opponent's combo. It just asks them to pay 1 mana and 1 health to get whatever you stole back. If you manage to draw and play said card, they don't get anything from playing the fake coin.

    Added a bit more flavour to Shadow Codes. If you just want a third or fourth copy of a card, then you have to pay 1 more mana, but you could just play the original itself for a reduced cost.

    I don't know if i can say anything that hasn't already been told by others, so sorry for no feedback.


    Out of these I think Shadow Codex is the most interesting, with the interaction of the original card and copy.  

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 8.17 - Discussion Topic

    Just something I quickly came up with:

    Any thoughts?

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    posted a message on TIMESTREAM TRACKING (Year Creation Competition #1) - Phase I [Discussion Topic]

    Er... was the Hall of Fame part necessary? Because I just realized I forgot to include it in my submission.

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