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    Fairly new player & just looking for some advice on what to do moving forward. I want dust to make a few decks but I'm not sure if I should finish trying to get classic cards first or if I should concentrate on getting more cards from the most recent expansion? Or get cards from an older expansion because they will cycle out soon? Any advice would be appreciated! 

    In this game, the meta is constantly shifting. A deck that is good today may not be so good a month from now; something else may emerge to take its place. This especially holds true after a new expansions is released (or nerfs, or Hall of Fame).  
    I would focus on Classic card sets.  Or you could open one of the newer expansions for every four or five Classic packs you open.  But until you have most of your commons, rares, and epics and a few legendaries from Classic, I would focus mostly or entirely on Classic.  You could also set aside 100 gold for every few packs you open to be used toward the next expansion. 
    As for which decks and legendaries to craft, that will change over time.  As you play, you may develop a preference for certain classes or certain decks.  Focus on Standard for now. Trying to tackle every set of cards (including Wild) as a new player would be overwhelming.  
    At first, the game can seem daunting  You don't have to make any decisions now.  Start with the Classics; that will take you awhile to collect, and they will serve you well in both Standard and Wild while you play.  Sometimes in the weekly Tavern Brawl, they will throw in Wild cards and you'll get to play with cards that are not in your usual decks. Just have fun with it and see what you enjoy playing.  I play all of the classes myself.  And I play both Standard and Wild (but that takes awhile, to collect all of those cards).
    Good luck, take your time, and have fun. 
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    Blizzard totally killed this card.  They could have just let it rotate out of Standard.

    Now, it is a legendary worth less than common Swashburglar.

    Saddest nerf ever.




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    I don't think they NEEDED to nerf anything. The game has a way of balancing itself out over time when new sets rotate in, others rotate to Wild, or people get tired of playing the same decks.




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    Practically speaking, N'Zoth, the Corruptor death rattle is not reliable for end-game clutch scenarios. My N'Zoth brought back a lot of Astral Tigers and only one Grizzled Guardian. I discovered Grizzled Guardian + N'Zoth, the Corruptor is a great way to mill myself at the end of a game.  And this was with the "dream scenario" of using Carnivorous Cube on Hadronox




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    Nerfed to oblivion, in true Blizzard fashion. 

    Utterly useless card.

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    I don't appreciate Amazon (Twitch is an Amazon subsidiary) forcing us to merge our Hearthpwn and Twitch accounts.

    I have Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime, but I may create an alternate Twitch account just to protect my real Amazon/Twitch account. 

    Maybe I am overreacting, or just feeling salty.  But I don't appreciate being forced to share log-ins and usernames when for security and privacy reasons I have them both set up under different names. 

    I don't see any way to keep my separate usernames on Twitch and Hearthpwn, if I do merge my accounts with two usernames. I looked at the FAQ but it is not clear.

    Not everyone is happy with this forced merge, but I guess we have no choice in the matter. And some of the details in the FAQ are confusing.

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    So depressing. Four golden commons and one rare.

    IMO Blizzard should at least have these packs contain one epic, if not one legendary. 

    People are subscribing to Twitch Prime and even Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm give away guaranteed legendary items in their Twitch loot. 


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    Golden Kobold seems like something we should be able to cast for ourselves, not our opponent. Especially for those of us who got a golden Marin. I am giving my opponent golden legendaries yet I get none?

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    Trying to figure out how good of a deal this is currently. 100 Amazon coins is worth $1.00 and not 100 gold in Hearthstone.  

    From several posts in this thread, it sounds like Amazon coins are taxed when spent (depending on location), meaning you may have to buy more coins. 

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    Quote from Rawolf95 >>

    I have play Celestial Dreamer before the last patch and it activates the quest, but since the last patch it doesn't activate it.

     Same here. It was working for me before the last patch.
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